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Are All Politicians Liars?

Tom Davis · Jan. 9, 2012

“Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has it has stolen.”
Friedrich Nietzsche, German Philosopher, 1844-1900

It would certainly seem so. An article by one James Ostrowski, dated October 10, 2000 on the following site: elaborates:

“Are Democrats any more dishonest than their rival faction in our one-party regime, the Republicans? I go as far as to say that, in general, Democrats are more honest than Republicans are. Democrats tell us that government is a positive force for good (above and way beyond peacekeeping and dispute resolution), and they intend to make it an even bigger force for good. When they get into office; they always do as they had promised. Every Democratic president since Woodrow Wilson has increased the size and power of the federal government.”

I might add that every Democratic President beginning with the very first, Andrew Jackson has attempted and generally succeeding in growing the federal government by any means possible and without principle.

So how about the lying? Let’s keep this simple, straightforward and understandable. Laundry lists of names are easy to follow and to check for truth or fiction. First let’s look at a couple of ‘old wives tales.’ My dad told me when I was young “Show me an honest politician, and I will show you a man with no job.” And this little gem. All the people who are smart enough to tell the truth stay out of politics, because they know that getting caught up in politics will make them lie.“

Andrew Jackson – The First Democratic President responsible for the Trail of Tears which led Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and other Whig leaders to proclaimed themselves defenders of popular liberties against the usurpation of Jackson. Hostile cartoonists portrayed him as King Andrew I.

Behind their accusations lay the fact that Jackson, unlike previous Presidents, did not defer to Congress in policy-making but used his power of the veto and his party leadership to assume command.

Following more than ten hours of checking, I choose now to change direction. Let’s take a real close look at the biggest players in American History beginning with Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Republican. I am an admirer of Mr. Lincoln for his attempts at basic decency. However, he, like all of us was flawed. In 1862, President Lincoln ordered the hanging of 38 Dakota Sioux prisoners at Mankato, Minnesota even though they were not responsible for committing the crimes of which they were accused.

Although, Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, he was not always so magnanimous. As a young lawyer, Lincoln was known to have prosecuted cases of runaway slaves and returned the slaves to their masters.

"He campaigned with explicit statements of his lack of constitutional authority to do anything about slavery, and he stated numerous times that he did not want to do anything about slavery. When he did suggest ways to deal with slavery, Lincoln’s preferred plan was to ship the slaves back to Africa because, he said, he would prefer the white race to be superior, and he did not believe that the two races could ever live together.”

One of the worst culprits was Woodrow Wilson who made this grandiose statement, “The history of liberty is a history of limitations of governmental powers, not the increase of it. When we resist, therefore, the concentration of power, we are resisting the processes of death, because concentration of power is what always precedes the destruction of human liberties.”

James Monroe, the father of our constitution and others among our Founding Fathers, realized that government was the enemy of freedom. Our Constitution was carefully thought out and protections against an overzealous and thieving government were written into the constitution. For example, the framers of the constitution were Christian and as such, wrote into the constitution that the people granted to the federal government specific functions, few rights and no provision for the federal government to assume or exercise any rights or privileges not delegated to it by the people.

Politicians tend to take all the power and authority with which they can get away. Most if not all go into public life with high moral standards and intentions. Most soon become greedy and join the other leeches in an effort to suck as much blood as possible from the taxpayers.

Woodrow Wilson was a blatant phony and an outright liar. He told the public he was absolutely against entering World War I and that no Americans would set foot on European soil. That was before his extramarital affairs while President of Princeton University came to the attention of a lawyer, Samuel Untermeyer a partner in the law firm of Guggenheim, Untermeyer and Marshall. The firm had as one of its clients; the Kuhn Loeb Bank headed by Jacob Schiff an agent of Walter Rothschild. Both Untermeyer and Schiff were major contributors to the Democratic Party to which Woodrow Wilson owed his victories in successive elections. Payback time was soon to arrive.

Untermeyer had easy access to Wilson’s office and on one occasion informed Wilson that a client was preparing to legal action against Wilson for Breach of promise. Untermeyer had in his possession several letters that confirmed Wilson had engaged in an illicit affair with the wife of a Princeton colleague. Untermeyer, a very wealthy man, offered to pay off the demanded amount, $40,000 if Wilson would promise to appoint to the Supreme Court Louis Dembitz Brandeis, a Zionist and Talmudic Jew. This was agreed to and done when Brandeis was appointed on June 5, 1916.

Many were surprised that Wilson, the son of a Christian Minister would appoint to the highest court in the land the first Jewish Justice in American History. The story doesn’t end here.

Wilson and Brandeis became close friends. Brandeis knew the circumstances of his appointment and Wilson feared him because of that knowledge. A Zionist colleague of Justice Brandeis, Rabbi Stephen Wise, suggested that Brandeis volunteer an opinion to Wilson that the sinking of the S. S. Sussex by a German Submarine in the English Channel with the loss of American lives justified a declaration of war against Germany. The alleged sinking never took place; it was a bald-faced lie.

Wilson’s fear of the knowledge held by Brandeis and his respect for the legal opinion of Brandeis sent Wilson forthwith before Congress begging for a Declaration of War. Congress obliged on August 16, 1917 and unbeknownst to Wilson was thus fulfilled a promise made in the Balfour Declaration to turn Palestine over to the Jews upon the defeat of Germany although Britain had already promised to turn Palestine over to Trans-Jordan upon defeat of the Ottoman Empire.

Wilson was an abominable human being. For years American Women had been fighting for women’s suffrage. Wilson was furious with the women when they staged protest marches in Washington, D.C. He would tip his high hat and pretend to be pleasant. Then he ordered Washington police to break up the protests, put the ‘worst’ offenders in jail and treat them as common criminals.

One of the young ladies arrested was a Quaker Maiden from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Miss Alice Paul. When she continued to protest in jail, she was bound, a tube forced down her throat and raw eggs poured down the tube.

Wilson changed tactics when he needed support of all Americans to wage World War I. He assumed, incorrectly that the women would not continue their protests right in Washington if the United States went to war. He begged for their support but the protests continued somewhat abated. Wilson finally relented and promised to support the suffrage movement in return for the cooperation of the protestors.

“In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Sound a lot like Woodrow Wilson.

The Stock Market Crash on Black Thursday, October 24, 1929 was the visible beginning of the Great Depression which engulfed the civilized world. As is the habit, in the United States, the President, Herbert Hoover was made the fall guy. The Depression was bound to happen.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been eulogized by liberal historians as one of the three best Presidents in our Three Hundred Ninety year history. When one takes a thorough look at FDR’s ‘reign’ it is far from laudable. He was a deceiver, a liar and a philanderer. . He fooled most of the people most of the time.

The Democrats jumped on this opportunity to take back the government. Roosevelt, who knew better, blamed the entire catastrophe on Hoover’s mismanagement. Roosevelt had big plans for the United States, Socialism being foremost and power and glory for him was bound to follow.

Roosevelt had a favorable Congress and was able to get his programs approved and he signed them into law. However, his ambitions led him into proposing and Congress disposed to do his bidding. Americans were used to total freedom and Roosevelt’s programs were too socialistic even Marxist for them. The American public was outraged. The Supreme Court followed the Constitution which led ultimately to several of the laws being declared unconstitutional.

During FDR’s first term, he had been unable to appoint a single Justice to the Supreme Court. He saw the court as the real barrier to his social programs. He decided he could alter the structure of the Supreme Court by appointing one additional justice for each sitting justice over the age of seventy. Roosevelt declared the additional justices were necessary to assist in the huge workload of the Supreme Court. That was absolute deceit and was exposed when the Chief Justice showed that the court’s cases were up-to-date.

In spite of opposition to this court-packing from some members of his own party, particularly Burton K. Wheeler of Montana, who told FDR bluntly he would not support the effort. Nevertheless FDR ‘ordered’ Senate Majority Leader Joseph Robinson of Arkansas, to get it done. Fate stepped in that summer of 1937. It was exceptionally hot, the Senate chamber was not air conditioned, Robinson had a heart attack and died.;; ;

This writer has no adverse comments against Harry Truman who was a most moral and courageous President. Harry was, in my humble opinion by far the best of the Democratic Presidents.

President J. F. Kennedy was a fair to middling Executive. He was not prone to malicious lying. He was, however, a notorious philanderer. JFK most likely did most of his lying to cover his derriere.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was an inveterate liar. LBJ was a member of Congress when Pearl Harbor was attacked; he was the first member to volunteer. His war record appears to be one big lie. He was awarded the Silver Star based upon a fabrication. Sound a lot like John Kerry.

Johnson’s lie about the Gulf of Tonkin led the USA into the bloody Vietnam conflict which resulted in the loss of thousands of American lives. Johnson’s ill-advised micromanagement of the war aided by Secretary of Defense McNamara and the nearly daily hyped press releases were mostly lies or fabrication. Johnson was a Politician and a Liar; synonyms.

Richard Nixon; this is a given, he lied, lied and then lied and resigned before he could be impeached. A tragic waste of real talent.

Gerald Ford is given credit for one huge lie; it involves the cover-up of the facts surrounding the assassination of JFK. Small or large, minor or major an otherwise decent man sold his soul for the sake of Richard Nixon whom he had pardoned for his lies.

James Earl Carter has lied and then lied about the lies. He criticized the Tea Party, claimed he didn’t and then said he liked the Tea Party movement and claimed he had said the Tea Party did not want a black candidate.

Carter made a trip to Cuba, wrote a lengthy port and the lies he told were intentional omissions of facts. Carter lies every chance he gets to promote the Palestinian cause, Hamas and to denigrate Israel…Hell, he made and makes no difference; he will soon be in the record books as our next to worst president.

George H.W. Bush, possessed of monumental credentials and tossed the lot for one stupid lie, “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Of course he told innumerable lies while serving as Ronald Reagan’s Vice President. Loyalty but very poor judgment.

Here is a real solid example of the career politician. William Jefferson Clinton. His lies are legend and innumerable. He is the most positive answer to the title question. Yes! More?:

I have skipped on to George W. Bush; no since belaboring the point when it comes to Bill Clinton. And his better half, also a politician with few saving graces.

George W. Bush was a prolific liar even when he should have been aware that the facts would not support his lie. If the reader needs more, go here:

Last and worst; Barack Hussein Obama. Total up all the sentences he has spoken and read from his ever-present teleprompters and the sum will exceed ten thousand or thereabout. Certainly enough of substance to demand his impeachment. Here is more:

To sum up, Absolutely and positively, *all* politicians lie. They lie to gain favor, to deceive to delay discovery, to cover their previous lies and to buy time to find an out.

I must make a distinction here and now. Every person who seeks political office is not a politician; most are decent people on the verge of corruption. A few are never corrupted, seldom get reelected and pass on into anonymity. The leadership of our Congress are all politicians and should be ousted and never allowed back even for a visit to their fellow felons.