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Islam, Tunisia, and the West

Paul David Keefe · Jan. 30, 2012

Reports are now coming out of Tunisia that the secular class is demonstrating in the streets, against Islam, as Islam begins its conquest of recently liberated Tunisia. Islam wishes to impose its oppressive, tyrannical rule over all of Tunisia at this time as it ultimately does with the planet.

The people of the world should pay heed to this phenomenon in Tunisia. What is happening there will be happening here in the West. Islam is, at this time, aggressively pursuing superiority in both Islamic dominated countries and in the entire West. Islam perceives the West as ripe for the plucking.

The Islamic problem for the West, viewed from within, is twofold, liberalism and a fully enfranchised democracy.

Liberals in our time and place, are people who failed to mature. These people have shirked their responsibility to mature, remained immature, and in order to deal with reality then create an illusion they pretend they think is the truth of reality. These liberals, among other things, then proceed, in a fully enfranchised democracy, to vote for those whom reflect their illusion.

We of todays West were handed an unbelievably beautiful culture, forged by our forefathers and their sacrifices and born of their blood, sweat and tears. Terrible wars have been fought, struggles have been endured, even diseases have been conquered. We of our time, were born into this “Garden of Eden”, and here we have lived our entire lives.

However, now as with every generation that lives long enough, we meet our adversary, we meet our problem, we meet the enemy from without, Islam. Islam is the serpent who has invaded our Garden of Eden. Islam is the enemy from without.

The enemy from without must always be the challenge accepted by those who prefer the liberty necessary to pursue happiness. This because the enemy from without always is in pursuit of their superiority, which necessarily comes, always and only, at the expense of anothers liberty.

When therefore the enemy from without, throws down the gauntlet in anothers Garden of Eden, the child of said garden must become the adult, the boy must become the man, and accept and meet the challenge of said enemy from without or accept conquest and the tyranny of said conquest.

Those who rise to the challenge by the enemy from without are those who have matured and found their courage. Those who shrink from that same challenge are those who have not matured and have not found their courage, and these in our culture are the liberals.

We of both the West and of today, have now found our liberty, handed to us by our forefathers, and handed to us in our Garden of Eden, challenged by an enemy from without, Islam, and this, as Islam aggressively pursues its superiority. It is this challenge that separates the men from the boys, the adults from the children, the matured from the immature. It is here that the battle from within transpires, even as the battle from without begins.

If liberty, personal sovereignty, and the pursuit of happiness is to remain the culture that rules our land, it must be protected and defended from all enemies, those from without and those from within.

The enemy from within is our own who remain immature, the liberals. The enemy from without are those who pursue their superiority, Islam. It therefore remains for the matured of our culture, the matured of our land, the conservatives, to fight a two front war. History teaches that those who fight a two front war generally lose. This therefore leaves, if victory over the enemy from without is to be accomplished, one of two choices for the matured, the conservatives. Either get rid of the liberals by one means or another, or help the liberals mature by carrying the mule stubborn liberals upon ones back, by taking the mule stubborn liberal by the hand and walking him through the steps of maturity like a good father might do.

Either path will be difficult and excruciating. The combined forces of the enemy from within, the immature, the liberals, and the enemy from without, those who pursue their superiority, the Islamics, may ultimately prove to much for we the conservatives of the West.

It is possible that with the help of our enemy from within, the liberals, that our enemy from without, Islam, shall triumph, usurp our liberty, and impose their tyranny.

For America and all of the West, the handwriting may already be on the wall. It is possible that our America and our West, like King Belshazzars Babylon, have already been weighed and found wanting.

Woe will be humanity when all are enslaved to Islamic insanity.

Nobama 2012, vote republican.

Thank you.

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