The Patriot Post® · Remembering Jack

By Paul David Keefe ·

I have always thought highly of Jacks conservative ideology and his Presidency. From his creation of the Navy Seals to not pushing the button during the Cuban missile crisis, though told to do so by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. From his constant push to cut taxes, while keeping spending on the military and national security high. From his push for American exceptionalism with his space program challenge, to his recognition that Vietnam was “their war and they were the ones who going to have to fight it, not us”, and even his idealistic creation of the peace corps.

Although he was a registered democrat, he was a DINO, democrat in name only. I believe he was a democrat because of his familys history as democrats dating back to the Irish Boston days of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Honey Fritz comes to mind.

All Kennedys are democrats, and that just seems to violate the laws of probabilities. One would think eventually a Kennedy would emerge a republican, but no. Further, although all Kennedys are democrats they are not all liberal, Jack seems quite conservative to me. This must be a targeted conclusion by all Kennedys, implying a Kennedy family first policy. Further because Jack was the conservative who did not bolt from the Kennedy family political tradition of the democrat party, the party of and for liberals, and further because he achieved the highest political post in the country, he may well be the gift giving magi to others in the Kennedy clan.

What consenting adults do, as long as it does not impugn others, is, in my opinion, their business. Jack obviously had an appetite for sexual conquest with women. This does not bother me as it seems to bother others.

However something Kennedy does bother me, namely the liberals of the clan, riding the wake of JFKs dreadnought to unleash their destructive liberalism upon America from an on high position they would otherwise not have enjoyed. In particular here would be Teddy, after LBJ and Jimmy, the most destructive politician to America of his time.

Now there is a new Kennedy, Joe 3rd, running up in Boston for Barney Franks seat. Good Lord, if there were anything Jack did that hurt America it would be this inadvertent unleashing of the immature liberal Kennedys upon America.

As Elvis opened the door for all want to be rock n rollers, so to did Jack open the door for all Kennedy want to be politicians. Because so many Kennedys are staunch liberals this becomes Jacks shame, not his womanizing.

“Ask not, what your country can do for you, ask, what you can do for your country”, thank you Jack, RIP.

One and done. Nobama 2012, vote republican. Thank you.