Grassroots Commentary

Vanishing News

Michael Oberndorf · Feb. 20, 2012

Yesterday, I commented on news that went up on Drudge the day before (; Rush Limbaugh, too, discussed it extensively on his show. The news was that the Obama-Soetoro regime is moving to cut our nuclear arms stocks by 80 percent, to a level less than that of what the Chinese Communist government has. By this morning, this earthshaking revelation had disappeared from Drudge, and was not to be found anywhere else, either. However, the death of alcoholic/drug addict Whitney Houston and Obama-Soetoro’s sham “budget” are still getting major coverage, as are the rash of new lies B. Hussein’s election campaign is handing out to the Pandering Press. This should scare the hell out of everyone.

When the Ministry of Propaganda suppresses a story, it is almost always because general awareness of it would be politically damaging to the radical leftists who currently control the government of our once free nation. In this case, damaging may be a gross understatement. Treasonous acts have consequences that go far beyond just damage. And when one is maneuvering to bring about the downfall of an entire sovereign nation, the last thing one wants is for the unsuspecting inhabitants of said nation to find out, at least not until after the deed is done and the chains are locked tightly around the victims necks.

As I, and many others, have repeatedly pointed out, it is unequivocally documented that Barrack “Barry” Hussein Obama-Soetoro is a dedicated, hard-core (if knee-jerk, since he clearly has no real understanding of economics) New Left Marxist. He, himself, has admitted this in his two ego-tripping autobiographies, and his close associates leave no doubt that in this rare instance, he was not lying. Thus, his dedication to Marxism is not debatable. Period. Amazingly enough, though, this indisputable fact seems to go right over the heads of the Republican Establishment and many self-proclaimed conservatives.

Thus, when the illegal alien in the White House brings back the old, discredited policy of the so-called “peace movement” of the 1960s and ‘70s, a movement created and financed by the old Soviet Union, it should raise more red flags than a Beijing May Day parade (pun intended).

In his comments yesterday, Rush used the term “unilateral disarmament” to describe it, a term I hadn’t heard in years. And this is exactly what it is. Unilateral disarmament was the Soviet ploy to get the “peace movement” to force our government to voluntarily disarm ourselves, destroying all our weapons, to show that we really were serious about peace. Of course, had we been suicidally stupid enough to do this, Russia and China would have been in New York and Los Angeles quicker than a Democrat congressman accepts a big campaign donation from a Wall Street banker. And it’s no different today.

Obama-Soetoro’s handlers – he is, after all, a puppet, albeit a willing and zealous one – have taken advantage of the distractions created by the Ministry of Propaganda with its circus atmosphere coverage of the Republican primary, a meaningless political side-show if there ever was one. While everyone’s attention was focused on the has-beens and never-weres going for each other’s throats, Obama-Soetoro has been planting the Democrat dynamite around the foundations of the Defense Department, in preparation for its oh-so-longed-for destruction.

One wonders how this news ever managed to see the light of day at all, considering that it so clearly is failed New Left déjà vu, directly linking Obama-Soetoro to the re-cycling of a well-known, worn-out Soviet scheme. It did, however, make it out for public viewing for a few hours. And scary as Obama-Soetoro’s treasonous attempt to create the vulnerability necessary for successful attack by our enemies is, the really scary part is how few people, inside the Beltway and out, seem to understand the significance and the potentially catastrophic consequences of his dastardly action.

As I have pointed out before, it is the Congress – the House and the Senate – who Constitutionally hold the real power in government. And it is We, the People, believe it or not, who hold the power over the government. However, you’d never know it by government’s behavior, and our unprotesting acquiescence to it over the past 50 years. It’s far, far past time for us to return to acting like Americans, and doing our duty to the country, each other, and our children, by installing a Congress who will take back the constitutionally mandated power they have ceded to the Executive and Judicial branches. Allowing the intentionally incremental infestation of government with Marxists, neo-fascists, progressives, and other degenerate anti-American scum must end. Let’s roll!