Grassroots Commentary


Paul David Keefe · Feb. 20, 2012

Islam was born out of, and remains to this day, a movement of the inferiority complex, coupled with its naturally arising emotion of hate, both motivating those afflicted to pursue their superiority at the expense of the personal sovereignty and cultural liberty of others, via a conquer, submit and enslave policy, targeting all humanity and total global domination. This is Islams core being. This is the reality all humanity must grasp.

It is clear to me that Mohamed was insanely afflicted with, and by, this phenomenon.

Outwardly, Islam was born out of the natural poverty of Saudi Arabia, and their animal husbandry, the poor brother to those of agricultural husbandry. The better to do Judo-Christian neighbors of the Levant, who not only had a superior religious base in monotheism, but further were a part of Roman civilization, which always in its Mediterranean world fanned the flame of prosperity, endowing the Judo-Christians still further. Here is where Mohameds inferiority complex and associate emotion of hate materialized.

Shortly after Islam initiated its Islamic protocol, pursuing their superiority via conquest, the Roman civilized world became increasingly destroyed, ushering in the dark ages. Both all of NA, and the Levant fell. If it were not for Charles Martel repulsing the Islamic invasion of Europe back in AD 732, Europe would have been conquered and ruined as well.

Islam is vile, it is a well from which only poisoned water can be drawn. It represents the worst of the human condition, and should not be given fertile ground from which to grow.

In the lure of the Wild West there was always that town not big enough for two gunfighters. Here in America, we the real Americans pursue our happiness born out of our liberty, while Islam pursues its superiority at the expense of others liberty, and as always in lands of liberty, America is not big enough for both real Americans pursuing their happiness and Islamics pursuing their superiority. The two are mutually exclusive.


Liberalism is the enemy within, inadvertently helping the cause of Islam. This because liberals pursue their illusion of noble courage, ostensibly for higher moral purpose, but in reality to cover their immature, shameful, ignoble and cowardly personality and unfortunately, they do so at the expense of country and culture.

I believe Islam should be outlawed in lands of liberty, and that they should be outlawed now while their numbers are manageable. Consolidate Islam to a small section of the globe and contain them there.

Great Britain and Europe are further advanced in the Islamization process. They are probably we in twenty years, we being Canada and America, or should I say as the Islamics say, we the North American Islamic State.

Woe will be humanity, when all are enslaved by Islamic insanity. Thank you.

It's Right. It's Free.