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Is Barack Obama Advocating and Encouraging Treason?

Tom Davis · Mar. 26, 2012

“Democratic governors discuss bypassing Congress with Obama” was the headline in The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room on March 24, 2012 and reported by Alicia M. Cohn.

The first sentence set the tenor of the discussion, “President Obama met with a group of Democratic governors on Friday and discussed plans to work around Congress toward policy goals.”

Jack Markell, the Democratic Governor of Delaware told The Hill that the meeting was “very good” and that “many of the governors were responsive to ideas about bypassing Congress.”

Markell remarked that they couldn’t wait for Congress and are ,“going to do what we can now.”

Obama has taken a hard line against Congress and as usual, blamed Congress for failure to enact ‘his’ policies. Shades of FDR in the mid thirties and his Court-packing scheme. Obama has resorted to the use of 112 executive orders, many to bypass Congress. Obama appears to use the tactic of, “I tried to work with Congress, they stubbornly refused to cooperate and I was left with only the one option.”

There is a major problem with that argument and with the solution. The Obama administration has a continuous history of demanding the Congress to do his bidding. Such a bullying effort is both unwarranted and ineffective. Obama resorts to demanding rather than following long-standing procedures. Reference Article II, Section 3.

It is quite apparent that this president has no intention of abiding by the Constitution; rather he has set a course toward dictatorial powers. He has stated, “Where Congress won’t act, I will.”

There were reportedly more than a dozen Democratic governors at the meeting and several members of the Obama administration. Obama has positioned himself against the 112th Congress and appears to be setting the stage for governance by fiat.

This has all the earmarks of treason by the Chief executive and clearly acceptable to the Democratic Governors in attendance. At least on the face, it looks like the first stages of an attempted coup. Nah! Couldn’t happen in America; or could it?

Is Obama smart enough to pull off a coup all by himself? I doubt it, but with some unexpected assistance by a few duped and unwitting State Chief Executives and a complicit leadership in the United States Senate and his sycophants in the House, it could happen. How can we sit idly by and not question his peculiar and suspect actions. He is the consummate prevaricator, never takes responsibility, blames everybody but himself for all that goes awry.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona has presented a considerable amount of evidence that warrants at the very least an investigation by the Judiciary Committee of the House. Obama’s numerous unconstitutional acts and breaches of faith and his threat to bypass Congress must be investigated and appropriate action taken. America simply cannot wait for Obama to be defeated in November and his departure. Suppose he is not defeated? What then? Congress and We the People need to look behind Obama’s façade to see the real persona and his real intentions.

This Eighty-seven year old American citizen has no intention of living under a dictatorship or in a Socialized environment. I have worked my entire life; I do not like supporting the indolent, lazy, slovenly and occupiers. I demand my congress do its job, certify Obama’s qualifications or remove him from office by the only approved method, IMPEACHMENT.

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