Grassroots Commentary

Assault on Our Liberty

Anton D. Rehling · Jul. 17, 2012

Individual rights and freedom have been the desire of mankind from the beginning. To attain a level of freedom that leaves the decision to you on how your life should be lived has motivated many to sacrifice all so that posterity based upon freedom could be realized.

The Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights were instituted by a population, who carved out of the wilderness of the New World independence and self reliance, a taste for freedom, unrivaled in the known history of the world.

There was and still is a resistance to the desire for freedom and rights and the rule of law from a group of narcissistic people who think they alone deserve to be in charge over all and rule men by decree or executive order.

The formation of the United States of America was resisted and fought against by the then King of England, George the 3rd and his chosen royalty. A narcissistic group that viewed the common man as peasants created to serve their needs and desires.

The assault on our Liberty and God given rights that we face today are no less devious and tyrannical than the ones we faced in the formation of our Free Republic but now instead of a royalty we face self defined elite.

The United States of American was founded upon a concept that our liberty and rights are God given rights and cannot be removed by any tyrant. God and God alone decide the limits of our conduct and when formed, the Government of the United States was set up to reflect that. Many safe guards were built in to preserve our Free Republic and those associated rights and freedom. Our conduct is to be decided by the rule of law not by the rule of a tyrant.

Freedom is not free and can be foreclosed upon by a watchful enemy if we are found sleeping and refuse to wakeup and smell the growing tyrannical stink. Our Freedom and rights have been under attack by those who do not believe in limited government and will do anything possible to subvert what has been proven to be the best form of government for a general population that the world has known. The attack on the foundation of our Liberty is and has been relentless. It has been said that our freedom is only one generation away from demise. I believe that the infringements on our liberty and rights are because of a lethargic population secure in their liberty believing nothing can take that away, our elected would never allow that, right? The ebb and flow of freedom and rights are determined by the level that we, who value that freedom, are willing to engage those that are determined to take that freedom away from us. To preserve our Liberty we must not only be willing to pay the price, but the installments to preserve the tree of liberty must be delivered to the tyrants that would steal what we love.

The free men and women of this country elect trusted servants who we place into positions of power to defend and protect our way of Life. We have set up an election system that when controlled by ethical and moral individuals our freedom and rights and posterity are secure.

But, when those who we elect into positions of trust and power get there through lies and deceit and then violate their positions of power, violate their promise to us through their oath of office they must be removed.

Election fraud has become one of the biggest obstacles of retaining our rights and freedom.

Many our elected are working diligently to subvert our Liberty and Rights; they have violated their oath of office and violated the limits placed upon them by our Constitution. The progressives liberal Marxists and their ilk have worked to subvert our elections through voter fraud, to place into positions of power those who will work in concert to dismantle our individual rights and freedom granted to us by our creator.

Florida and Texas are just a couple of the many examples where battles are being fought against those working to subvert the integrity of our nations voting rolls taking away from the legal free citizens of the United States of American and the individual States legitimate free elections. The legitimacy of elections in our Free Republic is critical to the function of our system of representative government.

The fact that there is a huge demographic in our government who resists the effort to assure election integrity through voter ID laws is an indication that voter fraud is rampant and used by those to place into positions of power others that will be useful to end the freedom we have in this country.

The group that is assaulting our liberty is assisted by a brain washed useful idiot Media that selects what is reported and devises how information is presented to influence the trusting segment of our society that still believes that what is presented on the nightly news channels is real and factual, not the manufactured lies to manipulate an unsuspecting segment of our population to assist in the demise of our cherished Republic.

We must be heard and those we elected must fulfill their oath of office, restore our Republic and the freedom it stands for.

Will you be one that stands on the side lines and benefits from the sacrifice of those who will pay the price of freedom; will you be one that cowers in a dark corner hoping you will not be noticed by the tyrannical beast that is looking for a meal? Will you stand tall and give what is required for you and your nations Posterity of liberty rights and freedom?

It's Right. It's Free.