Grassroots Commentary

Taxation With Dubious Representation

Anton D. Rehling · Jul. 23, 2012

Our war of independence was fought for may reasons, one being what was claimed as taxation without representation. The amount that was being levied on the North American colonies is laughable today compared with how our so called constitutional government is raping us of our hard earned money.

Just the fact that our local, state and federal governments now tax us for any and all activities and every thought of an activity is unacceptable; add to those taxes the regulatory fees that all levels of government collect through additional hidden taxation called fees is has taken the citizens who are paying attention to the breaking point.

Here is an example:

My phone bill which is a cable based company charges me $24.99 per phone line of which I have 2. I have an additional line I have on a promotional special for $14.99 per month till 1-22-2013 for a grand total of $64.97 per month for three phone lines unlimited calling to USA and Canada. To me that is great, no problem service is excellent, voice quality is perfect. What is not so perfect is the total bill for those three lines, it is not $64.97 it is $97.68. How can that be? Let me show you.

Added to the phone service charges are:

Regulatory, Compliance and Intellectual Property Fee: $5.97
Emergency 911 and information services fee: $5.97
Sales tax (WA): $7.59
Federal Program Fee: $7.59
Local Utility Users Tax: $2.75
County 911 Fee: $2.10
State 911 Fee: $0.75
Total taxes and fees: $32.72

It is over 50% tax, that is just wrong!

Another area of excessive taxation in the State of Washington is the Liquor Tax. There is a 20.50 percent sales tax and the WA Liq. Tax which adds up to almost a 50% total tax. Our politicians rationalize that because you don’t need that item to live, so if you consume liquor, which is a luxury that you should be penalized for.

This scenario repeats itself over and over. Local, State and Federal fees and taxes take a growing portion of our blood, sweat and tears, we are no longer freemen, we are slaves to the perverted government that looks at the population as chattel, a source of income to increase the control over us by those out of control elected that violate our trust and heap burden after burden upon us for their own enrichment of money and power.

We are way past another TEA Party. We have arrived at the time where we must live as slaves or die as freemen. Restore our Liberty or capitulate to a life of servitude to government’s definition of the Greater Good, meaning their greater good.

A slave owner decides what you are allowed to keep for you daily maintenance, what you will be allowed to eat, where you will live, if and how you will survive. Any thing you think you possess is at the pleasure of your owner, our current government.

It's Right. It's Free.