Grassroots Commentary

Power & Propaganda

Tom Davis · Sep. 20, 2012

Pollsters pose questions to people by phone, email, and polling sites. The questions posed are either well worded or written in such a fashion as to be taken, possibly in several ways. Most polls are written consistent with an agenda, either liberal, far left, or conservative, right or far right. Neutrality is out of the equation with the exception of a non response.

You being one of the people, have no idea who wrote the question, the potential responses, or whether your response is even tallied in the final result. Polls and polling are, at best, an inexact exercise in guessing. It is most certainly not an exact science. Therefore polls are by their very nature fodder for the propaganda mills and the stuff of arguments for the pundits.

Partisan pundits such as Bob Beckel, the arrogant out of his element mouth on the Five on Fox, or Bob Schrieffer, a most opinionated know it all and foil for Scott Pelley on CBS Nightly News, have the “expertise” to interpret the polls as they want them to be. All three are sycophants of Obama; he can do no wrong. The rest of us get our information from numerous sources and make a few calculations and learn for certain that Obama has lied again.

We the People (at least most) have a desire to elect the best of our neighbors to carry out the tasks of government. We want trustworthy men and women to speak for us assuming they know who we are and for all that we stand. We chose to constitute ourselves into a Democratic Republic. Most people cannot define therefore do not understand the terms. A “Republic” as defined in the online dictionary, is “a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.”

The word Democracy from the same source, is defined, I believe, incorrectly. The word derives from the Greek* demos*, meaning “the people,” that is the aggregate of all the people within a city, state or other political entity. If we operated as a true Democracy, every eligible voter would or at least could vote on every issue relevant to that political entity. That exercise has become possible by use of the internet and will likely be considered in the near future. Otherwise, a true Democracy at some point becomes unwieldy. Our Founding Fathers (no Mothers involved) at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, devised the first national government to operate as a Republic; defined the qualifications for those who would represent their friends and neighbors delegating specific powers (responsibilities) to one of three branches of government.

The key element is noted above – “a state in which the [supreme power] rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote.” In the intervening 225 years, a breed of citizen, known as Politicians has evolved whose sole purpose has been to acquire power by any means but usually by devious or outright illegal means. The very word politician was at one time seemingly innocuous. It has become today to mean a power-hungry, do-what-is-necessary to gain and retain illegal power within the government. Their extra-government counterparts are the media talking heads and the pundits who were at one time considered intelligent rather that pseudo intelligent.

Lies, exaggeration and hyperbole are their stock in trade. The First of the three government bodies mentioned in The Constitution of the United States is the legislature, consisting of two, supposed to be cooperating but also counter-balancing bodies, The House of Representatives and the United States Senate. Rather than carrying out the responsibilities set forth in Article I, they have allowed, over the years, The Second Branch, the Executive to take powers not permitted him in the Constitution.

This take over, properly called arrogation, began overtly with Andrew Jackson, the “Spoils System” originator. Arrogation became the norm within the Democratic Party and the Democratic presidents’ blatant misuse of Executive Orders and Signing Statements. [Particularly the Appendix].

We the People deserving honest government and governors. We have been deliberately mislead by our government, the media, talking heads and polling propaganda.

Remedial steps are needed today if we are to keep our Republic as cautioned by Dr. Benjamin Franklin in 1787. Those responsible for initiating the remedial process are Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, House Whip Kevin McCarthy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Jon Kyl, Assistant Senate Minority Leader. The President and his executive body can and should be impeached before the November election. How else do We the People bolster our flagging confidence in a flawed but repairable government without resorting to insurrection or revolution?

I should like to suggest that the media face facts and demand a full-scale overhaul of this flawed presidency and demand the Congress carry out its duties and Oath of Office.