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We've Only Just Begun

Murray T. Bass · Oct. 12, 2012

This commentary assumes that Mitt Romney has won the Presidency and the Republicans now have a comfortable majority in both the House and the Senate.

Is our job over? Have we achieved our mission? No! We have only just begun.

Making the changes that will restore America as a Republic governed by the Rule of Law is still our mission yet to be accomplished. We now have the tools to make it happen. In the two months between the election and the official change in power, our leadership should be assembling its plan to restore America. That would include fashioning legislation to affect organizational changes and development of a proposed budget that would fund only those activities authorized by the Constitution. When in doubt about a function, do not fund it. Be prepared to present the plan to Congress and the President on Inauguration Day or before. Hit the floor running. Every day wasted is 5 billion dollars lost. Actually, this kind of planning and cooperation should be taking place right now. The window of opportunity for these changes is very small. Two years to the next Congressional election.

Unfortunately, we have several very large barriers to overcome. The biggest threat to our ability to “Win Back America” is the failure of our legislative leadership to embrace our cause. House Majority Leader John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have become leaders of the “Establishment.” They are not capable of providing the leadership needed to restore America. We need to replace them with leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to the Constitution of Original Intent – and the smaller government and fiscal responsibility that accompany it. Along with replacing leadership who work for the “Establishment” rather than the people, we should ask a panel of effective business leaders to examine and make recommendations to change the structure of the “Establishment” itself. The Establishment is an organizational structure designed over many generations to serve the politician rather than the people – such things as eliminating or modifying seniority as the controlling factor in committee assignments. There are many other “perks” and favors which we know nothing about that should be examined. Eliminating these would allow the individual to focus on primary responsibilities rather than “goodies” that encourage partisanship and actions for personal benefit. Essentially, the functions which enable the existence of an “Establishment” should be eliminated. With it should come complete visibility or transparency. No more “Cut and Fill” deals. Work toward genuine service and honesty in government (did I really say that?)

Because Congress provides the funding for ALL activities, It also has the power and the authority to strongly influence the Executive branch to return to “enumerated powers.” Eliminate not only the departments that are not constitutional but the exercise of unconstitutional executive powers which violate the concept of enumerated powers. Elimination of such functions would include those performed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy and Department of Health and Human Services.

On those departments which are legitimately a part of government, restore the original mission and remove the politics which dominate them now. Specifically, the functions now the responsibility of “Homeland Security.” Stop the arming of individuals and agents who have no legitimate policing authority.

Security is a prime responsibility of the Federal Government. The four greatest threats to our security, in my opinion are the United Nations, an ineffective energy policy, our present relationship with Muslim Nations and organizations and our failed policy of democratization of Muslim nations.

The United Nations has become a power base for our enemies. If a person has read the Q'uran (Koran) it is obvious that any Muslim nation is the enemy of every non Muslim nation. The message in the Koran is “believe or die.” If someone tells you that they plan to kill you, only a fool would look the other way. We are a government of fools. Every Muslim person is ordered by the “Book” to practice Jihad. It is one of the pillars of Islam. There can be no real democracy in an Islam nation – only the word and law of Mohammed. The penalty for not practicing Jihad is the same as if the person were a Christian: death. We read about it in the papers or see it on the news almost every day the murder of non-believers. We must separate ourselves from any connotation of subservience to United Nation’s decisions. Almost every action is designed to diminish our sovereignty. Probably the best approach would be to deny any funding of the United Nations. Deny any new treaties and deny any treaty which in any way is contrary to the terms of our constitution. The United Nations is not a sovereign nation. We cannot subordinate our constitution by treaty. The new Senate will play an important role in guarding against unconstitutional agreements, verbal or otherwise. Our repeated failure to even attempt to achieve energy independence has caused us to soften our stance against these deadly enemies.

We can be energy independent. We have the resources to become independent quickly – nuclear, shale, coal to liquid, and potentially billions of barrels of oil under federal lands (93% of all land in America.) We are more adept at finding reasons not to use our resources than to use them. Again, the bad guy is the Environmental Protection Agency with its artificial and unrealistic claims against Carbon Dioxide as a greenhouse gas. Our contribution to “Global Warming” is insignificant even if Global Warming were a legitimate concept. Many scientists say it is not. In any event it is possible to develop a plan which builds our independence and at the same time reduces our output of greenhouse gasses to almost zero (can’t stop animals from breathing).

That’s the end of the “what if” part of this commentary. We still have to do the work and pay the price to really have Romney as President and comfortable majorities in the House and Senate. But it is very doable. The purpose of this commentary is to make sure we don’t breathe a sigh of relief when we get Romney elected ad have comfortable legislative majorities. That will have been a good first step – but only a first step. Instead of a sigh we should be telling ourselves, “We’ve only just begun.”

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