Grassroots Commentary

Patriots Don't Quit

J.C. Conrad · Nov. 7, 2012

I have to say, this is by far the hardest column I’ve written. It’s safe to say that conservatives are demoralized, confused, angry, bitter, uncertain, afraid, hopeless – and they should be. I know I am. There’s really no other way to put it other than: We lost. And we lost big. We lost by a bigger margin that I thought we would. Talking about “hope” (not that fictional hope we are used to hearing about these days) isn’t easy because our emotions get the better of us during hard times. But, we have to carry on despite clouded minds. We’ve got to push through the fog.

In one sense, nothing really changes. The GOP retains control of the House, the democrats continue to hold on to the Senate, and the Oval Office is occupied by the same commander in chief that has embraced tyranny these previous four years. But we were dealt other blows as well, the biggest of which (in this author’s opinion) is that of Rep. Allen West, who we learned this morning has lost his reelection bid to Patrick Murphy in Florida’s 18th District. There’s no question Mr. West has his head screwed on straight. He’s a true conservative not afraid to speak the truth, and that may ultimately be why he lost. After all, if we can elect a president who is the epitome of lies, it really shouldn’t surprise us that Allen West didn’t make the cut, either.

But there is a bigger concern this time around and it is something everyone needs to be alert to. Mr. Obama has undoubtedly caused a lot of misery during his first term, but I believe we have not even begun to fully realize the damage this man is capable of. Remember back in March when Obama was caught telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, “After my election, I have more flexibility”? This wasn’t some freudian slip of the tongue. This is but a slight peek into his agenda. The reelection of Obama means that he no longer has to hold back – or as he so aptly states, “this is his last election” to get stuff done.

As with any defeat, the first question we ask ourselves is: why? How did this happen?

I think Michael Farris, constitutional lawyer and founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA,) hits the nail on the head:

There are two important lessons imbedded in last night’s debacle. We are losing the votes of young people. We are losing the votes of women. Why? The simple answer is that both groups have a disproportionate number who believe that the purpose of government is to “supply my needs.” … It would be astonishing that young people would go to government schools, then graduate to government colleges, or attend private colleges on government subsidies and come out with any conclusion other than “the purpose of government is to provide for my needs.” Women are vulnerable to the siren call of “government services” because of the sexual promiscuity of men. Men use, abuse, and abandon women. Divorced women and single moms abound because of the sin of men. We have more unmarried adults than married adults for the first time in American history. This fact has enormous political consequences.

Anyone who pretends this election is anything other than a cultural shift is delusional. Think about the reality: Obama failed in his promise to heal the economy. We can’t even create enough jobs every month to keep up with population growth, much less those who have either been out of work or part-time workers looking for a full-time job. Businesses aren’t hiring. A major fiscal cliff approaches. The democrat led Senate has not and will not pass a budget despite our $16 trillion deficit. But yet, in the end, mandating you, the taxpayer, to pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control, having abortions, and giving Big Bird government-funding was far more important than getting our fiscal house in order.

It only makes sense. Narcissists usually get along pretty well with those who think it’s all about themselves. The “culture of me” has disintegrated America. It’s no longer what we can do for our country. It’s what can our country do for us.

All that said, we must continue the good fight. Patriots don’t just fight until they’re tired. They continue fighting until the very end, because they know that victory is not accomplished by quitting in the middle of the fight. It’s achieved by picking yourself back up after you’ve fallen down and continuing right where you left off. Patriots don’t quit. Patriots fight the good fight no matter what. I’m as mad as hell, and so should you. Let’s keep fighting the good fight. There’s no way a bunch of bullies are going to stop me from fighting for what is right.

As a final word, please find encouragement in this letter excerpt from John Newton, author of “Amazing Grace”:

When national sins draw down national judgments, the Lord has given us a hope, that he will fix a mark of protection upon those who sigh and mourn in secret before him for the evils which they are unable to prevent. … But none have reason to expect to be thus privileged, who have not a heart given them to lament their own sins, and the sins of those among whom they live. … What is commonly called our national debt, is swelled to an enormous greatness. It may be quickly expressed in figures; but a person must be well-versed in calculation, to form a tolerable idea of accumulated millions. … The spirit of infidelity, which for a time distinguished, comparatively, a few, and, like a river, was restrained within narrow bounds – has of late years broken down its banks, and deluged the land. … The consequence has been, that profligate wickedness has become almost as universal as the air we breathe; and is practiced with little more reserve or secrecy than the transactions of common business, except in such instances as would subject the offender to the penalty of human laws. … How much is it to be desired, then, that all who truly fear the Lord, instead of wasting their time in useless squabbles, may unite in earnest prayer; and, with deep remorse of heart, bemoan those evils which, unless repented of and forsaken, may bring upon us, as a people, such distress as neither we nor our fathers have known! If he is pleased thus to give us a heart to seek him, he will yet be found of us: but if, when his hand is lifted up, we cannot or will not see, nor regard the signs of the times – there is great reason to fear that our case is deplorable indeed.