Grassroots Commentary

Cancellation Effect

Champ Webb · Nov. 9, 2012

On November 6th, I proudly casted my vote for love of family and country, but I fear it was immediately cancelled by the young lady who voted behind me; who I suspect voted for the sweet revenge of making others pay for the social programs that support her and her family.

Mr. Romney was right about the 47 percent. I believe there was no way he could have convinced this young mother of at least two (she had two kids with her) to vote for him, much less embrace his traditional vision of America or vaguely understand his divinely embedded desire to help all Americans – even the poor and the black – to have and enjoy a successful life.

I’m confident that over the years of her more than likely less than attentive life, the progressives have instilled in her a false perception of America and even worse, a perverted resentment of success. No doubt, they have replaced her natural yearning for self-betterment with the “back of the bus” existence of government dependency.  They have cancelled her unlimited share of the American dream with the allocated perks of victimhood.

And on Election Day, I’m sure this young black woman ignored, or better said, “dissed” the legacy of Rosa Parks and voted for the neo-slavery of the status-quo and cancelled my vote for an America refreshed and her children’s chance for the America Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of.