Grassroots Commentary

An ALleGORical TalE & Parallel Parable for These Perilous Times

W. L. Andrews · Nov. 16, 2012

Now there hath arisen a new President over the Nation who is abhorrent to the Nation’s heritage, and doth yearn for the People’s grant of regal respect, noble title, and legendary legacy. We The People, bestow that which IS deserved. This Fetid ignores GOD; like unto a King of an olden time who said, “Who is this LORD GOD that I shouldst be mindful of HIM and obey HIS Ten Commandments?” Now This Despot haughtily saith, “only Ten Commandments? When I have imposed tens of hundreds, even tens of thousands! Who, then, is the mightier?”

This Pustule knows neither John or Samuel of the Adams’s, nor Franklin, Hamilton, or Henry; not Jefferson, Jay, nor Madison, Hancock, or Paine, and though he assumes to reign in Washington; the namesake city, This Pollutant Reveres not the Nation’s Father, nor any other Founder or Framer. This Oppressor ignores The Holy Bible, and knows not The Magna Charta, nor The Common Sense, or The Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, or The Federalist Papers, neither The Constitution of The United States, nor The Bill of Rights, and not any other founding document: except to fold, spindle, and mutilate their meaning to his own ends.

This Infestation is infamous for his cunning and excuse, and he is able to fool Some of the people All of the time; these being The Fools, perhaps they shall never know they are the cheerful Slaves of This Overseer, having sold their Blessings of Liberty for a pittance. And he is able to fool Many of the people Most of the time. And he is able to fool Most of the people Some of the time. And he is able to fool a Portion of the people Little of the time. But he is able to fool a Few of the people None of the time; these are the Individuals, the Free People, and All people are Free when they are not fooled, which fills with dread This Cheater’s heart.

So This Corruption spake unto his Cabinet, his Faction, his Appointees, his Cronies, his Servants, and The Fools, and unto those playing The Fool. Hence, This Sordid saith, “Lo and Behold! The Free People art numerous and are comforted by their Posterity, their Prosperity, and their Possessions. Prey, let us place Agencies and Bureaus with Tax Collectors and Taskmasters over the Free People. Thus, we mayest complicate and enlarge their labours, and squander their sustenance, so as to sap their spirit and lay waste their strength, reducing them to live upon alms, lest they attain more belongings and increase, therewith to challenge our political Privileges and pillage. We shall say we do it ‘to make a better world for the children,’ and if the Free People doth protest, saying, ‘Set We The People Free,’ those persons shall be vilified. And our Cronies shall accuse them of Extremism, and of Prejudice against Wherever we Want, and our Faction shall inflict them with Plagues of Procedures upon their Property.”

So it came to pass that Falsehoods flooded The Nation, and The Fools were as a Swarm of devouring Locusts, and the Wail of Fools was heard all over The Nation, for more Laws for Plunder wrested from the Free People, and it came to Pass, these Laws.

Yet, the Free People prospered in The Nation, and brought forth wealth and begat children in abundance. So This Putrid coveted the treasure of the Free People. Thence, This Stench spake again unto his Cabinet, his Faction, his Appointees, his Cronies, his Servants, and The Fools, and unto those behaving Foolishly. Wherefore, This Canker saith, “Verily, we hath passed stringent new Laws to discomfort and molest the Free People, and hath made Unlawful even to Think ill of those I favour. Yet, it is needful to make more and still harsher Laws, and so we shall. But, my Favourites and I shall be above all Laws. So we must disarm the Free People to render them harmless, lest they defend their Life, Liberty, and Property from our pilferage; and imperil our political Prerogatives and pomp. We shall say we do it ‘to make a safer world for the children,’ and if the Free People dare complain; saying, ‘Set We The People Free,’ those people shall be ostracized. And our Servants shall charge them with Intolerance, and of Hatred against Whatever we Wish, and our Appointees shall afflict their Liberty with Punishments of Prosecution.”

So it came to pass that Propaganda inundated The Nation, and The Fools were as Vultures upon Carrion, and the Cry of Fools was heard all over The Nation, for more Laws for Plunder looted from the Free People, and these Laws came to Pass.

Still, the Individuals thrived in The Nation, achieving more assets and were plentiful. And This Scavenger cringed in awe and was vexed by the courage of the Free People. So This Malignancy spake anew unto his Cabinet, his Faction, his Appointees, his Cronies, his Servants, and The Fools, and unto those acting as Fools. Thusly, This Decay saith, “It is Incorrect to Speak against my munificent governance, or to Write fondly of The Nation’s founding, or to Teach of The Nation’s history and heroes, and still these troublesome stiff-necked Free People believe their myths of an Almighty Divinity and Inalienable Individual Rights! So we shall mock them in their beliefs and forbade the Free People to Praise their LORD GOD, or to Shew HIM reverence. Prey, let us demand they accept our ways, sacrificing merit and morals, and to worship at the altar of our Idols: Celebrity, Diversity, and Depravity, Perversity, Profanity, and Promiscuity. Shouldst any of the Free People not obey these edicts; else, they doth question our heresies, accuse us of betrayal, reveal my guilt, or lament freedoms lost; they shall be ridiculed without mercy, and their most worthy shall be maliciously menaced. Wouldst they mention virtue, or pronounce truth, or plead justice, or debate issues, we shall all say together; ‘let us moveon,’ or, ‘let us leave this behind us,’ or ‘get over it!’ Our Village shall take their children unto our bosom to nurture and teach them of our ways, to hide their birthright from them; and to cleave their houses, for a house divided shall not stand. We shall say we do it ‘to make a special world for the children,’ and if any of the Free People doth object, saying, ‘Set We The People Free,’ we shall hold their children hostage to quell dissent. We must subdue those who censure our actions, so our laws shall work them until they are weary, thence the weary shall have no rest. We shall invoke new measures, where to obey one will violate another; thus, further encumbering and confusing their efforts. Lest they endanger our political Power and policies, we must keep the Free People in continual toil to pay us tribute and the debts we hath made for them unto generations. Hearken, unto My words, they, the Free People Must be brought to heel, Put in Their place, Asunder. Like unto War, we shall send forth the full weight of our Wrath upon the Free People with reprimands, reprisals, and retribution for the slightest indiscretions and disrespect, so as to destroy their Pursuit of Happiness. And we shall Smite them with: Liens and Audits, and Writs and Subpoena, to increase their Uncertainty. And we shall Torment them with Evermore: Lawyers and Arrests, and Warrants and Searches, to cause them Fear of our Supremacy; for I am a Vindictive Ruler.”

So it came to pass; Encroachments engulfed The Nation, and The Fools were as Swine supping upon Swill, and the Squeal of Fools was heard throughout The Nation, for more laws for Plunder coerced from the Free People, and these Laws came to Pass.

Even so, the Free People did not succumb nor yield, earning riches and honors, and were exceedingly fruitful and multiplied. So This Ulcer, summoning all of his guile, tried once again to place heavy burdens and bitter bondage upon the Free People. Nay, This Excretion couldst not speak candidly of his intrigues to those whom art being Foolish, for they wilt surely see his exact nature and withdraw their countenance from upon him, nor mayest he speak with candor of his plot unto The Fools for even they mayest see the transgressions of This Hypocrite and his House. Hence, once more didst This Malevolence speak unto his Cabinet, his Faction, his Appointees, his Cronies, and his Servants. In Secret didst This Corrosive saith unto his most fervent petty tyrants, “Prey, let us speak subtly as The Serpent in The Garden spake, using their own language of freedom and words of independence against the Free People who still dwell amongst us; else, they mayest continue to grow evermore numerous and affluent, hindering our political Prowess and pogroms. We must deal shrewdly with them, telling them once, twice, thrice, and more; it is ‘thine Right to chose’, or tis ‘a matter of choice,’ or tis ‘a lifestyle option,’ or it is ‘to make a perfect world for the children.’ Whence our lies be believed, we mayest Sway them to readily Slay their First Born Child, and perhaps more from the Womb. So their numbers shall be diminished, and their Votes shall be squelched. They wilt be as mute strangers in their own Nation, and to us they wilt vow and Bow in servitude. Forevermore, their lot ought be meager beggary. So shouldst our Pretense be clever and Life be devalued amongst all of the people; we mayest declare the fates of the old, the ill, the infirm, the depressed, the defective, the rich, the poor, the different, the same, the incorrect who oppose us, and many others upon our notion, no cause nor reason need be cited. Yea, Anyone, even all of the Free People, lest we mayest have need of these Human Resources for our own purposes, for they are Ours. Wouldst any persons speak the truth of our motives, they shall be denounced as liars, or wouldst they dispute our dogma, we shall brand them as partisan. Thence, they and their family shall be intimidated and my Cabinet shall indict them of Zealotry, and of Bigotry against Whomever we Whim. So The Fools shall harass them with many Pestilence of Persecution, and threaten their very Lives, and shouldst anymore be slain, having lived or yet unborn, it matters not, for our schemes art well served by: Falsity and Fallacy, Fear and Fraud, Force and Violence, and even Death. My Servants shall place all blame for all vile words and deeds at the feet of the Free People, and I shall wash my hands of all shed Blood and misdeeds, proclaiming my innocence in the face of all evidence, proof, and Truth. My followers shall forgive my wickedness and defend me in all I do, as will my Fools, whilst seeking my favour, and a paltry portion of purloined political Plunder.”

So it came to pass that Usurpations deluged The Nation, and The Fools were as ravening Wolves, and the Howl of Fools was heard all over The Nation, for more Laws for Plunder forced from the Free People, and these Laws mayest yet come to Pass.

But the Free People will not submit to compulsion, nor believe the lies, nor compromise with evil, nor relinquish their rights. And the Free People raise up their Voices, and as necessary to the security of a free state, wilt lift up their Arms against seizure of chattels, imprisonment, slavery, tyranny, or death of the innocent and vulnerable, and For the Inalienable Rights given by the LORD GOD to We The People.