Grassroots Commentary

Pledge the Ten!

Charlie Lyon · Dec. 7, 2012

Let us all pledge to restore character to our great nation, for as one sage observed, “the salvation of one man is the beginning of salvation in a family, community and nation.” For those who believe that inalienable rights also require concomitant duties:

  1. I pledge to Trust In God.

  2. I pledge to have no idols – fortune, phone, football, fantasy, or folly – that steal my devotion to God, my family, employer and neighbors.

  3. I pledge to keep sacred those things that ought to be sacred: God’s name, my promises, my neighbor’s God-given rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  4. I pledge to set aside time to devote to friendship with God, family and friends, and allow others the same freedom.

  5. I pledge to honor my father and mother from whom I first learned love by looking into the eyes of those who wanted me and loved me into existence.

  6. I pledge to not allow violent hatred to inspire me to the willful destruction of another human being.

  7. I pledge to keep my vows to God, my wife, children and countrymen by not allowing my eyes to wander in want for things that don’t belong to me.

  8. I pledge to be a man who pursues happiness by first wanting what I have, then working with my own hands to supply my needs and the needs of others.

  9. I pledge to be a man who loves truth and never speaks falsely to or about others.

  10. I pledge to aspire to be all that God created me to be, never seeking to put myself above others, and applauding the achievements of others that bring blessing to all of life!