Grassroots Commentary

Pointing, Grunting and Clubbing the Truth Into You!

Charlie Lyon · Dec. 10, 2012

As a school bus driver not infrequently did I have to reprimand older students on the use of the “F-word.” Usually the reprimand came with a solemn warning: “If you limit your vocabulary to one word for all parts of speech, you’ll soon find you’ll be reduced to pointing, grunting and clubbing each other to communicate ideas.”

Watching the antics of union members, occupiers, progressive politicians, Alinsky-ists, socialism-ists, environmentalists, globalists, climatists and such it is evident that they have been reduced to pointing, grunting and clubbing to get their points across.

I asked a union-member, angry at Michigan’s movement toward becoming the 24th Right-to-Work state, why private sector unions had experienced a steep loss of membership over the years. He didn’t have a good answer,* but, by god, those evil capitalists will keep exploiting the workers of the world if we let the corrupt politicians break up the unions; because, as everyone knows, it was the unions that created the middle class in this country!*

Pointing and grunting. Fortunately I kept a safe distance to avoid getting clubbed.

  • Funny that the unions have never created one business or job but they created the middle class…
  • Funny that union bosses are paid enormous amounts of money that allows them to hobnob with people of the same stripe who live large off the backs of the businesses and workers who actually create things of substance and value which sensible people voluntarily choose.
  • Funny in our media rich world the true in heart are seeing through the scam and hypocrisy.
  • Funny how they only way unions can continue to grow is with the help of government bedfellows running interference for them (at least the NFL sees the danger from future lawsuits for not attending to the havoc created by massive collisions of equal and opposite forces…)

If one believes in Natural Law and the Creative Mind behind that law, then it makes sense that the idea of the Truth of a thing has something to do with the purpose the Creative Mind gave it. Does it not follow that if that Creative Mind also created the ability of the created to understand the truth of a thing then we have some obligation to search for it. Our ability to understand the truth lies in the individual and is subject to each one’s own temperament, curiosity, hunger, intellect, spiritual affinity, maturity, perseverance, teachableness, honesty and openness.

The government, media, economic development committees, consortiums, climatologists, environmentalists and the United Nations can do their best to convince us that the world desperately needs, say, taxpayer funded windmill farms, but if we, as Americans, and individuals collectively cannot see the truth of the thing nor feel it resonate as true in our hearts no amount of pointing, grunting or even clubbing will make it truer.

It may be no more complicated than we don’t want to see our energy costs “necessarily skyrocket” by shutting down coal plants or blocking new sources of efficient, cheap energy. Or it may be the natural suspicion in our collective American DNA toward government using each new crisis to impose more restrictive measures on our freedom. Or it could be that we’ve wised up to worn out cliches and jargon about all the evils of life we need to be protected from courtesy of union dues or government taxes. Or maybe we’ve figured out that its much easier to the people in authority to convince everyone they are getting the shaft unless everyone is treated exactly the same…its only fair, they grunt.

Watch out for the club…

…because once those in charge of pointing and grunting get frustrated that the rest of us are not “getting it” the clubbing begins. Obamacare, I’ve read, has 13,000 pages of pointing and grunting to completely bewilder even the most sincere believer in social engineering. The monstrous law includes the provision for hiring well over 10,000 IRS agents – clubs supplied at taxpayer expense – to make sure we “get it”: how good this is for us, of course.

Try to keep a safe distance…if you can!