The Patriot Post® · Regarding the State of the Union Address

By Edward J. Brown ·

In listening to the President’s third State of the Union Address I could not help but draw a comparison to our first President George Washington. It required a great deal of arm-twisting for General Washington to agree to serve as our country’s first President. He was a man who more than anything else had no desire to be America’s first King. He eventually agreed to serve as the nation’s first President after much soul-searching and prayer. History records that the American people held him in high honor and had no qualms in awarding him a second term. He earned the title he still holds to this day: The Father of our Country.

As President Obama ascended the podium after much applause, half way through his address I was waiting to hear a band play the theme from the old cartoon series: Mighty Mouse. For those who are younger it goes as follows: Here I Come to Save The Day! Once again the egotism the American people have tolerated for the past four years and some have ignored, was kicked into high gear for 45 minutes. The words outlining his program were the words of a man who desperately wanted to be King and had every intention of using the office of President to achieve that goal. He made it abundantly clear that the Constitution he had vowed only weeks before to uphold as a sacred honor held little meaning for him. The American Republic had served its purpose and must now be replaced with a system more to his Socialist policies.

Only time and the will of the American people will determine if he is successful. Mr. President, you are no George Washington.