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What to Expect from a Leftist President

Trey Mays · Feb. 14, 2013

Those of us who believe in the American founding principles of essential liberty, November 6, 2012 was a sad day when President Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States of America. We understand that President Obama is America’s most left-wing President in this nation’s history as evidenced by the expansion of government through increased taxes, and over a trillion dollar deficits per year. President Obama’s Second Inauguration Address showed us that his second term agenda will be centrally focused on expanding big government and weakening America’s leadership in the world. Where President Bill Clinton declared “the end to the era of big government,” President Obama declared an ode to big government.

President Obama is the kind of political leader that is committed to his Marxist ideology. Where most Presidents’ second terms are lame ducks, President Obama’s won’t necessarily be a lame duck second term because he won’t push for bipartisan compromises. Most Presidents have still tried to work with both parties in their second term. President Obama will use every tool at his disposal to discredit the Republicans and Conservatives, while circumventing Congress to implement his Marxist agenda.

It is impossible to negotiate with anyone who has no true intention of negotiating with you. Therefore, Republicans need to block President Obama’s Marxist agenda the best they can and hold his Administration accountable through all the oversight tools at their disposal. They also need to offer up their own positive Conservative vision and plans for America, and then introduce those plans as small pieces of legislation to send to the Democrat Senate. If the Senate Democrats and President Obama want to obstruct the progress of the House Republicans, then let them explain why they are making the Senate the graveyard of obstruction. Make them explain why they are the party of “no.”

President Obama pretty much focused on his social agenda in his Second Inaugural Address. His State of the Union Address focused on the economy and jobs. Does anyone expect him to reach across the aisle and embrace any of the Republicans spending cut and tax reform ideas? I don’t. President Obama’s State of the Union was an ode to big government by embracing more stimulus spending, more taxes increases (on the rich), and possibly even a presidential authority to increase the debt ceiling without Congressional approval.

Republicans should listen intently and politely as the President arrogantly lays out his big government plans and scolds them for obstructing those plans. As I see it, America has three big problems and dangers that, if not addressed, will cripple our nation from within and destroy the greatest nation in the history of the world. I summarize those three problems as a culture that is in the toilet, a broken economy, and weak American world leadership. I would like to see Senator Paul embrace the traditional values that are key to building a civil society, the free market and small government principles that fixes the economy, and the peace through strength and prudence foreign policy principles that strengthens America’s leadership in the world.

President Obama will never implement Republican ideas or the Tea Party’s ideas. The key question is whether the Tea Party, and Republicans if they ignore Karl Rove, can put President Obama on the defensive and change the narrative. Will 2014 be another year for the Tea Party, or will the Obama Democrats seize it and make it year for the Marxists?

Trey Mays is an independent Conservative political commentator. Follow him on Twitter @TreyMays and Like him on Facebook @TreyMaysUSA.

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