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Presidents' Day Golfing With Tiger Woods

Albert Maslar · Feb. 18, 2013

Presidents’ Day and Florida is playing second fiddle, no media allowed, to President Obama and his newfound golfing prowess with tutelage from Tiger Woods, perhaps the greatest golfer ever.

Obama is in seventh heaven but the country is slowly but surely sinking in the bottomless pits just as the Titanic sank as the music played on. The Republic is dying a slow death from a thousand paper cuts, one inflicted with every nearly daily unsolved crisis and as Obama vacations, the ineffective Congress shuts down as well, leaving but four days of “work” before America is faced with how to kick the sequestration can down the road just one-more one-more never-ending time.

Never mind the nearly insurmountable connected imploding debt and deficit problems, but add the Benghazi and Middle East undeclared wars and the indiscriminate use of drones to kill the alleged guilty along with collateral damage of killing non-combatant innocent women and children. Drone technology will by presidential order be used in the US against whosoever might be deemed to be terroristic. More chickens coming home to roost.

Add the problem of cell-phone snooping that can track conversations and locations, but Big-Brother plans to mandate data recorders as standard equipment in all new vehicles to snoop on the driving habits of the public. Shades of Big-Brother ever encroaching on freedom and privacy.

Not satisfied there, the Obama administration is planning a decade-long scientific effort to examine the workings of the human brain and build a comprehensive map of its activity. Let’s hope they start with Obama’s brain first. The results should be predictable … or not.

Getting back to Presidents’ Day, All Presidents are not equally commemorable, when as a matter of fact, they all have the biblical proverbial feet of clay, as certainly the current President has.

Even President Abraham Lincoln should not be held in as high esteem as he is universally held. First of all, Lincoln did not free the slaves until the third year of the Civil War, and then only freed the slaves in the rebelling South that he had no power to enforce.

Slaves in the North where Lincoln had the power were NOT freed. Secondly, would today’s America tolerate 640,000 casualties out of one-tenth of today’s’ population that is appalled at 6,400 casualties in the Bush II wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Add to that the racial civil strife that has lingered in the US to date.

Now comes word that the necessary ObamaCare bureaucracy is already broke and applicants having pre-existing conditions are being denied admission in advance of the Jan. 1, 2014 effective date.

The power elite EVENTUALLY lose power as evidenced by Old Testament narratives and New Testament history beginning with Christ, and culminating with eventual fall of all empires including the likes of the Roman Empire, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and current fallen Middle East despots.

Fallen kings and despots are replaced by kindred spirits who are often worse; note the unfortunate turn of events in Egypt and Libya that made matters worse. It is impossible for there to be permanent perfect government on earth because after the awakening, evil keeps rising out of the ashes like the proverbial phoenix. Eventually the great Satan will finally be tamed but no one knows the time and the date, the Mayans notwithstanding as they were already ingloriously humiliated.

Until there is a true re-awakening, evil will rise to the surface as one bad apple always corrupts the rest of the barrel. The Republican Party, though adamant in their opposition to the Obama craving for ever-unlimited spending, Speaker John Boehner and his cohorts accede to the President, “just this one more time.”

This era will be condemned for its religion of government funded abortion, abortifacients, and contraception. The right to life is fundamental and flies in the face of biblical command to increase and multiply, trumping virtually any other right. As America becomes more secular, fewer view the right to life through the precepts of the Bible.

Federal government cannot decide moral matters involving right to life and the homosexual lifestyle. But government does just that; deciding moral matters, as absolutely proven in its unrelenting push for continued State contributions to abortion king, Planned Parenthood.

Then President Obama uses Catholic-In-Name-Only (CINO) HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, to write the 4,000 page regulations forcing government funded abortion, contraceptives, and abortifacients, and anti-religious rules imposed upon religious based organizations.

The three major religions of the world are against abortion and the active homosexual lifestyle, but the President takes it upon himself to dictate what their religious beliefs are and should be, in order to determine government requirement to forcibly conform to contrary regulations under severe penalties.

Obama is clearly against his own actual or stated religion as far as abortion and homosexuality are concerned as he is either Muslim as he was born, or Christian as he was baptized into by the infamous Pastor Jeremiah Wright, except that Wright favors abortion and contraception though it is opposed by true Christianity.

If Republicans cannot win national presidential elections without giving up their core carved-in-stone beliefs, then maybe the Republican Party is not worth saving if the GOP simply merely becomes an official wing of the progressive liberal Democrat Party.

The GOP is already as fiscally irresponsible as the Democratic Party as both want to cut only part of the increase of expenditures without cutting into the actual deficit or the debt. And contrary to naysayers, the fact is that the Obama deficit is greater in four years than the Bush II deficit in four years.

Senator John McCain may have been a war hero and thanks to him for his bravery, but now McCain is a GOP liberal Senator who was in fact a poor choice for the 2008 presidency, just as Romney was a poor choice in 2012.

And now other poor choices loom for 2016 with Marco Rubio and Rand Paul vying for the honors or dishonors as history will prove. The GOP should not pick a wannabe but see which cream rises to the top and then go GOP. McCain is too often on the wrong side of the equation as his part in the ill-conceived Feingold/McCain bill that caused political fund-raising fiascoes and abuses.

It might be Presidents’ Day, but like Fathers’ Day, the President has already had his day, no thanks to Tiger Woods. The Bible warns against those who call evil good and good evil. Politicians do not appreciate that “Striving for the greater good is superior to settling for the lesser evil.”