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The Mainstream Media

Karl Thoma · Feb. 20, 2013

The media, which is responsible for most of the news information, is one of the integral parts of a system which desires to bring our nation down into alignment with the rest of the world. There are many other pieces to this system, but the media primarily works in conjunction with the political realm, the field of education, and the workforce, mostly through the unions. They have the most impact on the public due to the constant daily deluge of their message, and the manipulation of news. They bear much of the responsibility in the breakdown of the moral structure of this country.

The mainstream media is a term that describes the news people who dominate the core of our media, but that term is misleading and far from the truth. If we breakdown that expression, you will see that Webster’s defines mainstream as “the prevailing opinion or practice.” Media is defined as “the public institutions that report the news, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, collectively”, and news as “a report of recent occurrences.” I believe the so-called mainstream media fails on all three counts.

First off, I find it extremely difficult to believe that the majority of Americans are in agreement with the opinion of the media. The people who lean right far outweigh those on the left. You could make a pretty good case for Ecclesiastes 10:2, which states, “A wise man’s heart is at his right hand; but a fool’s heart at his left” – but that is another topic. The moderates, or those in the middle of the road, make up the largest group of Americans. Generally they hold views that are somewhere in the middle, but that is quite a spread. The problem is that many are ignorant or indifferent to the real issues, and just take what they are told without thinking about what is said. If something is said often enough, then it begins to sound more plausible. There are, of course, those who swallow the swill without question, but overall the majority is not in agreement, so they do not represent the prevailing view. So, the major stations and institutions do not represent the majority, so they technically are not in the mainstream. It sure sounds like a decent title as it makes it sound like they are legitimate, and telling the truth to the public.

Actually, the vitriol that many of that group spews is their prevailing opinion. They continually degrade the political, ethical, and moral values that this nation was founded upon, and those who uphold those values. They have an agenda, and if anything or anyone dares to get in their way, the lash out with a high degree of hatred. I think they really should be called the “Maimstream” media, as they have hurt many innocent individuals who are simply trying to turn this country around and do what is right.

It amazes me how they especially attack and demean conservative women on a continually basis, and get away with it. If any conservative attacks a liberal woman ever so slightly, it is deemed an attack on womanhood. I guess if a woman leans to the right, they lose all vestiges of femininity and are put into a new gender. Perhaps to the media, they are more like shemales. I personally think that most conservative women have more grit and determination than the men, as they have to fight harder. On the other hand, they are more feminine than most of their liberal counterparts. I would say that makes them very special people.

Media is somewhat appropriate as is far as the institutions that make up that group. Now they are also referred to as the legitimate media, which infers that those who disagree are illegitimate, as not all institutions are equal in their opinion. They spend a lot of time and effort in order to silence, or shut down any news organization that dares to tell it like it really is. I guess that makes them pretty much unfair and unbalanced, in more than one sense. So, in their eyes, media that disagrees with them is not really valid media. There is a great effort underway to silence the opposition in order to press on with the agenda freely.

Another great error lies in the clause, “that report the news”. If the media was unbiased, all news of any import would be aired. However, they only report the news that supports their agenda. A good case in point is the Benghazi fiasco. As it impacted their stand, and the upcoming election, it was only minimally reported, and for the most part, brushed under the rug. On the other, any tragedy involving a gun fits right into their agenda to disarm the public, so that gets a major overdose of slanted coverage.

The mainstream media is supported by commercialism, as they are for the most part funded by commercials. If people would stop watching or listening to their shows, then the funding for them would diminish. They could, in effect, be starved out of existence, and if their role is diminished enough, the liberal/progressive cause would suffer greatly. It is time “We the people” took a stand against this group and either starve them out or drive them out.

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