Grassroots Commentary

Crisis a Day Keeps Conservatives at Bay

Albert Maslar · Feb. 25, 2013

Amidst the bellowing over immigration reform, union boss representing illegal immigration Chris Crane, President of the National Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Council 118 testified before the House Judiciary Committee, “ICE is now guided in large part by the influences of powerful special interest groups that advocate on behalf of illegal aliens.”

According to ObamaNation, “At least $177 million in tax dollars paid for federal workers to do union business. Many taxpayers may not realize that their tax dollars are used to pay government workers to actually conduct union business – not the work of the government. This practice has the official name of Official Time and is defined by the Office of Personnel Management as: "Official time is time spent by Federal employees performing representational work for a bargaining unit in lieu of their regularly assigned work.”

Unlike the private sector, where companies or unions pay union representatives to conduct “union business,” our system of government unions allows union representatives who happen to be federal employees time away from their normal duties in order to conduct union business – all at taxpayer expense.

Compounding the problem is the fact that working union members are being paid while conducting union business. Then there are regulations prohibiting ICE agents from enforcing valid immigration laws another impeachable offense, proving that government is in bed with unions rather than the other way around.

In 2012 7.3 million employees in the public sector belonged to a union, compared with 7.0 million union workers in the private sector. Union labor leaders are dismembering the US as no other criminal organization has been able to do; all under government protection and exemption from prosecution, giving them a literal license to break the law while carrying their special “Get out of jail free” card. Un-American is the most polite word to describe the new Mafia that makes the old mafia look like saints. Unions are breaking the Union.

Imperialism failed the Roman Empire as building and expanding the empire were matters of brute strength and spending not to be matched, but once the expansion neared the limits of its capability to mange, the bubble bulged and as attention was expended to repair the threat, other bubbles expanded and spread until it was impossible to do anything but wait, party and spend as though everything would be okay, ordering more drinks and music to drown out thoughts of the threats.

Rome failed despite the fact that they used imperialism to tax and draw physical resources from their colonies, but America is following Rome’s footsteps by expanding all the military and its type capabilities around the globe without taxing and extracting foreign resources.

American is doomed to failure in its foreign escapades specifically because the US not only placed itself as policeman of the world, it required nothing from the very people it was protecting, but burdened the burgeoning American deficits and debt, accelerating the leap into the worst too-big-to-fail disaster in the history of the world.

Politicians are currently crying “WOLF” about dire results of sequestration that actually merely reduces proposed increases in spending, not actual cuts in overall expenditures. Sequestration cuts to spending are a calculated myth rather than the reality of spending cuts.

Rome’s Caesars used hard money to build beautiful and lasting architectural and engineering monuments for their perpetual honor. American Presidents emulate the Caesars but in lieu of hard currency, use unsustainable taxpayer debt to build ideological monuments that add nothing of value in return for the debts incurred. The real American debt including forward liabilities for promises made are in the unfathomable range in excess of a half million dollars per person, or at least per family.

Examples of benefactor nations nipping at the heels of the international behemoth abound but are typified by the current actions of Afghanistan President Karzai who ORDERED American military units out of one of its provinces. Karzai is the nominee of the US, only proving the validity of Jefferson’s dire warning against US intrusions and interference in foreign affairs.

More bubbles are bulging and bursts will be scattered and intermittent at first until the final culmination at which time Americans will have been deprived of their Second Amendment Rights, and thus will not possess sufficient resources to implement Jefferson’s prediction that future Americans will once again have to take up the cudgel to remove the self-appointed, just as was done when early Americans took up arms against King George III.

Every bit of anecdotal and real evidence points to the fact that besides moral bankruptcy, America is financially bankrupt. All its assets will have been refinanced too many times to avoid final bursting that will be like 1929 magnified an indeterminate number of times. America has become too big to fail but the avoided question is to determine which enemy will do the bailout that officially marks Americans as chattels of the One-World State.

America’s Caesar as suggested by his upward tilting profile, blatantly lies about the calamitous results of the over-hyped sequestration with his tirades that “Teachers will be laid off…You know, all of the federally hired teachers, firefighters and EMT personnel will be laid off.” Lies, lies, lies all. Federal government does not employ teachers, firefighters, and (EMT) Emergency Medical Technicians; individual States and Communities tax their constituents to pay for those hires.

Jesus was questioned as to whether it was lawful to pay taxes to Rome and his answer was Jewish, another question; “Whose image is on this coin?” to which the answer was “Caesar.” Then came this most famous quote, “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God, what is God’s.”

President Obama’s golden coin bears his Caesar-like image along with his motto, “Render to me your fair share,” and responding to the unfair who loudly protest that taxes have already been raised, and asking how much more must we pay? The Obama response is, “Whatever you got, no doubt by dubious means, that you did no earn by yourself, that’s how much you must pay. You could not have done it without government…See my picture on the coin of the realm; As Jesus said, pay me. My Solyndra friends need the money.”

Another crisis raised out of the ashes like the Phoenix is the failing concept of Global Warming that morphs into climate change and the wannabe gods, like the real God before them did, think they can raise their arms and calm the winds and the seas too. Climate changers know the truth that they cannot accomplish this but all they want is their great savior, “The Carbon Tax.” President Obama has a taxing job; literally.

The only thing Obama wants in return for restoration of the sequester cuts he does not really want, is to keep the cuts in place so he can pass the blame for continuing unemployment that will not decline under the willful negligence of the President who blocks the Keystone XL Pipeline and its millions of good-paying jobs that will automatically bring in much-needed tax revenues, and take those people off the welfare safety net. Can this be his ulterior motive?

Oh yes, one more budding crisis, as one of the most feasible economic saviors, oil fracking is met by environmental advocates threatening to violently protest ala (OWS) Occupy Wall Street fanatics, and do “Whatever it takes” to prevent fracking from happening in the oil-rich California area.

These pretenders of protecting the environment simply want to do away with people and then everything in the world will be natural and okay. They are demanding “THEIR” President  to shut down the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing on public lands. Scientifically, fracking is done at about depths of 5,000 feet while fresh water acquifers are not generally found below 1,000 feet.

Just another daily crisis to keep Conservatives at bay, and fracking objections are resurrected one-more one-more time to enable Gina McCarthy, EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation, to adamantly declare that the EPA WILL act on climate change; in the mode of President Obama who constantly threatens that “If Congress does not act, I will.” And sadly, Obama does act in defiance of Congress and the Supreme Court without so much as a whimper.

As a non-sequitur, Barack Obama does act and profiles like he is a god but it might be worthy of note that in channel-surfing, Oscar winning Taiwanese director Ang Lee was observed as he accepted the best director Academy Award Oscar for the shipwreck story “Life of Pi,” with his accompanying remark, as he raised his eyes to the heavens, “Thank you, movie god,” possibly a remnant of the failed Roman Empire array of gods.

One more nail in the economic coffin caused by the 24/7 crisis-a-day of the US while the band plays on and the adoring uncaring indentured servants in reverse, gorge themselves on government largesse but do not have the good sense to understand that it is unsustainable and their absolute need to stop the madness or find a lifeboat.

Lingering unresolved crises include government sponsored gun running “Fast and Furious” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, assassination of US Ambassador to Libya, and destruction of the American Embassy in Benghazi, both rising to the status of acts of war.

Then there is the lingering non 24/7 150 year old racial crisis that evolved from the Civil War. Much unrest in today’s Black community is spearheaded by angry young black men still fighting the Civil War, though they are better off than they possibly could have been in Africa, their native home of origin. The basic fact of their anger is actually due to their intentional lack of education as they consider educated blacks to be “Too White.”

The truth is that African blacks sold their own to other blacks who in turn exported them to the new world where they were sold as indentured servants with a time limit of servitude, and according to, the first to remove limits of servitude was black man Anthony Johnson who sued to retain for life his own black indentured servant John Casor, thus in fact proving the everlasting truth of the Pogo axiom, “We have found the enemy, and they is us.” Black, white, brown, yellow, or green, from the top down, we are all our own worst enemy, and it seems that federal government is the mastermind.

The 21st Century has had an ominous start, what with the 9/11/2001 attack against the US from within with its own commercial planes as the weapons; the predictable retaliatory reaction of dismantling the Taliban headquartered in tribal Afghanistan that turned enemy to friend, and back to enemy. The frustration of not getting Osama bin Laden was inflicted on Iraq, resulting in deposing and eventual execution of dictator Saddam Hussein.

A military-type incursion into Pakistan killed said Osama bin Laden, and gradually turned another friend into an enemy. The US engineered deposing Egypt dictator Colonel Hosni Mubarak but made a bad situation worse by installing the extremist Muslim Brotherhood into power making matters much worse than under previous dictator Mubarak.

Not content with this questionable action, the administration deposed Libya dictator Moammar Gadhafi and in the process made the previous position worse. Not satisfied, the Nobel Peace Prize winner went on to inciting civil war in Syria while extending civil unrest and violence into other North Africa countries.

All the while the administration maintained a relatively hard line, creating distrust between America’s only democratic government friend in the Middle East, Israel, while seemingly giving belligerent and threatening nuclear power wannabe Iran a pass.

President George W. Bush as first President of the 21st century led America into this quagmire and is held in disdain and infamy for his contribution, while his successor President Barack Hussein Obama continues the ill-conceived strategies but double doubled-down on the bad Bush II decisions, and is held in high esteem as the world prepares him for a leadership role in the forthcoming One World Order.

A question for that future time; Will Obama then take it upon himself to renounce his hard-earned American citizenship for a low number in the ranks of One-World-Citizen Founders? On second thought, the girls in his family no doubt would not stand for that as they would also lose citizenship, including the wonderful perks of separate world-wide jet vacations that would then leave the option of living the separate Bill and Hillary Clinton lifestyle.

And Obama talks about fairness? All of this has earned America bragging rights? You can’t make this unbelievable stuff up. No one in their right mind would believe it. This one is for Ripley, “Believe it or not” except Ripley would find it too hard to believe.

Only the fifth year of this de facto monarchical dictatorship and the Republic which is America, is no more what the founders encompassed. God is illegal and praying in school or its activities are not allowed, except for Islam celebrations that are held in the highest esteem in the White House. Christianity has been officially marginalized while its core beliefs in the value of human life have been demonized.

Homosexual activity has reached saintly status while traditional marriage is playing second fiddle to two dads and two moms, or merely one-of-a-kind, while government usurps the role of family, displacing parents that are out of vogue in the new “knows-what’s-best” police state that is enabled by a literal army of unionized teachers who, for a high price, blatantly teach a new non-religion religion.