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Obama's Vision: A Totalitarian State

Michael Oberndorf · Mar. 4, 2013

America is being transformed, right before our eyes. It’s one of the only promises the serial liar in the White House has kept. But the Republican Establishment still hasn’t caught on, or else they think that somehow they will manage to hold on to the power and privilege of their current elite status. They think their businesses won’t be subject to government take-over, that their wealth and property won’t be confiscated, that their children won’t be pressed into service as cannon-fodder in the New Military. From their Ivory Towers inside the Beltway, they either can’t see what is happening on a daily basis, right in front of them, or think that Americans will overlook their treason and allow them to be the guards in the new prison society that Obama and his Marxist and neo-fascist accomplices are building.

Listing all the unconstitutional acts, the breaches of existing law, all accomplished by our “elected” government with little or no opposition and in violation of what used to be a sacred Oath of Office taken by all government employees, hired or elected, would fill a month’s worth of column space. It goes far beyond reaching the level of the “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors” necessary for impeachment. The list is such that I recommend that those left who have not already started shopping for the latest fashion in slave collars and chains, read again – assuming you didn’t go to a government school where this is no longer done – the Declaration of Independence.

Events have reached a point where we must make a choice: Will we continue to hope that the massive fraud of the 2012 election was just the paranoia of a few fringe Tea Party malcontents, and that we will actually be able to elect real Americans to office in 2016, or will we decisively begin to prepare for the inevitable day when the Constitution is declared null and void, and Soviet style dictatorship is imposed? I opt for preparation.

Literally half the country appears to have adopted a set of morals and values so radically opposed to those of traditional Americans that I see no hope of – and frankly, no purpose in – ever finding a middle ground acceptable to both sides. Ever since 1913, authoritarian collectivists, calling themselves “progressives,” or “socialists,” or “liberals,” or “communists,” or “Democrats,” have been working to destroy our free, constitutional republic. The last four years have brought them to the brink of success, thanks to the total incompetence, greed, egotism, and craven cowardice and complicity of the Republican Establishment. Obama has all the legal statutes in place to become a dictator, and all that prevents him from doing so today is an armed We, the People.

I think we need to seriously start to consider the break-up of the united States of America. The individual states need to actively explore secession from a union that no longer serves our best interests. Our government and those who control it are no longer ours. They ignore the wishes and well-being of We, the People, and the sovereign states where we reside. They think that we are so dependent on the hand-outs/redistribution of federal dollars that we will never be able to break away, much less survive without them. I think they are totally wrong.

For instance, Louisiana has a population of about 4,600,000 people. In 2009, it got approximately $1.40 from the federal government for every $1 in taxes paid. However, most of that money went to things like public housing and welfare, propping up the incredibly bad government schools through Title I subsidies, and a variety of other programs that have little if any benefit for those who actually work and pay taxes. In addition, the oil and gas industry, the third largest in the country, has been stifled by Obama. Moreover, only about one-third of the royalties paid by oil companies to the federal government are returned to Louisiana. So, if welfare was reformed and the freeloaders and parasites eliminated, if education became just that – education, rather than social engineering and political indoctrination – and all the taxes and other monies that now are taken from the state by the federal government were left, eliminating the federal middlemen and their ever-enlarging cuts, Louisiana would likely at worst, break even, and more likely, with other reforms like eliminating government employee unions, come out way ahead. This scenario applies to most, if not all, of the “red” states.

The time has arrived to actively put all the pressure that We, the People, can muster on our state senators and representatives to officially declare our ties to the unconstitutional, fraudulent government in Washington null and void. It is in the states that the most power was intended by the Founders to reside, and it is the states who have the moral and legal authority to face the lawless Marxist and neo-fascist revolutionaries in Washington and say a loud, unequivocal, “NO!”

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