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Obama: Nobel Peace Laureate

Michael Oberndorf · Apr. 2, 2013

Back in 2009, 11 days after becoming the first illegal alien to hold the office of President, Barack Hussein Obama, citizen of Indonesia, was nominated for, and shortly thereafter awarded, the Noble Peace Prize. It appears to have been awarded on the basis of his skin color and his uber-liberal, leftist outlook on life, the universe, and everything. It certainly was not based on anything he had done, or what he would do in the future.

When Obama took power, one of the big issues he ran on was that our actions had made the Islamic world hate us. This has been the position of the radical left, too, that 9/11 was brought upon us by our arrogance and militaristic interference in the affairs of Islamic countries in various parts of the world. Obama, The Messiah, The One, vowed to change that by, it turns out, arrogance and militaristic interference in the affairs of Islamic countries in various parts of the world. The instances are many, but let’s look at a few of the most egregious.

Iraq and Afghanistan have been turned from difficult situations into unmitigated disasters. The mind-bogglingly inept and incompetent handling of both wars by Obama, the State Department, and what Obama has turned into the Department of Surrender, has led to huge and continuing death and casualty counts of both soldiers and civilians. In addition, the governments of both countries have become increasingly hostile towards us, with the likely result that Islamist extremists will end up in control of them, and all of the deaths of our brave, young heroes will have been in vain.

The war in Libya, of course, was not only a totally uncalled for and completely unjustified interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation, it was an action that violated U.S. federal law, the War Powers Act. Consent from Congress, supposedly the representatives of We, the People, was neither asked for nor granted. The result was chaos and the brutal murder of a leader who had the support of a large percentage, if not an actual majority, of his countrymen. In the end, radical Islamists rose in power and stature, and the promised freedom for the downtrodden never materialized.

Not long after, a State Department (read, CIA) compound in the Libyan city of Benghazi was attacked and overrun by radical Islamists allied with al-Queda, an organization Obama and his Ministry of Propaganda, aka, the Mainstream Media, swore was defeated, dispersed, and no longer a threat. While Obama and Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, did nothing to help and in fact, appear to have hindered rescue efforts, four Americans, government employees including our ambassador, were savagely murdered. Obama and Clinton, with the complicity of the media, have worked feverishly ever since to cover up their heinous (in)actions.

Why, one might feel tempted to ask? Well, it seems that the erstwhile Peace Prize winner was involved in a gun-running scheme. No, no. Not the one that sent thousands of weapons to drug cartels in Mexico. No. This one was about shipping masses of arms, at least some of which were collected from the defeated Libyan Army, to the Syrian “rebels,” another group allied with, if not run by, supposedly no longer extant al-Queda. For some reason, the Peace Prize winning “President” of al-Queda’s sworn enemy doesn’t want the American people to know he has been supplying them with weapons.

All this, of course, overlooks the massive and growing drone war being “covertly” waged in sovereign nations like Pakistan and Yemen, and other less obvious places. Many believe that it’s just a matter of time, and not a whole lot of it, before the drone war is brought home to America, where the very unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, allows the president to wage war on anyone he deems a terrorist. It also overlooks purchases of billions of rounds of hollow-point, maximum damage ammunition, and thousands of “assault rifles,” shotguns, and armored vehicles by federal agencies. Who does the Peace Prize Laureate intend to use all this on? BTW, this is what is called a rhetorical question.

Our peace-loving Commander-in-Chief has also so emboldened and aggravated the North Koreans with his provocative military maneuvers, that we are now in imminent danger of their wacko leader setting off a nuke in our atmosphere, causing an electromagnetic pulse that could send us back to the Stone Age in seconds. The Russians and the Chinese, too, as if smelling blood in the water, have become increasingly aggressive, bringing back memories of the worst days of the Cold War.

Like the Religion of Peace© he so admires – and many believe still practices – Obama is a clear and present danger to the United States of America. He must be forced to resign, or be removed from power by We, the People, before he destroys us.

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