The Patriot Post® · Gosnell Abortion Defense Admits Murder

By Albert Maslar ·

A society is judged by how it protects the most vulnerable, those unable to protect themselves. In the case of abortion on demand magnified by abortion just before or just after the baby is born, America has been found wanting.

Who speaks for the smallest who cannot defend themselves? Defense of Dr. Gosnell actually had the audacity to admit that babies that were alive, are now dead, as a result of procedures beneath human dignity, technically and actually murder.

Jesus said, paraphrasing, “Whatever you did to one of these least brothers of mine, you did to me.” That should be a frightening thought for perpetrators who proudly admit to and defend their horrendous deeds against living babies.

Kermit Gosnell Defense Attorney Jack McMahon falsely claimed that all the babies aborted at Gosnell’s clinic were already dead when their spinal cords were snipped to ensure fetal demise; an outright admission of murder!

An employee at the abortion clinic admitted that in one instance, when she saw the baby moving, she picked him up and stabbed the back of his neck with surgical scissors as Gosnell had taught her to do. Later, Gosnell reassured her that the baby was dead already and that any movement was “involuntary movement, a last breath.”

Gosnell told her drugs given to the woman earlier had already killed the baby, but a neonatologist testified before the Grand Jury that what Gosnell told his employees was absolutely false, saying, “If a baby moves, it is alive…and feels a tremendous amount of pain when its spinal cord is severed.”

Also disclosed was the use of the drug Digoxin, a medicine once widely used to treat heart attacks. Late-term abortionists routinely inject Digoxin into the fetus or the amniotic fluid around the growing baby to induce the equivalent of a heart attack, paralyzing the heart muscle and killing the baby, but the defense attorney previously falsely stated in court that babies never survive Digoxin injections.

However, Operation Rescue has documentation McMahon’s assumptions are simply not true, and that injections fail about 13 percent of the time under the best circumstances, and if the drug is injected into the amniotic sac instead of the fetus, the failure rate on the first try can be as high as 70 percent.

The salient point is that evidence and testimony by Gosnell and his defense team absolutely proves that there was viable human life that was intentionally and brutally snuffed out – for MONEY.

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