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Obama's Ministry of Propaganda

Michael Oberndorf · Apr. 29, 2013

Ever since the horror at the end of the Boston Marathon, we have been witness to Obama’s Ministry of Propaganda at its absolute despicable worst. The Ministry of Propaganda, euphemistically self-named the “mainstream” media, includes the major TV networks and their radio news versions, big-city newspapers, and of course, the source of most of their “news,” the AP (Associated Press). In spite of the growth of the “alternate” media – the Internet and talk radio – it’s still the source of most people’s knowledge of what’s going on in the world. This helps explain the phenomena of what Rush Limbaugh has dubbed the “Low Information Voter,” among other things, since what they all put out is a mixture of lies, intentional distortion – called by them “spin” – and opinion disguised as fact. All of it is designed to brainwash the public into believing the Enemy’s version of reality.

We’ve seen this repeatedly, with every mass murder in recent years. The Ministry immediately tries to blame it on “right-wingers” – read, conservatives – with every outlet using the same terms, over and over, making it crystal clear to anyone with an IQ over room temperature that they are being fed their “spin” from a single source. Nearly always, you can bet the source is the White House, or the Democrat National Committee. Interestingly, since 1998 when Eric Rudolph, the Atlanta bomber, was arrested, I can’t think of a “right-wing” killer, whether with guns or bombs. They have all been registered Democrats, progressives/left-wingers, or liberals, including the Islamic terrorists who “allegedly” committed the Boston Marathon bombing. And when you look at the ones before McVeigh in 1995, again, they are all Democrats, progressives/left-wingers, or liberals.

The Boston Marathon bombing coverage is déjà vu all over again. The Ministry is going all out to paint the Chechan Muslim barbarians as warm, fuzzy innocent victims, referring to the younger one as a “teen” and using old pictures of him dressed in academic robes, with a carnation on the lapel. They did this with Trevon Martin, too, using a pictures of him when he was 12, rather than the ones he posted on his Facebook page of him in a wife-beater tee-shirt, showing off his tattoos. Speaking of wife-beating, the Ministry has glossed over the older brother’s arrest for beating an old girlfriend, and you have to go to the British Press, the Daily Mail, to learn that he often called his wife a slut and a prostitute in front of friends, and had fits of violent rage where he would throw things, including furniture. In the Ministry media, we got pictures of a smiling athlete, who clearly was really just an All-American Boy.

You don’t hear much either, about the fact that the whole family has been on welfare of various sorts, yet CNN, the Criminal News Network, described the older ghoul as “a dapper dresser” who drove a Mercedes. And when the “alternative” media tried to get the welfare facts, the Democrat Governor of Massachusetts, Duval Patrick, joined the leftist conspiracy and refused to allow access to the records, claiming it would be a violation of privacy.

Ahhh. Yes. The savages who  “allegedly” killed three innocent people, including an eight-year-old child and two young women, and maimed over 250 others must have their privacy protected. The terrified public and the victims whose lives have been ruined, who will likely never fully recover from the physical and psychological damage done to them are unimportant and don’t figure into the equation. So too, the tens of thousands of citizens of Boston and its suburbs who had “lock-down” – read, “martial law” – forced upon them, with house-to-house warrantless searches done by black and camouflage uniformed, heavily armed para-military police. Ironically, and it seems routinely, it was not the police who discovered the younger savage; it was a citizen who discovered the “teen” hiding in the citizen’s boat in his back yard. Heesh…

There were lots of other irregularities that the Ministry and the Obama administration have “spun” that are very likely to end up with the surviving Islamic Terrorist being set free, or given a slap on the wrist, at most. Not reading the younger ghoul his Miranda “rights” – “rights” created and designed by leftist/progressive lawyers and complicit judges to hamstring law enforcement and give criminals more rights than law-abiding citizens, thus weakening our free, constitutional republic in order to bring on the collectivist, totalitarian state they so ardently desire – is one of the biggies that the Ministry is tut-tutting, setting the stage for Eric Holder’s Injustice Department to say, “Ooops! Guess we blew it again! Oh, well.”

As the county is overrun by millions of criminal invaders, as radical Islam infiltrates our schools, courtrooms, and government – the Muslim Brotherhood has a firm foothold in the White House and the Injustice Department – as the Constitution is shredded, one crisis at a time, all abetted, if not instigated, by Obama, the Democrats, the RINO Establishment, and the Ministry of Propaganda, we see the America we once knew on the verge of becoming a memory. Welcome to Obama’s New Normal.

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