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Magicians, Leftists, Misdirection

Mike Bunch · May 2, 2013

The other day I was watching some magician on TV doing his magic thing in the street, surrounded by sidewalk people. He was talking to a guy while 20 people stood around and watched. While he was doing something tricky that involved a coin, he stole the guy’s wristwatch.

It occurred to me that socialists do the same thing every time they open their mouths. The issues they present are harmful to just about everything this country stands for, and all their efforts to obfuscate those issues are done right under our noses. It works, because we let it.

The right to control our own lives is under attack. We allow it all to happen, while we allow the dialogue to be redirected towards irrelevancies. The rights to privacy, self protection, property, the right to determine our own goals and how to meet them, the right to raise our own children and instill in them the same concepts, are ideas that stand in the way of totalitarianism, and as such are considered by the left to be dangerous, on the same level as terrorism. We are led into discussions about details and side issues concerning things like health care, attacks on property rights, and efforts such as “gun control”. All of their efforts along these lines are carefully presented in terms intended to confuse the issue, like the guy with the coin. If they can control the focus of the discussion, they can keep us busy arguing amongst ourselves over the merits of this or that sub-issue. To achieve that, they have not missed any opportunity to divide us. We allow ourselves to be defined as black or white, rich or poor, young or old, left or right, etc, and as such we cease to think of ourselves as Americans.

Obamacare, with something like 20,000 pages, is a perfect example. The size of it should be a tipoff. I have a hard time believing that anybody would need 20,000 pages to say anything. Even its title, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, is a masterpiece of misdirection. We are constantly redirected to such matters as the question of who exactly should be entitled to inclusion, thereby allowing the administration to deflect any attempts to examine the real intent. The entire issue is not about improving health care, the real intent is simply control (see here and here).

“Gun control” is treated the same way; ‘guns are a threat to everyone’s safety’, ‘guns are unnecessary and their presence in modern day America is an anachronism’, people who dissent are ‘bitter clingers’, and so forth. These things are discussed over and over, and the reality is ignored. The reality is simply that guns are a manifestation of a free people not controlled by the state. The guns themselves are not the primary threat to the state. Everyone knows the state has us all outgunned. The threat they see is the persistence of a free people who resist being herded. “Free people own guns, slaves don’t.”

National security has become a complete farce. The antiquated notion of America being a sovereign nation with sovereign borders has been buried under an avalanche of charges of racism and xenophobia. As long as we keep refuting the ‘racist’ charge, they manage to keep the issue of sovereignty off the table. ICE has been forbidden to enforce existing law, the very reason for their existence. Janet Napolitano has recently stated before congress that the administration has the right to decide which laws they will or will not enforce (see here). The TSA has made a mockery of it’s originally stated mission, airport security. TSA, if understood as another attempt at misdirection, suddenly makes sense (see here).

All of these things seem to have one underlying theme. The common thread is the unspoken message: “Submit”. Obama and the Left don’t want our wristwatches. They want our Freedom.

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