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Albert Maslar · May 17, 2013

“I will not tolerate that kind of behavior” is a quote often heard in schools, something that is often followed by assignment of more homework, a good idea for the issuer of the threat itself, made by President Barack Obama as he deflected blame for flagrant IRS violations from himself to an unknown name in his administration.

Anther official repeats the same warning, substituting “spending” for “behavior.” How dumb can we be? Speaker John Boehner controls the House of Representatives that controls the power of the purse. If the House does not authorize spending, it does not get spent. PERIOD.

An “Independent” Conservative might say, “Shame on us, WE let it happen while that Obama-ite Boehner RINO is THE ONE who sold us out. Shame on us.” Liberals are liberals, that’s what they do; but faux Conservative Republicans control the pantry but are cowards in their stewardship. PERIOD. No need for them to look for blame anywhere but in the mirror.

Ron Paul was right and the only presidential candidate dedicated to IMMEDIATELY pull US Military out of the Middle East cesspool and take taxpayer money out of virtually all foreign countries at odds with America. Ron Paul also would withdraw troops deployed in countries not needing them and well able to take care of their own defense. With all US personnel and military resources EVERYWHERE, why did we have none available to help our besieged Embassy in Benghazi, Libya – a country the US just liberated? As far as Afghanistan President Karzai is concerned, he is a glorified drug lord pocketing US aid. Senator Rand Paul is not up to and cannot carryout his father’s vision. Maybe Dr. Benjamin SOLOMON Carson is up to doing the job.

Enter the impeachment word, but the man has already been impeached because the Bible says, “By their works you shall know them.” Enough said, as everyone knows the works. The Bible also says “Their own words will convict them,” and Obama has said enough contradictory words to convict half an army. Not finally, but “By their fruits you shall know them… A good tree does not produce bad fruit; nor does a bad tree produce good fruit.” Enough said.

Being as the Bible is illegal and cannot be brought into public schools, then we should ignore Mr. Obama’s public malfeasance in office. Should the US ignore criminal acts by anyone as the Ten Commandments have been de facto declared null and void? All humans are guilty of sin, and as Jesus replied to a follower that called him good, “Why do you call me good for only God is good,” the true implication being that if Jesus is truly good, Jesus is in fact GOD that he said he is.

As to those who argue against judging, judgments are made everyday as to what is good, better, bad, or inconsequential. If someone lies, steals, cheats, or murders, should that not be subject to human judgment? If not, there would be nothing but chaos, which, maybe is so as chaos prevails across the country and the world. Should Dr. Kermit Gosnell have been judged by the public as well as by the court for his brutal butchering of viable babies?

Since Dr. Gosnell has been found guilty of killing viable babies outside the womb, is it a stretch to accuse former Illinois State Senator Obama of the same crime as his vote not only permitted this now proven crime, but also demanded death of the baby on the premise that aborting the baby was the original intention.

Constitutional Bill of Rights Amendment #1 protects “Freedom OF Religion” that has been distorted by the “Living Constitutionalists” to “Freedom FROM Religion.” Christianity has been officially declared the enemy of the people and deemed to be traitorous, subjecting military chaplains to court martial and/or treason for proselytizing. Is the US really free or is it following in the footsteps of despicable dictator Adolph Hitler?

If Christianity is traitorous, why do we have chaplains in the military? And if Christian proselytizing is bad, distasteful, and traitorous, which actions are crimes in Islam, why is the US proselytizing for Islam? And if atheists are right, as they are now gaining a stronger voice, and there is no God or Jesus Christ, why bother shedding American blood defending a godless country? No God equates to no right or wrong.

Brian Deese, Obama’s nominee for second in command of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) pledged to create an orderly and more streamlined government, promising that “A priority of the OMB has got to be making our government more efficient and more effective and showing the American people how we can do more effectively with less.”

Sounds redundant, as President Obama has already usurped powers constitutionally delegated to Congress and the Supreme Court. Deese characterized himself as a practical team player committed to accountability and high performance standards, placing himself in danger of accusations of plagiarism as that is Obama’s mantra. It is hoped this administration is not merely a just punishment or that America has the government it deserves. Think about it.

Lying is considered by all to be wrong, but everyone does it one way or the other, to the point that lying has become an art form, particularly with politicians. Even in TV, movies, and Hollywood in particular, the line of the cheating spouse caught in the act is to deny, deny, deny, and spout that it isn’t what it looks like.

Prior to the 2012 presidential election, Republicans mistakenly assumed ANY candidate would beat Obama’s bid for re-election, but contrary to conventional wisdom, Obama was re-elected. Lesson not yet earned. Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched; and like in the song “Gambler” made famous by Kenny Rogers, “You never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table. There’ll be time enough for countin’ when the dealin’s done.”

Now in second terms it is time to think about legacies that are not necessarily gained by working to achieve that status, but by diligently doing a good job at whatever level that person is assigned to. Legacy cannot be scripted or it will crumble like the proverbial house built on sand when confronted by a severe storm. Obama has been doing the talk but the walk into swirling surf or into hurricanes is another matter, and right now the President is faring no better than impeached President Richard Nixon that Obama seems to have outdone. But the “Commandeer” In Chief and his defenders are in total disarray and denial, not the stuff a legacy can stand on.

GOP charlatans in rose-colored glasses are at it again, thinking they will (though he deserves it) impeach the great one, paving the way for the 2014 mid-term elections that will give the GOP control of the Senate in addition to maintaining control of the House, thereby blocking Liberal hopes of check-mating the GOP who seek to emulate the political version of Bobby Fischer who defeated defending champion Soviet Union’s Boris Spassky for the World Chess Championship.

When Mothers’ day and anniversary flowers are delivered, they look beautiful as the Wall Street economy looks beautiful but soon the bloom may be off the rose, as the slightly growing job numbers are for minimal-type, part-time, and service-oriented jobs. Two part-time jobs are really one job but counted twice for statistics, an ultimate form of lying.

Recession and depression are cyclical unpleasant facts of life, and truth be told, what goes around, comes around. The economy might dry up sooner than later when the mirage is finally acknowledged and interest rates rise above virtual zero. Right now there are still no real jobs; no real economy; but Wall Street keeps dancing, setting new records as it celebrates aboard the sinking Titanic. Someone tell them that as in “American Pie,” the music stopped.

Angelina Jolie has not thought her situation about the possibility of getting breast cancer through. The news indicates that she did not in fact have breast cancer. So to prevent it from possibly occurring, Ms. Jolie mutilated her body with a double mastectomy. She still leaves the risk of ovarian cancer on the table, so is that in her sights also? And then what, possible cancer in any one of the vital organs? Should lobotomy aka brain surgery be done to prevent possible harmful action?

What is overlooked is the constant advance of medical science and techniques that correct physical and medical problems. There are now pacemakers that normalize heart functions from those suffering from Atrial fibrillation or Afib. My father died in 1963 at the age of 63 from uremia that was then untreatable, but with medical advancement, I can live normally though I have the same condition.

Extreme medical measures as Ms. Jolie took might well be an exercise in futility if done on the chance that she might eventually have been at risk for breast cancer. The question is why the national hullabaloo in a Hollywood celebrity doing something surgically extreme and unnecessary except for face-time? Arguably one might say Angelina’s personal lifestyle has not always served her well, as she does not always fit the definition of normal.

The decision by Ms. Jolie to take “pre-emptive” measures to prevent “possibility” of future breast cancer falls into the same erroneous pattern of President George W. Bush who went into a pre-emptive “War to Prevent War” that on its face is an oxymoron of all oxymorons. Now the US suffers from $6 trillion in additional National Debt, over 5,000 military dead, and near 50,000 serious injuries, consequences indeed inherited by President Barack Obama. Pre-emptive decisions are often better not to have been made. Nature has a way of fixing things that are beyond human ability to control.

Light travels at the rate of 186,282 miles per second, but scientists urgently concern themselves about possible life 1200 light years away, creating a vast incomprehensible number, while life is so trivialized and abused right here on earth. These same scientists still do not know everything beneath our very own earth but want to know everything infinitely beyond the earth.

Maybe that epitomizes what is wrong with people on this earth, and reflects what’s wrong with America, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) particularly misdirected hyperactivity as done by NASA aficionados.

Scientists and the general public argue in human terms as in disputing the Biblical six days of creation that is discredited because the age of the earth is estimated to be 14.4 billion years, in conflict with the six-day theory. HOWEVER, what the Creator does in six days cannot be properly construed, since no doubt the One who created all, does not necessarily speak in human language as to interpretation of days.

But we might really know how long the six days were to create the universe. They are God days or Universe days; perhaps the length of time it takes our earth related universe to rotate, and according to their best guess, astronomers at Cornell University advised that it appears to be in the range of 2.4 billion years that multiplied by six days the working week of God, equals 14.4 billion years, the estimated age of the earth.

Other guesses vary and some are higher but the point is that it is not earth days but God universe days. Also, the Bible says that to God a day is LIKE a thousand years, and a thousand years are LIKE a day. The “thousand” can be construed as any astronomical number, just as Jesus said to forgive 70 times 7 times, with 7 being a symbolic number in the Bible, in that case forgive countless times. At any rate, individual occupancy on earth constitutes less than the blink of the eye in the big picture of things, but the concern should be about today’s 24 hours, its 24/7 news cycle, and maybe adherence to the vital operating instruction manual as prescribed in the Great Book.

Activists push for government regulating gasoline blends, seasons, Global Warming aka Climate Change, presume they can control nature as well as control people’s lives, but that might represent reasonable doable goals, only if government knew what it was doing and why, but government is no longer FOR the people, but AGAINST the people. The Beach Boys sang, “Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda, Help me Rhonda yeah, get her out of my heart,” and in the same vein, get government out of our heart. As President Ronald Reagan stated, “Government is not the solution to our problem; Government is the problem.”

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