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Deluge Engulfs Obama

Albert Maslar · May 20, 2013

What was the role of proven tax cheater for 2003-2004 Timothy Geithner who served as Treasury Secretary and head of the IRS under President Barack Obama from 2009 to 2013? Since February 2010, the IRS has not approved a single tea party application for nonprofit status. Individuals with ties to conservative causes were targeted for audits. Donor rolls of entire organizations were leaked to the press with IRS knowledge and implicit approval by its silence. The implication is that Obama, no doubt via Geithner, blocked political opponents with the most feared government arm, the IRS.

Ironically, the IRS softball team was named the “Cheetahs” long before this latest scandal, but it seems especially appropriate considering that the titular head of the IRS was a tax cheat who blamed his tax deficiency on a $30 Turbo Tax software package. The IRS scandal may turn out to be a reprise of impeached President Nixon’s Watergate. Leading up to the 2012 election, the IRS engaged in some of the most vicious ideological censorship in U.S. history, systematically silencing almost 500 conservative groups.

There can be little doubt that Shakespeare was right in his play “Much ado about nothing,” because no matter the evidence, Obama is clean as a whistle be it Benghazi, the IRS, or the subpoena of Associated Press journalists’ phone records.

Not directly related is the photograph of a Marine in full dress uniform holding an umbrella over the President during a light rain. Is there an umbrella big enough to keep Obama protected from the deluge of breaking scandals surrounding him and his administration? I hope not, but the man is as slippery as an eel and elusive with his seven-minute non-related dissertations to simple yes-or-no questions.

Meanwhile, Congress is bent on resolving the illegal immigration problem, being pushed hard by Obama, but Congress has not gotten anything right in recent memory. Illegal immigration always ends up being amnesty; jobs programs create no jobs; budget cuts increase spending; debt is monetized by the Federal Reserve printing money non-stop; perpetual undeclared wars; abortion; college education with massive debt and dead-end careers; war against religion and Christianity in particular; and a disgusting one-party two-party system that perpetuates the destruction of liberties. Mark Twain political philosophy says, “Vote the rascals out.” Maslar political philosophy is more extreme:

“If they choose, on their own, to run for office,
Elect them for two terms at a time,
And let them spend the first term in jail,
Because they must have done something.”

It's Right. It's Free.