The Patriot Post® · Can We See Clearly Now?

By Charlie Lyon ·

“Blessed are the pure in heart, they will see God." – Jesus

"If you care to see God, be pure. If you will not be pure, you will grow more and more impure; and instead of seeing God, will at length find yourself face to face with a vast emptiness, yet filled full of one inhabitant, that devouring monster, your own false self. If for this neither do you care, I tell you there is a Power that will not have it so; a Love that will make you care by the consequences of not caring." –George MacDonald

What do Americans care about anymore? We are about to find out as the truth of the events in Benghazi, the IRS scandal and assorted attacks on our unalienable rights unfold. We must not confuse facts with truth. As former governor now radio talk-show host, Mike Huckabee, recently pointed out, the facts of Watergate were first unveiled months before inquiry by the press. The public and politicians finally revealed the truth of Nixon’s bungled attempts to cover up the evil nature of manipulating the system for political gain. However, Nixon’s resignation and tepid "apology” were more about letting the system down and not fulfilling his dreams of worldwide peace than fundamentally acknowledging the evil in his actions.

Tricky Dick has met his match in Ostentatious Obama.

Let me suggest an acronym to guide a discussion on things we ought to care about: I.M.P.E.A.C.H.


Insolence – If character in our elected officials still matters; if no one, including the President of the United States is above the laws of the land; if the office is above the man and decisions he makes should be grounded in his responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution of the US and not his political posture, then we must care.


Malfeasance – call it incompetence, call it immaturity, call it insidious but call for a man to see his failings and have the courage to admit it. To obfuscate, deny, threaten, vilify, slander, brazenly lie and retaliate are not the marks of wisdom and maturity. We must care.


Polarization – from the beginning of his presidency he has blamed anything he could on everything from Bush to bitter clingers for his lack of authenticity. He abdicates honest debate by inferring any position opposite his is “racist” in nature. He is a polarizing man when we are in desperate need for unity. We must care.


Economics – unlike his democratic predecessors, such as Kennedy and Clinton, who had relative success in economics by following sound principles, Obama continues on a course of economic suicide. At the very least, fulfilling his duty to submit a timely, honest and useful budget would demonstrate good faith and leadership and respectfully allow timely debate. He scorns his fundamental, constitutional duties. We must care.


Abortion – President Ronald Reagan championed Life and we who love life applauded him for it. Yet he still kept his pledge to defend the law of the land. This president picks and chooses the laws he wants to enforce. He brazenly champions the causes of death. We must care!


Christianity. This president made it clear he loves the “audacious” and sought “fundamental transformation” of America. One of his first audacious declarations: “America is not a Christian nation.” Jesus said we are either for Him or against Him. The character and commitment America is founded on is clear. Obama’s attempt to change even our history through federal education’s Common Core Curriculum is evil. We must care.


Healthcare – free enterprise, the right to negotiate in a free market, and the value of goods & services that promotes competition and economy is under attack. If liberty is to survive, we must care about private property rights and rule of law; not the rule of men.

I happen to agree with Rush on this one: Trying to find political backbone in congress today to impeach this man (leaving an even more incompetent man in place in Joe Biden) is next to impossible and probably not wise. The most effective form of impeachment is to vote them out. But before we can do that, we must ensure that those who would take their place are principled, sensible, courageous, humble, virtuous and wise (think Rand Paul, Ted Cruz.) That is our responsibility. Let’s get to work. The future of this country depends on whether or not we care!