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More Problems Than a Fifth Grader Can Solve

Albert Maslar · May 30, 2013

There is a problem in the economy in that the powers that be are denying available energy and related good jobs to working citizens. Big business is capitalizing on the static growth and surplus of unemployed to keep the employed at bay while they fatten their bottom line due to increased efficiency of a static fearful workforce.

That is a self-fulfilling prophecy that says the economy is bad and there is no job growth, rather a job contraction wherein workers are fearful of losing their jobs. None of that can happen without the actions of the Federal Reserve that prints and cheapens money for the too-big-to-fail banks that in turn lend money back to a bankrupt country and making profits on interest by just standing in place. Meanwhile, Wall Street profits without real economic growth because of the cheap and diluted money, making them phantom profits that bully the market building bubbles just waiting for a most inopportune time to burst.

The golden calf is being built by Wall Street that has already melted and diluted the gold, so who are they going to pay homage to when King Benjamaximus Bernankeyus and Emperor Barackus Obamabus run out of fake aces? The US is between the proverbial rock and a hardly place when the solution is at hand.

Jumpstart the economy with the Keystone XL Pipeline, offshore drilling, and opening wasted Western lands rich with oil, gas, and millions of potential jobs, and melt that faux golden calf down for the good of the people, who when having good full time jobs will not likely be causing trouble in the land while living off the dole that keeps them prisoners to the gold colored calf that is not gold at all. And then we will find that it is better to be prisoner here than go back to the enslavement of Egypt.

Without energy there are no jobs for the masses, and without God there is nothing, because nature hates a vacuum and something must take the place of the politically incorrect Ten Commandments; nature itself demands it.

So God and the Ten Commandments are replaced by tens of thousands of unreadable, unenforceable laws. As Obama just put it, “We need still more laws and regulations” while he breaks them at will as he refuses to enforce laws already on the books.

At least lawyers will have jobs and the people folks will have plenty of time to make mischief that is being done and outdone every passing day. Career-takers feeding at the public trough have nothing to do but to grow more obese culturally as like Oliver in the Broadway show “Oliver,” pleads with Mr. Bumble for more food “Please, sir, I want some more.”

However, in Oliver’s case he was really overworked and underfed whereas many of today’s 47% fare better than their working counterparts. All the unearned freebies are not enough, creating unrest and dissatisfaction along with the fact that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

The Adebolajo brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing were Welfare recipients for years, and bit the hand (OFF) that fed them – a not completely isolated anecdotal incident proving the point that welfare benefits can be used to support such nefarious activities including street drugs and related crime.

Internationally, relatively generous welfare benefits enable the unemployed to agonize and build up their frustration and anger at diminishing growth of Government subsidies, as evidenced in Greece, and a number of other EU nation members. Integrating into the mainstream working culture is not their favorite option, but work is anti-terrorist medicine. Work is the antithesis of crime, drugs, violence and terror. Not working but passing time with the free Obamaphone and playing violent games merely begets the very violence portrayed by the games.

There is plenty of work that needs to be done. “London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down,” along with deterioration of the aging infrastructure that obviously needs to be fixed or replaced. Unions want the job to the exclusion of contractors that are non-union.

Americans are the workers and not to cheat workers, but bloated union wages actually kill jobs by removing any and all competition that is required to bid jobs using union-specified wages; ergo, a standoff, no competition, and by definition, no continuing work to fix the aging deteriorating infrastructure.

Unions are not as desperately needed as in the days that workers were abused that is now in reverse juxtaposition where employers are being abused by union dictatorship in concert with government agencies like activist bought-and-paid- for National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that is illegally packed with ex-union officials and attorneys. Like Congress, there is a choking gridlock on the economy that cannot recover fully until and unless contractor labor is freed from union restraint.

Obama’s own signature ObamaCare legislation is blocking jobs along with indiscriminate use and proliferation of EPA regulations, unfathomable even to the Perry Mason type lawyers of the country. Aside from infrastructure job potential are jobs blocked by Obama who singlehandedly refuses to allow the job-rich Keystone XL Pipeline and other safe energy exploration and drilling on public lands.

President Obama does his own mischief with constant, unnecessary campaigning. In his own words, “I won,” but not paying attention to constitutional duties, he concentrates on a socialist European style failing fiscal culture that is the bane of taxpayers and workers.

These un-American manipulations create idle time, again, the devil’s workshop, fostering scandals with false answers to many scandals engulfing him, and his solution of asking Congress to work with him for more legislation, the very type legislation Obama, his AG, and DOJ refuse to honor. All needed legislation is contained in the illegal hated inhibiting Ten Commandments, but Government only believes in legislation that is measured by thousands of pages and by the pound.

Is it any wonder that Obama selects his cadre from among people like Kathleen Sebelius as HHS Secretary who is uniquely qualified to develop arbitrary rules to implement complex ObamaCare legislation, given her background of illegal document shredding in Kansas to thwart an investigation?

Add more names to the cast of “CHARACTERS such as” Treasury Secretary and tax cheat, Timothy Geithner; director of Fast and Furious and AP news scandals authorized by Attorney General Erik Holder; Hillary Clinton, penultimate liar to hubby Bill; and many more including a revolving door of un-American socialist types serving among the 40 or so Czars who in fact legislate but report to no one.

Serious enablers include the infamous former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who strong-armed ObamaCare through the House after another coconspirator, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who did the same while destroying representative government in the Senate, as he habitually arbitrarily shut down debate.

Mankind has a propensity toward evil that can only be quelled by a respect for natural and religious-based morals as exemplified in the Ten Commandments. When Government is against God, Jesus Christ, and the Ten Commandments, what is left but undefined vague “American Values,” as touted by the orator President who knows all the words but uses them in the wrong sequence?

Obama in an address he gave at the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 25, 2012 (AP) defines the President as to where his heart and soul lies: “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” On numerous occasions Obama bowed to Islamic officials, apologizing to the Muslim world for supposed American transgressions, ignoring Islam’s 1400 year history of war, violence, terror, and encroachment, and by default painting Islam as the “peaceful religion” G.W. Bush also painted it as.

President Obama gave preference to Muslim holidays in the White House, and at the U.N. declared his allegiance to the Prophet of Islam, so it stands to reason that Obama stands tall for America’s enemy in fact, Islam, whose Muslims have attacked the US abroad at Benghazi, and at home, a number of times in NY, DC, and Boston. This lends credence to inversion of the Arabic proverb, “The friend of my enemy is my enemy,” automatically making President Barack Obama an enemy of the American people.

Amnesty is now on the Congressional table but unearned amnesty for their presumed 11 million will not only be unappreciated, but it will double, triple, quadruple, the numbers of illegals sneaking in or staying in the US as long as their votes are once again needed by an evil administration that delights in killing babies and substituting homosexual lifestyles for traditional family lifestyles. Government can no longer be trusted, as the President, Administration, Congress, unelected bureaucracies and the Supreme Court, are against the US and us.

Much wisdom can be divined from the Bible, such as, “by their works ye shall know them; for if their works be good, then they are good also.” The Bible also says “Their own words will convict them,” and Obama has said enough contradictory words to convict half an army.

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), as all good and moral things, have seen better days but unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. The story of one bad apple is all too true, as boys no longer have to join the Military to openly express any homosexual tendencies. Not to be outdone, a Milwaukee school has declared cross-dressing day for boys to come to school dressed as girls. No matter how bad things are morally and naturally, it always seems to get worse.

There is a difference between allowing gay membership in the BSA versus with open arms welcoming open homosexuals into its ranks, that instead should be much like the previous military rule of “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.” This is a slippery moral slope and gay proponents already vowed to continue the fight to the next step of allowing adult leadership. After all, these kids will grow up and become adults, and then what? Are they expected to sit on their hands and not push for adult leadership approval for open gays?

Another genie is out of the bottle but there is always another bottle. The US is in deep moral trouble as about a 60% average are for gay this, that, and everything. Does Sodom and Gomorrah come to mind?

Homosexual clergy have been “boy scouts” and now homosexual boy scouts have become Boy Scouts. How convenient; the fox guarding a hen house.

Other problems in the Military are rampant military sex crimes, but should that be a surprise if the sexes are considered to be absolutely equal? Female lawmakers seek to get a handle on this, but is this just another genie out of yet one more bottle? Obama admonished Midshipmen, “A single image of troops falling short of their standards can go viral and endanger our forces and undermine our efforts to achieve security and peace.” Good intentions to the contrary, Obama’s words have as much chance for success as the failed 1999 movie plot “Simon Sez.”

First Lady Michelle Obama leads the assault against obesity, ignoring the fact that American government is suffering from extreme obesity wherein the solution should be “starve the beast,” but the actuality is, “over-feed the beast, else it will no longer grow more obese.”

Senator Tom Coburn has it right and his study titled “Waste” spells it out but spending cuts will not happen as the public is either in the 47% benefiting from free-wheeling uncontrolled spending, or they are in the tax-paying group that is too busy trying to keep supporting the 47% while taxes rise. The best intentions of mice and men are just that, “best intentions.” Aint’ gonna happen or get fixed till Humpty Dumpty falls all the way down, and is already in slow-motion free-fall.

The unwanted conclusion is that in the absence of adherence to God’s principles, there can only be the same result as that suffered by builders of the Tower of Babel, a division of language wherein no one understood what others were saying, a major shift from one common language to a language of division. By definition it is no longer the “United States,” but the “Divided States of America,” a lasting tribute to the “Anointed One.” Might the present Congress consider the “I” or “T” words, Impeachment or Treason? Not likely, with three safety valves: VP Joe Biden, House Speaker John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Three strikes and Obama stays in and we’re out. Only the innocent get punished.

President Obama does not have enough brooms to sweep all his administration scandals under the rug as recent Gallup polling found that 72% of Americans considered its moral direction as being “worse,” but the conundrum is that though many Americans recognize the moral problems, an average of about 60% accept divorce, premarital sex, homosexual lifestyles, and gay marriage.

Each claiming to have the answers, enter the wannabes into the fray with entrants like Trump for Prez. Just what conservatives need, another loser who is actually a loser in that his wealth that was not inherited came about from what was gained through bankruptcy, making him a bonafide expert on matters economical and fiscal. Of course all the usual suspects will throw their collective hats in the ring, but to no avail. Barring the unforeseen, the US has become a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, amoral shadow of its former great self.

There are more problems for the US than “A Fifth Grader Can Solve.” Or maybe not, as fifth graders should be cut more slack and given more credit since they had less time to be corrupted as have the never-changing-faces of incumbent politicians. The end may come when the Fed stops printing worthless Monopoly money and all the fictitious wealth comes crumbling down, and then it might become each State for itself and every one for themselves, accompanied by increasing crime, looting, pillaging, burning, and senseless violence. ThirdWorldCountryRus. Only one word can save the US: Repent. It always worked in the Bible.

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