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Unprecedented Obama Challenges Unprecedented Opposition

Albert Maslar · Jun. 6, 2013

President Obama blasted Republican lawmakers for delaying and blocking his often-questionable judicial nominees. Recess appointments have been challenged by the GOP in Federal Courts that ruled to curtail presidential recess appointment powers. In response to GOP filibusters, Harry Reid Democrats attempt to change Senate rules to block GOP filibusters.

Obama audacity that is featured in his book, “The Audacity of Hope,” continues unabated by facts and circumstances as he boldly declares opposition to his judicial nominations as “Unprecedented.” Here once again the pot is calling the kettle black. The man who has a history, by his own words, of doing the unprecedented, forbids opposition that he claims is unprecedented. In his own words, “This is not about principled opposition; this is about political obstruction. What’s happening now is unprecedented. For the good of the American people, it has to stop.”

Truth be told, the brash upstart “Flyin’ Hawaiian” in his overused jet plane Air Force One, from the start, dating back to his ruthless unprecedented dirty politics tactics to gain an Illinois State Senate Seat by destroying Alan Keyes, one of his own. Throwing political dissidents under the bus has been no problem for the man with the biggest political bus that itself is unprecedented.

Hillary Clinton, 2008 Presidential candidate, was bought off and raised to Secretary of State, no doubt to shield Obama himself for blame from international incidents and in the process passes any blame to his actually hated Clintons. That in fact materialized when Hillary threw herself under the Obama bus and bore the brunt of criticism for handling of the Benghazi 9/11/2012 al Qaida terrorism. The fact is that the direct attack on the US Consulate and brutal assassination of the American Ambassador transpired while the Commander-In-Chief was missing in action. To date, Obama’s whereabouts during the Benghazi attack are unknown, truly unprecedented for a Commander-In-Chief at a time during which the US was under continuing military attack by al Qaida.

Obama’s unprecedented attribution of “unprecedented” accompanied by his finger-wagging at everyone but himself leaves one to wonder when he will retire his former Pastor Jeremiah Wright and continue his evangelizing against his adopted country, something Obama is fanatically qualified for.

America is Obama’s adopted country because though he might have been born in Hawaii, his father was Kenyan and a citizen of the United Kingdom, making his father ineligible to pass American citizenship to his son who became the unprecedented President of the US. Senior Obama was Muslim and according to the laws of Islam, the father automatically passes his Islamic religion to his son, Barack Hussein Obama, three Muslim names, truly unprecedented for a President of the US.

But the ignorance of the American public is truly unprecedented in that it has been so mesmerized by this “Lemming Leader,” that the public, despite its relatively advanced education, knows next to nothing about rules, laws, Constitution, nature, and precedents.

Despite protestations to the contrary, there is but one “Unprecedented One” but the precendented, by virtue of the Constitution left by the Founders, left a once indelible mark on the US that has ingloriously and unprecedentedly been trashed and rendered useless and unenforceable, what may have been the greatest political rights document in the history of the world.

Does President Obama’s unprecedented abuse of the Constitution warrant the political death sentence of impeachment for the unprecedented one? President Obama may be subject to impeachment on multiple counts including treason for refusing to defend the US borders, and refusal to defend the American Consulate in Libya and other Stone Age countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Obama refuses to enforce existing laws and refuses to defend America from anything except from nebulous charges against Christians that Obama treats as worse than the Plague, while he virtually criminalizes his fake professed Christianity. Never mind that Uncle Joe Biden would automatically take his place because after all, Joe is merely the Court Clown who can be dealt with as the fear of the Lord will inhibit him.

It is time to enforce the Maslar political philosophy: “If they choose, on their own, to run for political office; elect them for two terms at a time, and let them spend the first term in jail; because they must’ve done something.”

Because a biracial Black maliciously and intentionally undermined the very Constitution and Bill of Rights that form the foundation of the US, is no reason not to consider patriotic Blacks from consideration for the highest offices of the land. Thumbs up for Allen West and Dr. Benjamin Carson, direct opposites of Black Pastors Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, self-appointed leaders of the Anti-Whitey Black brigade that would bite off their own nose to spite their face. Those false pastoral leaders instigate adamant opposition to non-blacks might very well lead to objections of the Black community that might consider the likes of West and Carson to be “TOO WHITE.”

There will be no happy solution for the long-suffering Black community until and unless they abandon their 90% to 95% support of Liberal Progressive Democrat nominees for public office. Blacks should have learned from history that it was Republican administrations that finally freed the Slaves, and that it was Democrats that were against equal rights for former slaves until the 1960s when JFK Democrats began supporting racial integration and equality.

What is the magic potion sustaining Black allegiance to a Party that keeps them in a different form of serfdom; dependency on “entitlements” bequeathed by the powers that be, the Democrat Party that keeps Blacks dependent, keeping Blacks down while using Blacks only for their votes.

Black allegiance to Obama is perplexing, considering the reality that Blacks have not job-wise or economically benefited from the Black Obama administration. Is Barack Obama their Pied Piper? The original 16th century Pied Piper fairy tale had a piper leading children away from the German town of Hamelin, never to return. The piper was a rat-catcher hired by the town to lure rats away with his magic pipe but when the citizens refused to pay for his service, the piper retaliated by turning his magic on their children, leading them away as he had the rats.

Can the disappearance of those children be somewhat of an omen of present-day children disappearing en masse due to abortion at the command of the Pied-Piper In Chief who is joined at the hip to Planned Parenthood, largest purveyor of the unjustifiable killing of entire future generations? And do Blacks really love their own when Black Babies are killed at a greater than 3 to 1 ratio than Whites? The American piper compounds the problem by forcing Americans to pay for killing their own children. Maybe fairy tales are true to life.

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