Grassroots Commentary


Anton D. Rehling · Jun. 6, 2013

Does anyone really believe you can dismantle totalitarian despot regimes with an election? Those who have elevated themselves to rule by dictate over rule by law will not and cannot be unseated without massive uprising by those that are under their yolk of tyranny.

In the once Free Republic of the United States of America where it was once close to rule by “We the People” has been transformed into an authoritarian rule by despots that create laws and regulation to benefit their agenda; their re-election, wealth creation and continuity of their unbridled power. Those despots that populate our government will lie, cheat and steal to manipulate the population into accepting the illusion of living free and to make us believe they are fighting for the peoples benefit.

A look at the history of the last 150 years will demonstrate clearly that our elected have not fulfilled their oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution that was created to safeguard our freedom and rights and to prevent tyrannical rule by defining and establishing a limited government. Our elected ignore the limited government as defined in our constitution; instead they do whatever they want, pass laws and regulation that has reduced the once free population to governmental chattel, created a bloated massive governmental bureaucracy that has grown in cost to the people from the 5% of GDP to 25% GDP. Government has legislated themselves a takeover of charity and become a benevolent monster to create a dependent class that will vote for more of the same freedom stifling legislation just to keep the government handouts and redistribution of wealth coming.

The immigration laws and policy of this nation are ignored and not enforced. No longer does our government want the best and the brightest in this country as legal immigrants because this will not provide continuity to an unbridled power, instead the invasion of a welfare dependent population over our unprotected boarders is encouraged thorough unenforced immigration laws and government subsidized living and free medical to those that invade our nation. Then our elected do not enforce our election safe guards which allows that illegal horde to vote to re-elect those politicians that operate with malfeasance as their badge of honor.

Domestic employers hire illegal workers with little recourse. To appease the segment of the population that cares our government periodically will raid an employer to show that they really do enforce our immigration laws. Immigration enforcement will deport a few thousand illegal workers out of an estimated 20 million from raids on employers that are breaking the law, all that does is gives good press and provides ammo for the elected to say, see I am for the citizens.

Where do we that care, we that have fought with sacrifice from generations of our family members to protect the freedom this nation was founded upon go from here? The tyranny that has taken hold of this nation, the once free Republic of The United States of America must be opposed. We have protested unconstitutional actions by our government and have had hopes to reverse our slide to a nation of governmental slaves with the next election. How do you restore freedom when the next election will be no more legitimate than the elections held in countries openly run by dictators?

The hard choices that face anyone who loves freedom and individual rights and responsibility will not be easy; life is precious and not easily given up for transient reasons, but, there comes a time when our posterity demands payment for liberty enjoyed. Tyrants will never quit in their quest to subject people to their authoritarian rule and must be opposed to protect our current and future generations.

We that care about our freedom and rights and are paying attention to the demise of our liberty are fragmented and have little leadership willing to call for what needs to be done. We must massively dissent against our out of control government that has proved their tyrannical policies with Fast and Furious to fuel their gun confiscation agenda, Benghazi and the cover-up lies about government malfeasance, IRS actions against people who disagree with our government anti liberty agenda, and government spying on our AP and Fox news press. This is a short list to the long list of abuses of power.

We must now ramp up our unarmed dissent with all means possible and we must be willing to take back our freedom and rights and restore limited government through, if necessary, the force of arms. Our biggest challenge is the cement that used to bind us together and that was, we are a people with trusted government, now we are a people without a trusted leadership and are in need of cement that will bind us all in our quest for the liberty lost.

It's Right. It's Free.