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Accident, Coincidence, Pattern: Three Obama Steps to US Oblivion

Albert Maslar · Jun. 10, 2013

Conventional wisdom holds to the maxim that a first time event can be an accident; the second occurrence might be coincidence; but a third time occurrence constitutes a PATTERN. The corollary holds that, “If it happened twice, it will probably happen again.” That thinking proves that President Barack Hussein Obama, beyond any doubt and by design and accommodation by the “takers,” breaks the US beyond repair. Assisting are extreme Liberals who inexplicably hate their own Christian-grounded country.

There is the evolution of abortion joined at the hip of Planned Parenthood, voting irregularities, an Attorney General’s refusal to prosecute voting-rights violators like the New Black Panthers, nor a willingness to investigate and/or prosecute voting rights violations as they generally occur in areas of support for Obama.

Secrecy is a fatal flaw, be it in marriage or any other serious personal relationship. Government operates in total secrecy and was previously exposed by Corporal Bradley Manning who disclosed international secrets that ended up on WikiLeaks. And now American secrets are even more spectacularly exposed by former CIA contractor employee who was employed as a technician for Booz Allen Hamilton.

Edward Snowden is the admitted “culprit” who spilled the secrecy beans of unconstitutional Obama administration impounding of AP contacts and phone numbers to the Washington Post and British newspaper “The Guardian,” considered to be the world’s leading liberal voice. Snowden has skipped from Hawaii to Honk Kong, expressing no remorse, admitting that he could probably never return to the US.

The Guardian acquired top-secret documents about the NSA data-mining tool “Boundless Informant,” that classifies data and programs as national security secrets that details and maps by country voluminous information collected from US computer and telephone networks including a host of major internet providers including Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. Prism is used to spy on and keep tabs on phone calls, Internet, and Twitter accounts of American citizens without their knowledge or approval.

Snowden also exposed the secret government program “Prism,” a government computer system used to manage foreign intelligence collected from Internet and other electronic service providers. The Guardian has acquired the top-secret documents about the NSA data-mining tool, called Boundless Informant, that details and even maps by country the voluminous amount of information it collects from computer and telephone networks.

Disclosed is the more disturbing fact that these expanding secret programs date back to previous presidents over a twenty-year period. Magnanimous excuses given are that spying on the people is the government’s right to keep tabs on movements and communications of all citizens in the public interest of safety and protection. Might that have been Hitler’s modus operandi as how else would there have been lists of non-Aryans who should be exterminated as done to six Million Jews and possibly six-million Christians and other non-conforming peoples during the Holocaust?

Already the Snowden issue has been blamed on Bush, so what else is new, but according to a former CIA officer, officials in Washington are also pointing to possible Chinese espionage. Nothing is Obama’s fault so maybe he really is the anointed one.

Obama freely and proudly admitted his collegian drug-using, dog-eating escapades, and has somehow pressured Verizon, AT&T, and a host of media and communication giants that have secretly succumbed to Obama’s quest for secret information on everyone, in his quest to either take over as Dictator-In-Chief, or absent that, destroy the US from within.

In retrospect, Obama must have tons of information on all opposing, or not, politicians, so that opponents like cowardly House Speaker John Boehner must be shaking in their boots with fear of possible exposure if making serious attempts to block the Obama agenda. Hillary Clinton is no doubt on this shakedown blackmail list.

De facto “Left-handed” dictator President Obama on June 7 defended his constantly expanding NSA surveillance program as striking “The right balance between national security and civil liberties…You can’t have 100 percent security and also have 100 percent privacy and zero inconvenience. We’re going to have to make some choices as a government” – and guess who will be pulling those strings?

Obama piously declares that no plan is 100% sure to protect the people but posits that these measures are the price people must pay for protection, advice used by Mafioso collecting protection money. Shadow Government has boldly come out of the shadows into open light due to disclosures by Edward Snowden. Big Brother has gone far beyond the once seemingly absurd Orwell devastating and dire predictions like: “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act,” and “Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” Orwell was ahead of his time but perhaps little brother Snowden has stuck his finger in the dike by acting on those two axioms.

Unanswered is the question as to whether Snowden is a hero or traitor, something that will be argued, but only history will prove the correct answer. One thing is certain and that is the profusion of lies and misdirection emanating from DC and the President in particular.

Unanswered is the question as to whether Thomas Jefferson and the Founders were correct in predicting that should the Republic turn into a Democracy in which the majority could continually vote themselves benefits; it might then come to the necessity of another revolution to maintain the freedom guaranteed by the Founders’ blood, sweat, and money, along with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This almost impossible to stop revolution will destroy the UNITED States leaving it a spot in ancient history. Results will certainly be bloody, devastating, and unimaginable destruction.

Henny Penny, Chicken Little in the fable “The Sky is Falling,” was hit in the head by a falling acorn and ran to tell the King “The Sky is Falling” but never did tell the King because Foxy Woxy bit off the heads of the Chicken Little animal companions. Is that not similar to what is happening to whistleblowers who report government abuses but in the process get their heads bitten off? It is difficult to discern a traitor from a hero.

Small insignificant lies are signs that Satan, the Father of Lies, is not only alive and well, but thriving. Small lies lead to bigger lies and their constant repetition turns fiction into fact. A small lie as for instance, spending cuts mandated by sequestration expenditure cuts supposedly to reduce deficit is arrogantly enforced by Obama’s in-your-face cooperation, cancelling mostly volunteer-funded White House tours for schoolchildren, while he spends massively and lavishly on tours in his Air Force One Jet plane. Dead people can vote and collect welfare, but they CANNOT go on a tour of the White House. Thank God for small favors.

Proliferation of scandals bedeviling the Obama White House is always blamed on lower-level employees, but if that accusation holds water, where are the required firings that instead morph into promotions designed to seal the lips of those who really know how high up the ladder to which blame extends?

Obama cannot speak without his treasured teleprompter. Question is, who is writing the scripts that he READS beautifully? The thing is that when Obama is asked a “Yes or No” question, he responds with a seven-minute answer that avoids the question like the plague, consuming time during which more embarrassing questions might be asked.

You can tell a lot about a person by their friends and those they associate and surround themselves with. President Obama has continually surrounded himself with anti-American socialist types who disrespect US heritage based on the Constitution, Christianity, and the Ten Commandments.

On numerous occasions Obama bowed to Islamic officials, apologizing to his first-love Muslim world for supposed American transgressions, ignoring Islam’s 1400 year history of war, violence, terror, encroachment, and by default painting Islam as the “peaceful religion” as also portrayed by President G.W. Bush.

Before everything was said and done, President Obama bowed before foreign Islamic religious dignitaries and in an address he gave at the 67th session of the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 25, 2012 (AP) defines the President as to where his heart and soul lies as he solemnly said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” Would that Obama said the same about the greatest religious figure in the history of the world, Jesus Christ, the one and only “Anointed One,” who is deemed to be illegal by the esteemed wannabe anointed one.

Planned Parenthood is obviously Obama’s second-love to Islam that is most dominant on a day-to-day basis, as every political moment seems to involve support for PP racist abortion on demand and any government steps to smooth the PP path toward destruction of the US from within. A black president promoting aborting black babies at a three-to-one ratio of white babies aborted is unthinkable, but as Ripley put it, “Believe it or not.”

Obama’s third-love consists of homosexuals and its LGBT community that seeks not only validation, but domination over tradition family and marriage values, replacing them with “A different kind of family.” Who or what can be the driver but Lucifer who from the beginning challenged God for dominance and recognition as Lucifer considers himself as god? The battle will not end until defeat of Satan prior to the Second Coming of the Savior who will judge and separate the sheep from the goats.

Meanwhile, Obama deflects the plethora of scandals besieging his administration by deflecting blame to underlings as he moves on to still more diversions of immigration, guns, and Benghazi, but forgets the butter of jobs that Obama blocks at every turn as his methodology is to maintain and grow the 47% dependency to an insurmountable majority.

Public schools enforce a “Zero Tolerance” policy against anything even pre-schoolers do or say in fun, games, or conversation that has a gun implication. According to that Zero Tolerance standard enforced against innocent children, it is well past the time to enforce the “Three strikes and you’re out” policy against the shooting from the hip President of the US. President Obama must have exceeded dozens of strikes which he either ignored or did makeovers.

The most personal current scandal other than Benghazi might be the illegal intrusion of the Internal Revenue Service that by nature of its job, is the most hated bureaucracy, but still the lemmings follow the falsetto leader as he gets them voluntarily over the cliff as he moves into new honors as a One-World Leader, being as close to being an Anti-Christ as possible by definition.

ObamaCare is a continuing 2,500 page disaster – not counting some 25,000 pages of rules and regulations. What is the urgency of a massive 1,000-page immigration bill that Congress will get wrong as usual, while existing laws are simply IGNORED? Only fools think a new law is the answer when it is obvious new patriotic lawmakers are needed, Americans that will WORK on the deficit, debt, and enforcing existing law, while allowing SCOTUS to determine unconstitutionality, not a defiant POTUS who spits on the Constitution.

Even the Boys Scouts of America caved in to financial support from big business that threatened withdrawal of BSA funding if homosexuals were not formally allowed open membership in the BSA. Next on the agenda is certainly admittance of transgenders etc. Surrender of one point to radical Liberals leads to surrender on the next point ad infinitum. Evil, given an inch, takes the usual nine-yards. There is no “right or wrong” side of history, but only being on the right or wrong side of truth that is not politically correct. reports that Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, a pro-life Republican from Washington State, recently shared sad news about her unborn baby and a potentially fatal diagnosis. Beutler posted a message on Facebook saying her unborn child has been diagnosed with Potter’s Syndrome, a condition that prevents the child’s kidneys from developing properly and is typically fatal for the baby.

Liberals show their true colors of hate and inhibiting personal freedom as they want Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, a pro-life Republican from Washington State to have an abortion for her sick unborn child. LIBS dictate every life except their own that was freely bestowed upon them without their own intervention and power, but now they want to deny that right to those waiting to be born.

Miracles happen, but real medical progress has been attained due to war injuries that were then researched to where we are medically today. Same with unborn babies that are pre-born diagnosed with maladies, but science has developed ways to treat them BEFORE birth as well as after birth, and that technology benefits those already born as well.

Live and let live and do not criticize this good and honorable Lady Representative for doing the right thing about her sick unborn child, but examine why the Planned Parenthood Obama abortion-mongers waste their time, energy, and efforts fighting God and his nature. There is no doubt about who will be the winner, certainly the One and Only Creator and God of all. Science cannot correct or cure the malady of political correctness.

Showing the extremes Liberals go to might be exemplified by Hollywood actress Jodi Foster who had both healthy breasts removed to prevent the “possibility” of being inflicted with breast cancer that caused the death of her mother. So if her parents had a brain tumor, should she cut off her head as a preventive measure? That is what America is doing to itself, killing itself because it might be killed later, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Casualties of accident, coincidence, and pattern are three Obama steps toward US oblivion encompassed in mangling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, with the most significant being loss of various freedoms including those of religion, speech, self-protection, marriage, family, privacy, assembly, but nowhere is “political correctness” included as a constitutional right.

Most troubling are dozens of competing polls that show an excess of 50% negatives for Obama, BUT combination of the remaining votes are solidly around the 47% support or disinterested figures that correspond with the 47% that pay no income taxes and nearly that many paying no payroll taxes either.

According to a Bloomberg National Poll, “Almost half of Americans say President Barack Obama isn’t telling the truth when he says he didn’t know the Internal Revenue Service was giving extra scrutiny to the applications of small government groups seeking tax-exempt status.” Curious in that almost half comprises the infamous 47%, so maybe poll results are not an anomaly.

Regardless of language and translation, there is but One Truth, One God who said, “I am who I am,” meaning having existed without beginning, and obviously, without end. It appears that there was one universal language until those building the Tower of Babel to reach the heavens were thwarted. In the process of its destruction, the languages were confused, resulting in the multiple languages and people could not understand each other. That condition persists to this day; all talking, no listening or understanding, as exemplified by the song “Everybody’s Talkin” by Harry Nilsson in Forest Gump also featured in the movie, “Midnight Cowboy”: Everybody’s talking at me… I don’t hear a word they’re saying… Only the echoes of my mind.

In that vein, Knight-In-Shining-Armor NJ Governor Christie Obama sold out any chance of GOP Senate hopes in 2014 by selling out to Obama by making only a temporary appointment for Senator to fill the seat of deceased Frank Lautenberg, handing a political plum to the anointed one who may help win back the Senatorial seat in a $12 million special 2013 election that may elect a Democrat instead of a sitting Republican until 2014.

In January 2006 Bob Menendez was appointed as NJ Senator by former NJ Governor Jon Corzine to fill the remaining year of the Senate seat from which Corzine resigned upon being elected Governor, but now Christie wants to guarantee return of a Democrat which the Liberal NJ machine is sure to deliver. Even when republicans win, they manage to lose. If the GOP were a sports franchise, it would be forced to move to another venue.

The answer by many GOP politicians and upcoming young voters is to go along with a growing percentage insisting that the GOP should change its stance on Liberal Progressive sexual issues. This scenario lends credence to the de facto “Two-Party One-Party” system, complete agreement of both parties, marching in lockstep to support the de facto dictatorship, in which as usual with dictatorships, the innocent will be punished – as if they are not being punished enough already.

Adherence to the basics of the three-step concept of accident, coincidence, and pattern adage, converts good behavioral foundations to good, better, best; as opposed to the same dedication to immoral or amoral values accomplishing an intolerant path from bad to worse to absolute evil. Honestly, where do extreme Liberals stand on the issues of morality, right or wrong, but on the wrong side?

It's Right. It's Free.