The Patriot Post® · They Just Don't Get It!

By Anton D. Rehling ·

Editor’s Note: This article was originally composed in 2009.

We have arrived at a time in the history of this nation, 223 years from the ratification of the documents that formed our Republic to find the words of Benjamin Franklin to hold true; when asked the type of government that was agreed upon he said, “A Republic if you can keep it.” That was his warning that there are those who cannot be trusted with power, those who will abuse any power over men. Those who will manipulate and seize power never intended by WE THE PEOPLE who granted a limited power to men and women who we hired through an election process to take care of the affairs of OUR COUNTRY, OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOM!! Those hired through our election process were hired with a defined job description and swore an oath to follow that job description. Nowhere did we allow any violations of their limits or any modification to the oath of office they freely took.

Today the government that occupies positions of authority granted by, “WE THE PEOPLE”, does not resemble anything that was created over two hundred years ago. The freedom granted to us by God and we guaranteed and protected for ourselves with a constitution and bill of rights has come under an assault not by an enemy from without but a insidious calculating enemy from within that has as its goal the total subjugation of the people of these United States of America and the transformation of a free enterprise system to a socialist totalitarian tyranny.

Over the last 100 years those who have been granted power by “WE THE PEOPLE” have tried to slowly cooked our freedom and God given rights out of our daily lives and have attempted to create a dumbed down population that is ignorant of the constitutional rights we instituted for our freedom and prosperity; this out of control government has increased its power by creating a government dependent population through governmental largeness that has subverted the freedom of all citizens.

Public welfare, health and safety is one of the arguments used in the creation of entitlement programs never intended nor allowed to exist in a free Republic and the founders recognized and realized that when a government possess that type of power over the people, tyrannical totalitarianism would rapidly follow.

The assault on our freedom over the last one hundred years has been slow and calculated similarly to loading straw on a camel’s back, you can load only so much before you have overloaded the camel and finally with only one straw it breaks the camel’s back. This is where we find ourselves today. The march to a totalitarian state has been piling upon the free peoples backs of this country so long only two things can happen, the will of the people to retain their freedom is broken or the “I just can’t take it any more” response will kick in and the burden of tyranny will be thrown off as was done during the creation of the United States of America.

For hundreds of years the citizens have proven over and over we are willing to fight and risk death to retain a freedom unique in the known history of the world. To preserve this form of government, “Of the People, By the People and For the People” many paid the ultimate price.

We are witnessing today, the final assault on our freedom. Those who would have our freedom have taken power through lies, deception and voter fraud with the valuable assistance of a socialist criminal organization known as ACORN and its subsidiaries enabled through the support of a socialist promoting media and government.

The 9-12 Patriotic March to our nation’s capital to voice our anger over an elected government that has ignored the limits placed upon them by the very documents they swore an oath to uphold is but the biggest to date of a series of events in a timeline of our countries current history that will be recognized in future generations as a critical event in the retention of our liberty.

The documents that were put in place during the formation of our great Republic were to define governmental limits and power not restrictions upon the people that created this free Republic.

The debate, for example, over health care reform; the socialist have convinced everyone that the system is broken and that the only way to fix it is total government control. The Marxist influence has been so successful that even the conservative small government constitutionalist are buying into the lie that health care must be reformed by government but the republican say with a lesser degree of government control, but government control none the less.

Truth is this so called health care crisis was 100% caused by government intervention and regulation to begin with and now that it has been shown to be a total failure the government in power wants us to accept the lie that government can fix it through more government control and intervention. More government intervention and control will only make it worse!!! The only thing that needs to be reformed is government. “WE THE PEOPLE” must insist that government return to the limits place upon them by our constitution and get out of the regulation of an industry they have no constitutional authority to be in in the first place.

“WE THE PEOPLE” have taken to the streets to exercise one of our protected rights called the FIRST AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION to demand a redress of grievances. Our elected government has pushed us to this point through marginalizing our protests. This is eerily similar to how the colonialists were treated by King George III of England. Does our government think the freedom loving people of this country will just step in line at the crack of a governmental whip? Someone in our leadership better wake up and smell the coffee as we will not go quietly into the night, a night of tyrannical rule, We are determined and have the will to retain our birth right, A birth right of LIBERTY, one paid for by our Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughter with their blood and fortunes. We owe those dead as big a commitment to the preservation of our liberty as they made to our obtaining it.