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Lies, Evil, Secrecy: Obama-Christie 'Odd Couple'

Albert Maslar · Jun. 12, 2013

The enemy within is more dangerous than the enemy without, and the US is infected with so many Trojan Horses (not the computer virus) that for every one disclosed, ten new ones pop up. Check the White House and the cadre of advisers, consultants, and unelected czars just for starters. Woe is us – as in the US.

Those in government who secretly record secrets, evidently do it from their own sense of guilt, as they already know how bad they are, and assume everyone else is just as bad or worse. They are like kids pointing fingers of blame saying, “He did it first.” The other problem with secrets is that malfeasance is covered-up under the blanket of secrecy.

The majority of GOP senators are cowards acing on the big lie that there are ONLY eleven million “undocumented” – a.k.a. ILLEGAL – residents in the US. Many undocumented either live on the taxpayer dime as they receive various forms of welfare, or work under the table to avoid payroll and income taxes while still collecting welfare benefits.

Law-breaking once committed facilitates more law-breaking including distribution of illegal drugs, driving without valid license or insurance, while committing more crimes on top of the crime of illegal entry into the US.

Eleven million illegals divided by the total population of 330 million is about 3.33%. These numbers cannot hold water – why, when making phone calls, would everyone have to press “1” for English, or “Para Espanola, oprima numero dos” for Spanish, for such a small segment? Some estimates are closer to 33 million illegals, a full 10% of the total population.

Senators with the help of substantial GOP votes brought the “Amnesty Bill,” actually the “Travesty Bill” out of Committee onto the Senate floor for debate, and no doubt, eventual passage with the dominance of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

“Undocumented,” another nice word for illegal, makes no difference, as despite ethnicity, it should be America first. 33 million undocumented immigrants are a drain on the US that despite protestations, allows more legal immigrants than any other country in the world.

Many in government lie as regularly as they talk, and why should that be a surprise as many in government simply do not know how to tell the truth, nor want to tell the truth, else there might be a revolution (which might explain why government wants to get rid of all the guns in civilian hands).

Who in their right mind would ever suppose that Eric Holder is honest and but for his supreme boss would be thrown into solitary confinement and the key thrown away. Liars lie and the Obama team is an expert at blaming Bush for the broken yolk in their sunny-side up egg, like the three monkeys: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” But the wise monkeys do not say, “Do no evil,” putting Obama and his cronies in the clear. The old joke is that you know politicians are lying, when their lips are moving.

Obama’s “most transparent” administration steals transparency from where it does not belong – private citizens – but the transparent government hides its misdeeds behind the privacy of National Security; in layman’s terms, the security for Obama and right of his hoodie administration to do anything unconstitutional, even outright criminal, and keep it covered up with a Mafia type code of silence, which is: Promote the culprits to protect the guilty as sin “Top Dog,” my humble apologies to dogs.

Finally, there may be a patriot, though fiercely disputed, in the form of one Edward Snowden who raised a storm of controversy as he caused DC manipulators to be manipulated by this 29 year-old “Little Dutch Boy” who had the temerity to put his finger in the secret dike.

Federal government will comply with a judge’s order allowing girls of any age to buy emergency contraception without prescriptions. Laws prohibit school nurses and teachers from giving Aspirin to a child without parental consent, but see no problem secretly, and without parental consent, giving a child the morning after pill to abort the baby. Where are the authorities that are required to prosecute perpetrators of “statutory rape?”

Evil done in darkness cannot stand the Light of Day and that has been proven with the Snowden case. It is presidents and the Lindsey Graham congressional types who want their deepest darkest secrets kept just there – in the deepest dark recesses, never to see the light of day. Congress cannot do its own simple job of passing constitutionally required annual budgets, now four years in a row, but makes secret deals to cut expenditures in such a way as expenses actually increase. If that is not evil, it is a malicious lie.

Is DC feeling any pain yet? Probably not, since as usual, it was all the fault of George W. Bush. Is it too late to impeach that Bad Brash Bush to save the anointed pot-smoking (by his own admission) one from an ignominious exit?

Another freedom down the tubes is the freedom of those in the military to READ public information about the Obama scandals. Those doubting US evolution toward a dictatorial police state simply have their head in the sand. What might be the compelling reason for military personnel putting themselves in harms way, risking their lives, families, and jobs; for WHAT?

With friends like President Barack Hussein Obama – a muslim sympathizer, if not actually muslim – who needs enemies? Have the 47% sold out the country for a bowl of food-stamp porridge and an Obama-phone just as Esau, twin brother of Jacob, sold out his inheritance for a bowl of stew? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Mark Twain had the political philosophy, “Vote the rascals out,” but the Maslar political philosophy is a bit more extreme: “If they choose, on their own to run for office, elect them for two terms at a time, and let them spend the first term in jail … because they must’ve done something.”

Now comes a real curve and a potential fly-in-the-ointment of GOP 2016 presidential hopefuls. Why will it be different in 2014 when the Big Guy will still have control of everything, thanks to the 47% that I am included in as a retiree with only SS for income?

Put the blame where it belongs, on we the people, who like lemmings, follow false leaders like GOP Speaker John Boehner who controls the power of the purse, but caved to Obama for every increase in spending and national debt. Boehner could have blocked funding for ObamaCare but like a coward funded it, and is famous for his political strategy of “Living to fight another day.” It is no fight if all three branches of government are controlled by one GOP Party. A fifth grader can do that.

Prominent NJ Democrat leaders are lining up to endorse Republican Governor Chris Christie for reelection. Now comes the quid pro quo as Christie, who could appoint a senator to replace the deceased Frank Lautenberg for the FULL remaining term, opts to have a temporary replacement until his $12 million October 2013 special election that in Democrat territory will probably result in Democrats reclaiming this seat.

RINO Chris Christie might be anxious to run for president in 2016 as a DEMOCRAT. It must be so because Democrats want to back Christie for governor and he in turn manipulated this silly costly 2013 election costing an already bankrupt state a needless $12 million. Does anyone think for one moment that Democrats will support someone not their own without a quid pro quo?

Then there are recent incidents dating back to devastating Hurricane Sandy after which Christie unashamedly kissed-up to President Barack Obama as he was promised federal aid usually “freely” given to suffering areas to help pay for damages.

Obama, not shy about receiving adulation, returned for more of the same as the thin guy and the not-so-thin guy toured and played games on the Boardwalk at rebuilt Seaside Heights, and Christie gave his Chicago Bear prize to Obama. If the new “odd couple” walked barefoot on the beach, Christie might have referred to Obama as “Sandy Claus.”

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