The Patriot Post® · Path to Dictatorship

By Duane V. Grassell ·

How close are we to living in a totalitarian dictatorship? How close are we to Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany? Can the Socialists of the Democrat party pull off in the Republic of the United States what the Communists pulled off in Russia and what the Fascists pulled off in Germany? To see if this is possible, we should look to recent history and compare it to what we are experiencing today. To pull off a dictatorship the government in power needs three key ingredients.

Ingredient number one is an army of devout followers who are willing to go to any length to advance the party’s agenda. This would include people who are willing to violate any previous law or standard to accomplish their goals and people willing to protect those people who take one for the team. It’s important to have an army of these devout soldiers at all levels and positions of government who will act without a moral framework and be willing to commit any crime so long as the party can keep its power and maintain absolute control of its population. The Russian communists had subordinates that would willing cause starvations, send undesirables to far away prison camps, put on show trials for the masses with a predetermined outcome and gun down whole groups followed by a burial in mass graves all with impunity. The Nazis had several followers who followed the same playbook as they spread their evil through central Europe. While in the United States, we have not had mass murders from our government, yet, we have seen an Attorney General who was found in contempt of Congress maintain his position of power because he was a key member of the “team”. We’ve seen an IRS official plead the 5th amendment before Congress while denying 1st amendment rights to people in opposition to the party’s goals. We’ve seen one of our most important ambassador’s lie on all networks to protect the party before an election, only to later get promoted to our highest national security position. We have security personnel who have a “see no evil” view of our real enemies both overseas and in our homeland while treating close to half the nation’s population as the enemy for citing our Constitutionally protected voice in opposition. We have seen our own “Dear Leader” nationally advocate for the abolishment of one of our most important Constitutional protections with the full support of a willing media. For many decades now, this party has put their willing followers in positions of power in the executive, legislative and judicial branches at the federal, state on even local levels. This includes true believers who have been placed in the media and higher education. I personally know a few people who cast multiple votes for the current Constitutional violator-in-chief and I’ve seen county election board members who knew about this and did not care. What is most frightening is I have asked active enlisted members of our military what they would do if an officer passed down the chain of command that they should go out to disarm the American public and arrest any citizen who refused to comply. No soldier has yet to give me an answer I am comfortable with.

Ingredient number two is a weak or unwilling opposition. During the time of Lenin and Stalin in the early days of Communist Russia, there was little opposition from a people who were already downtrodden by the Czarist regimes. Many went along with the Communists to get alone by doing the bidding of the new government just to receive the basics needed to survive no matter what the consequences were to their nation. Many of these followers paid the price when those basic needs were denied by a uncaring or inept government. The Nazis had their opposition in the days leading up to their election, but a manufactured crisis allowed them to brutally dispose of their opposition. Soon thereafter, the Nazis were able to push through laws opposed by the people and they were able to place their devotees in the judiciary and higher education. Today, the largest opposition party to the socialist element of the “ruling” party is weak and cowardly to the domestic enemies they took an oath to defend our Constitution against. By merely making the threat of being labeled a racist, a sexist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, a Xenophobe, anti-choice, etc. our major opposition party just lies down or even abets in the downfall of our Constitutional protections. There are a few heroes of the “opposition” party who take a stand for our Constitution but the stand has always been short-lived because of the failure of their colleagues to back the person who takes a principled position for our citizens. By failing to oppose the “ruling” party they have allowed the shipping of arms to criminal organizations in a neighboring country, the cover-up of a failure to defend an embassy, the mass procurement of personal information of citizens and the denial of first amendment rights to opposition groups. None of the officials who willing took part will ever have to pay in any way for the crimes they committed. The Soviets and Nazis also incorporated many churches into their governments thus weakening the spiritual purpose of their existence. In the United States today, many churches fail to take a stand to protect a country that was founded by fellow believers from previous generations.

The third and final ingredient to a totalitarian state is a large portion of the population that is either apathetic or blissfully ignorant of how their government tramples on their rights. As long as the check arrives, the food stamp card gets updated, the television has over 100 channels and the people invest in media that tell more of popular celebrity activities than the doings of their government, the “ruling” party will continue to do whatever they wish with impunity. So long as the doings of government leaders don’t cut off their access to these shallow entertainments, these people will not take a stand to those “leaders” who erode their freedoms. Those who were apathetic to the governments of Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany have been justifiably lost to history. Unfortunately we have coddled millions to the point that they will play a key role in the loss of the greatest government conceived by man. But these people will never be awakened as long as their exists a weakened opposition unwilling to awaken them.

I write this in the hope of awakening a once great nation before it’s too late. Our Constitution has been trampled by a major party of our nation without consequence. Please don’t think there is a limit to how far they are willing to shred our great founding document. If they have a charismatic leader who the people will “accept” this leader, what makes you think they will respect the amendment that limits this leader to two terms? We have seen already that this party will use their kindred spirits in the courts rather than accept the outcome of elections that clearly show the will of the people. As long as they can get away with it, the Marxist true believers will continue to push well beyond any boundary that society might set. How long will we accept this? What will it take for us to finally wake up? Will we wait until it is too late and a squad of well armed government employees comes bursting into our home? When asked what kind of government the Constitutional Convention created, Ben Franklin responded, “a republic, if you can keep it.” Can we keep our Constitutional republic, or will we be the generation to lose it? It’s up to all of us to decide this.