Grassroots Commentary

This War for Our Freedom Must be Fought With All Vigor

Anton D. Rehling · Jun. 25, 2013

In spite of the Liberal Progressive agenda and their demonizing the principles of a Free Republic populated with a free people, those who love Liberty and rights as granted by our creator must pull out all stops and not sugar coat our rhetoric and the principles freedom was founded and supported by.

We must not let those who would have our freedom set the tone of the debate and restrict the talking point to that which will reflect their agenda in a positive light while demonizing the principles of freedom.

When given the unadulterated choice between existing under the thumb of totalitarian rule or freedom, most people will choose freedom. The socialist influence in the totalitarian leaning segment of our government and media, are misrepresenting the end game of their agenda by applying labels to their agenda that do not in any way represent the facts of what their transformation means to a free society.

The free people of this United States of America are being pushed into the corner of an unimaginable conflict that can rapidly turn ugly. Those who are promoting change know without a doubt, that to really accomplish their agenda to transform this country into their vision of a socialist utopia, our country must be pushed into an armed civil war. A war where they imagine the socialist forces will prevail and all those angry old white men and women who the socialist despots think are the only ones, who populate their opposition, will be eliminated. Then the United States of American can enter the era of collective socialist cooperation, a cooperation which the government dictates and grants any level of liberty or lack of that the despots decide. The population will bow down and gratefully accept their servitude to the utopian totalitarian regime for the good of the many and the benefit of the leader elites.

The sad and scary part to all this is there are many socialist minions that will fight to end free America and usher in the demise of the last bastion of freedom in the world today. Our elected in spite of the rhetoric they spout and want us to believe, are not fulfilling their oath of Office to protect and defend the Constitution of our Free Republic. Instead they are capitulating to the agenda of the enemies of freedom while trying to convince the freedom loving people of the US that they are not the wolves in sheep’s clothing that they are.

Free America has the ability to defend our freedom by any means available because of the protections safe guarded in our Constitution and original Bill of Rights. Where we are all at in this moment of time is the soap box faze of our struggle. I know not one freedom loving American that wants civil war to retain our Liberty, but I know many that will pay the price that Liberty sometimes demands when they are pushed and slavery come kicking down their door.

The history of the United States of America has shown and will show that when tyranny has reared its ugly head and attempted to defeat our Freedom and take our Rights, the men and women of this country armed with the love of Liberty and with the strength of GOD in their hearts will pay any price to retain Liberty and defeat tyranny for themselves and their posterity.

It's Right. It's Free.