Grassroots Commentary

Like It or Not, You Are a Slave

Anton D. Rehling · Jul. 1, 2013

You are a slave.

The sixteenth Amendment along with government ignoring their limits has effectively enslaved the population of this county to governmental tyranny. Our natural rights have been eroded into government largeness.

Individual rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the right to pursue you own self-interests is gone. Everyone has a claim on your sweat (income, efforts, industry) whether it is the poor or the government chosen, too big to fail.

Before you are allowed to satisfy your own needs, unlimited government has a claim on your income to the extent they determine; that determination will be decided based upon the government need of your resources to fulfill their redistributive, it is only fair, agenda.

Additionally government as it grows in size has a claim on your sweat to fund the bloated operations of government; your income is needed to finance government departments created to redistribute your assets to those who government deems more worthy of your efforts and assets.

The level of taxes on any income which you get is determined by a bureaucrat who will decide if the income is legitimately earned, if you win, receive as a gift, or earn in any way other than a 9 to 5 approved government job, the level of the government claim on your money will sky rocket to well above 50%.

If you do not capitulate to government demands to their demand of their income needs and you fail to pay the assessed taxes, the penalties are huge fines and interest payments that would embarrass a loan shark operating contrary to the law. In addition the government can and will seize all of your assets and imprison you for years to show any other of their subjects, (they call us their constituents) that resistance to their tyranny is futile.

If you attempt to protect your right as granted by the supreme creator of the universe through force you will be quickly dispatched and declared a criminal that our benevolent despots have saved the rest of society from.

Extravagant government spending is common practice under the guise of important fact finding activities of our government elected and appointed bureaucrats as well as their families and friends who miraculously become senior staff members during trips to exotic locations to study global warming or their new name for it Climate Change.

Government service is no longer service to defend and protect your individual rights, government service is a guarantee of above average income and benefits, extravagant life styles that include travel and accommodations most citizens would compare to what totalitarian dictators and royalty would expect from a subservient people.

I do not need to list the names of who I think are criminals in our government that have stolen our liberty, rights and wealth as that list is very long indeed; let me just say it includes most in Congress, Senate, Judiciary from local all the way to the Supreme Court, Government department like the IRS, EPA, Departments of education, local and state governments at all levels and the list can go on so long this opinion would be thousands of pages long.

We have traveled past simple elections to restore liberty, we have arrived at a time in history that will require massive civil disobedience to the totalitarian, tyrannical despots that has taken hold of our once Free Republic and transformed us into governmental slaves.

I can say without a doubt that those in power will not give up that power easily, any that are perceived as a real or imagined threat will be dealt with as quietly and decisively as possible. Whoops, wrong address, clerical error, we thought the inhabitants were dangerous drug dealers; we had a report by an informant to that fact. Sorry we will work to make sure that never happens again. Or you will die in a robbery attempt, car accident or a multitude of other orchestrated events that law enforcement will never be able to solve.

Just a few cross the line drawn in the sand every day voicing their opinion against despotism. When will we reach the point when we will organize to discard those who act like our rulers and treat us like subjects?

It's Right. It's Free.