Grassroots Commentary

Letter to Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA)

Anton D. Rehling · Jul. 3, 2013

Denny Heck, D WA
Member of Congress

Your reply to my message to you, indicated that you have been following the issues I expressed outrage and concern over, went over with me like a lead balloon.

You say you have been following Benghazi, the IRS and AP spying, to mention but a few of the issues, but your answer holds no substance.

The issues of the Benghazi cover-up and misrepresentations from our POTUS and Secretary of State et al are documented and the deception perpetrated by the actors involved is clear. Your lack of enforcement of honesty and truthfulness of our government indicates a collusion concerning a growing tyranny in our government; I hope I am wrong on that account.

Our Federal government has been overstepping the constitutional limits for years and we as a people of a Free Constitutional Republic deserve representation of elected that follow their oath of office and work to maintain the Liberty and Rights as protected, not defined, in the Constitution.

You indicate the congress has held multiple hearings on the above mentioned issues, which daily is appearing like a dog and pony show to appease the American people. The Obama administration is creating issues with grass root Americans concerning other hot buttons to distract us from the malfeasance of Benghazi, IRS AP, and intelligence gathering from non-suspect Americans in violation of constitutional protections, this must stop and what appears to be criminal actions of some must be confronted.

The issue of dishonest government elected and bureaucrats is offensive to the sensibilities of the American people. Sure there are those uninformed and uneducated segment of the population that will be deceived by whatever is on the menu of the political manipulation of the day but many of us are not so easily deceived.

It is past time for you and the other members of Congress to tackle the malfeasance in our government and bring those responsible to justice no matter who they are.

I will and want to support you as my congressman if you can show you deserve my support by more than a reply to this letter from you and not one of you staffers with specific actions you as my representative in congress are involved in to remedy the issues facing the American people.

As this letter indicates I have been losing confidence in our government to represent the people of this nation. Passing legislation that works to enslave rather than enhance our Liberty is not acceptable.

I have not yet joined any political party, although I have very clear beliefs in my Liberty and protected rights, and have not become involved any more than expressing my opinion in letters like this but the day is rapidly approaching that will change, as the Liberty minded people are awakening from our, I hate to admit it, slumber as we always felt we could trust our elected to protect our rights, freedom and station as a free people.

The last few years have shown the time of just working for a living and leaving political concerns to our elected is no longer an option as most of you have failed us miserably.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon with more than a form letter selected from a list of canned responses.

It's Right. It's Free.