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Double Standard for Gays, Environmentalists, MSM

Albert Maslar · Jul. 3, 2013

Last week on a religious TV network, a young recently ordained man of the cloth with meticulously manicured facial hair, piously stated the urgent need of compassion for those of the homosexual community, as they were God’s children as well. That is obviously a half-truth as the compassion is always for the wayward soul, but in the case of the belligerent combative homosexual community, they are voluntarily at war in their persecution of Christianity, its principles, and respect for the Ten Commandments.

Compassion for enemy soldiers as opponents of the God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of perceived homosexuality, whose transgressions stooped to the extent of trying to seduce Angels of God. Eventually God had enough and destroyed the perverted cities with fire and brimstone. So much for long-suffering compassion that at a given point has no choice but to realize that nothing more can be said or done.

Nothing will bring about a return to the order of God who created them male and female; ordering man, fish, fowl, birds of the air, and vegetation to increase and multiply, but superior man alone rose up against the word of God and in unison with Satan said, “I will not serve.” So why the misguided enabling of perversion by clergy?

In another current case of not wanting to serve, Edward Snowden acquired knowledge of secret NSA spying against hundreds of millions of American citizens as well as on the rest of the world. Snowden fled the US to Hong Kong and then to Russia where he remains in holding custody at a Russian airport.

President Obama made a half-hearted attempt to get Snowden back to US custody but doubt lingers as to whether Obama wants him back, as a trial might involve the Snowden defense calling upon Obama as a witness. Meanwhile there is a bit of animus expressed by Russia’s President Vladmir Putin, and the best way for Putin to give Obama a black eye is to send Snowden back to the US and embarrassing Obama more than jeopardizing Snowden.

What a devastating blow for Obama and his administration that is rightly critical of Snowden, but his return to the US for trial would probably result in his “unexplained” death, else a trial that would no doubt bring down the President. Should there be an actual legitimate trial, the world would shut down while it focuses completely on the trial of all time.

Meanwhile, unemployed and underemployed Americans are concerned with jobs that will enable them to provide their families with essentials for sustenance of life – food, shelter, and clothing – but not necessarily for medical insurance aka ObamaCare.

Gallup Poll finds that Americans do not like ObamaCare while finds that 64 percent of the uninsured are not certain they will purchase medical insurance as required by ObamaCare. The situation is so desperate that though ObamaCare is the law of the land, Obama in campaign mode promotes it as though it still needs Congressional approval.

Uninsured’s have the most to gain from implementation but balk at the approaching October deadline when they are required to sign up via ObamaCare exchanges that are still not in place in all the States. Lack of awareness, support, and indifference regarding the law is causing consternation in the administration.

The underlying problem is obviously unemployment and underemployment as the Republic turned pure Democracy got what it wanted and to its dismay found that it did not want it. The public is trapped in a static economy that does not favor job-hunters who are desperate for the reliability of jobs that enable them to properly support themselves and their families with the necessary ingredients for life – food, shelter, and clothing. Insurance has never been a pillar for sustenance; nice to have, but not an absolute necessity. It has been proven that medical insurance drives up cost of medical treatment, and many doctors are now reducing fees as they turn down medical insurance in lieu of cash only. Redundant unnecessary paperwork has increased medical costs at the expense of medical treatment.

Visiting Senegal, Obama raised the issue of homosexuality in a public venue.Obama trapped himself into 24/7 promotion of homosexuality but was rebutted in his Africa “Safari” by his self-serving face off of Senegalese President Macky Sall, who stated much to Obama’s consternation, that in Senegal Homosexuality is illegal and bans any “improper or unnatural act with a person of the same sex.” Obama must have been seething at the public challenge.

Obama’s agenda is so morally corrupt that girls not yet teenagers are allowed to purchase abortifacient so-called “Plan-B morning after pills” without prescription or parental approval. According to, Ohio teens might need a prescription to use a tanning bed, but can pick up the morning-after pill like candy from the corner convenience store.

Another Obama self-created trap is his preoccupation with promotion of Homosexual Marriage as a universal American right in all 50 States. Justice Antonin Scalia summarized it in his dissent, the majority opinion is that the country is divided, as SCOTUS declared defenders of traditional marriage as bigots who hate and humiliate homosexuals, and deprive them of their rights, depicting them as “Enemies of the Human Race.”

Chief Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority in the 5-4 decision on DOMA the Defense of Marriage Act: “The federal statute is invalid, for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage, injure, degrade, demean, and humiliate others. We’re denying dignity to people in same-sex relationships and to injure those whom the State, by its marriage laws, sought to protect in personhood and dignity. By seeking to displace this protection and treating those persons as living in marriages less respected than others, the federal statute is in violation of the Fifth Amendment.” Justice Kennedy abused his constitutional duty, usurping the function of Congress to legislate while leaving SCOTUS with only the authority to determine constitutionality.

Obama was quick to declare himself a defender of traditional marriage by the quote he no doubt read from his always-nearby teleprompter, “I won’t force churches to hold gay weddings, so there’s no religious liberty threat.” Blink Blink. Notice the dictatorial use of “I”.

SCOTUS assumed that homosexual unions constitute marriage, acknowledging that States can pass homosexual marriage laws, ruling that any law that does not recognize those marriages are assumed to be invalid.

Note also SCOTUS inconsistencies when Chief Justice John Roberts sided with Liberal Justices to uphold ObamaCare as a valid power of Congress to tax, though Obama and Democrats denied that ObamaCare charges were taxes. SCOTUS made law, legislating instead of determining constitutionality or not, arguing that ObamaCare constituted a TAX that was denied by Obama and denied in the bill, thereby changing legislation instead of ruling on it.

Whatever happened to the “Three Strikes and you’re out” that is applied in criminal cases but SCOTUS has three strikes, DOMA, Gay marriage, and ObamaCare. President Obama has three strikes with three MAJOR scandals; Benghazi, NSA citizen spying, and infringement of Freedom of the Press, just to name three of many.

Raging Fire was not confined to the Supreme Court as Nature continues to deal blows with erupting wild fires plaguing the US in Southwest and Western States, and now in a worst-case scenario, nineteen firefighters have been trapped and killed by raging Arizona fires. Words cannot describe the anguish for these brave men who voluntarily placed themselves in jeopardy to protect and save lives and property.

There will always be threat of forest fires but environmentalists contribute to the problem by their well-intentioned efforts to conserve nature, but in so doing, actually enable the destruction of nature. Case in point is restriction of logging that clears fuel needed for fires by logging matured trees for construction and other wood products. Loggers generally plant about ten new trees for every tree harvested and in the process clear underbrush that fuels raging fires.

Environmentalists think they know what is best and forcefully lobby against interest of loggers in order to protect certain native wild creatures, but do not permit removal of underbrush that fuels forest fires. But if the entire forest burns down, might that not be worse for animals and habitat alike? Now nineteen firefighters met a horrible death, so where are these compassionate environmentalists that would protect the environment to the extreme that environment is hurt and damaged almost beyond repair, at the expense of these nineteen heroic lives?

Environmentalist lemmings are led by false intelligentsia leaders typified by Al Gore who persists in his global warming climate change war. Gore types supported by faux science brigades are intent on saving nature by getting rid of people and populations, a notable example being the blocking of the already determined environmentally safe Keystone XL Pipeline. That endeavor alone could create millions of direct and indirect jobs while diminishing need for OPEC oil that is redirected toward war and terroristic violence against the hand that feeds them, the US.

Another environmentalist disaster is the forced shutdown of irrigation of western fruit and vegetable growers by blockage of waters to protect the non-edible Delta Smelt protected through the Endangered Species Act and misguided environmentalists who object to some inadvertently drawn into the turbines of irrigation pumps.

This shutdown caused thousands of acres of food growing farmland to dry up to become the California Central Valley Dust Bowl encompassing territory roughly the size of Tennessee. Congress created this scenario, causing this once great breadbasket for the nation to lose its irrigation waters, destroying vital agriculture and tens of thousands of jobs as a tradeoff for the endangered fish. Congress promised to rectify the situation but the All-Knowing One, All and Be-AllBama already has his twenty veto pens lined up.

The EPA and other unelected agencies are complicit and most willing participants and enablers in the ongoing Obama scheme to accomplish dubious un-American goals, bypassing Congress, Constitution, and Supreme Court while disarming Americans to limit threats of uprising predicted by Founder Thomas Jefferson, and in the process to turn the public into complicit, dependent chattels of the State, a move toward One World government.

What good is the Senate if it merely follows the “Army of One” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his secret behind closed doors lobbyist law writers, jamming fake-immigration reform down the throats of the Lemmings-R-US pretender representatives of the people, no debate or amendments allowed, as the “Amendment Tree” is stacked with Reid and Obama pre-approved amendments only.

The “Army of One” wannabe god; One Man, One Rule, or “Rex Lex” Latin for “The King’s Law” Obama Law. Congress is obsolete and perhaps elections should be as well, as the anointed ONE may channel FDR and declare himself the victor in his quest for a third and perhaps lifetime terms as President. Banana republic dictators may constitute the Obama power blueprint.

Police-state presence is developing in Sanford, Fla., where neighborhood-watch participant George Zimmerman is on trial for murder for the death of teenager Trayvon Martin. From the start, media portrayed Hispanic Zimmerman as White, and the victim Martin as Black, another Main Stream Media (MSM) lie. Trayvon was a strapping 17-year old football player but pictures by MSM incessantly showed Martin as an angelic looking 14-year-old.

In connection with the Trayvon Martin-Zimmerman case in Sanford, Florida, police are going door-to-door confiscating weapons to guard against violence that MIGHT break out should Zimmerman be found “Not Guilty.” Police fear the backlash from the White community which could develop should the jury verdict exonerate Zimmerman. Los Angeles experienced rioting after the 1991 videotaped beating of Black Man Rodney King by the Los Angeles police verdict came down, and Blacks erupted with “Burn Baby Burn,” and burn it did.

No mention that MSM exacerbated the beating as the cycle was shown over and over, making the beating to appear up to four or more times worse. There are precious few incidents, if any, of the opposite taking place where Whites come into Black neighborhoods and “Burn Baby Burn.” Would police take the same steps to protect a Black Community if it were a Black killing a White? You’ve got to be kidding.

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