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If Barack Is Muslim...

Albert Maslar · Jul. 4, 2013

If Barack is Muslim, which he is, what was he before Pastor Jeremiah Wright? Right – a Muslim with a Muslim father and a Muslim stepfather who attended Muslim school; who says the sweetest sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer; who at the UN proclaimed that the future will not belong to those who disrespect the Prophet; who has Ramadan dinners in the White House; who refuses to honor the National call to prayer; who forces taxpayers to pay for abortion and contraceptives against their religion and conscience; who honors homosexuals and their “marriage”; etc., etc. Michelle as a Muslim’s wife needs to be prisoner in her own little White House, like it’s against her will. I’m sick and tired just thinking about it.

Practically personally installed by President Obama, Egypt President Mohamed Morsi, self-declared Pharaoh, is in trouble as millions gathered to protest his Muslim Brotherhood style of imposed Shariah Law. Anybody that knew the day of the week knew that expulsion of Hosni Mubarak would be followed by take over by the Muslim Brotherhood, enemy of the US and Israel. Does that mean Obama did not know the day of the week? Guess so.

More than a million Egyptians en masse took to Tahrir Square also known as “Martyr Square” to protest and demand the ouster of President Morsi. Economic conditions deteriorated under his watch and the consensus is that Egyptians feel they were better off before Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood took power in Egypt as a result of the fabled Arab Spring, turned Winter.

The plot thickens as not quite stranger than fiction is a story inferring Morsi’s involvement in the Benghazi attacks and possibly the targeted assassination of the US Ambassador. Maybe that is why Obama is running hither and thither, distracting media and the public from the scandal issues to simply a $100 million African Safari type vacation which heat is nothing compared to that of real scandals.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) once said, “In politics there are no accidents. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way,” and there is no doubt that the original uprising was fostered and enabled by Barack Obama who boldly declared to Mubarak that he must leave the Egyptian Presidency NOW. Mubarak was deposed in 2011 and Morse installed as President in June 2012, meaning the Obama designee lasted but a year before new turmoil threatens to depose him. Likewise, Libya’s Colonel Obama Muammar Gaddafi was deposed at the behest and instigation of Obama.

With much fanfare, President Barack Obama took his apology tour to Cairo Egypt and Muslim nations in the Middle East as he criticized American wrongdoings. Now Obama’s Middle East meddling has come home to roost. Liberation and pseudo-democratization in Egypt and Libya have boomeranged. Syria continues an interminable destructive deadly civil war, complicated by Russia supporting the Syrian regime while the Palestinian-Israeli faceoff is boiling over on the front burner.

Those uprisings combined with renewed political turmoil in Afghanistan and Iraq might signify the inevitable unending chaos that has existed in the Arab World since the birth of Islam with their Prophet Muhammad. Since Obama took credit for deposing two dictators, Egypt and Libya, and threatening a third dictator in Syria, he must likewise assume responsibility for the unforeseen consequences, but this time blaming Bush might be a stretch.

As though that is not enough for any leader, anointed or not, Obama has a tough Immigration Bill to deal with, resolution of which cannot possibly be a satisfactory solution for handling legalization of some 11 to 33 million illegal immigrants. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did his usual bit, railroading an unreadable Bill through the Senate and onto the lap of House Speaker John Boehner who has yet to live up to his padded résumé.

Speaker John Boehner must finally shed his persona as political coward constantly caving to President Obama, and become a patriot, presidential aspirations be damned. Boehner must morph into The Little Dutch Boy who put his finger in the dike to save Holland as “There is NO ONE ELSE” with the power of the strongest army there is, “The army of ONE,” the Speaker of the House of Representatives who “Has the whole US policy and spending world in his hands.” Boehner must man up and be the one, and if he finally is the one, then maybe aspirations will happen on their own, the best way. The very least Boehner should do, aside from nothing and simply let it die on the shelf, is to send the Immigration Bill back to the Senate. Congress should protect the interests of American workers, not promote interests of illegal immigrants for the sake of votes.

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