Grassroots Commentary

The Fire Looking for a Spark

Anton D. Rehling · Jul. 4, 2013

The divisiveness in this country is so great that the only way, I am beginning to believe, the two sides will come together will be in conflict, in our towns, cities, on our streets. The issues that divide are no less passionate than they were prior to the War Between the States.

One side is of the belief that government is the answer to all of our problems and should grow to meet the needs of the people, collectivism. Government must tear down the successful to rise up the poor.

The other side is of the belief that government is the problem and should be small and limited in power with very well defined roles. The issues of society, the economy and charity should be not be the role of government but instead the role of private charity and the people.

Prior to LB Johnson’s Great Society legislation of circa 1964, citizens looked to each other, private charity and religious organizations for a hand up, not a hand out.

If you look at what is happening in America with government intrusion in our lives. Excessive taxation, and control of all we do or say as well as the government equipping governmental agencies with arms, ammunition, land and air assets designed for armed conflict with the citizens equipping themselves with arms and ammo, the fuel for conflict is well in place and the fire is just looking for a spark.

I hope I am wrong and full of crap on this subject. But I like many Americans are equipped for self-defense and for the defense of liberty and if necessary are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice if that is what is demanded. But let me be clear, if my life is to be sacrificed because of tyrannical government it may get real expensive for those who come to take it if I am not caught with my pants down.

I don’t want conflict as I hate war but there are things that will eat at a man more that defending Liberty by force and maybe dying; that crow of despotism is being forced down our throats daily and for me life is sweet but not so sweet to live under the yoke of tyrannical totalitarianism.

One of the problems we all may face is, they know where we are and we are easy targets; the tyrants are well insulated by their minion lemmings secure in their nests of inequity.

It's Right. It's Free.