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'Politically Correct' State-Imposed Kiss of Death

Albert Maslar · Jul. 5, 2013

“Politically correct” is the de facto forced religion of the day headed by the “no god” of the unelected “chosen by themselves” to lead the willing, mentally lazy LemmingsRus back to slavery, and though illegal for those of color, is superimposed on the formerly “ready, willing, and able,” constituting a state-imposed kiss of death.

As a nation America no longer subscribes to the underlying principle of parents who aspire to make life better for their children by sacrificing their own wants and desires to scrimp and save to “make sure” that the lot of their children is better than their own.

Responsibility of saving for college is subordinated for the gluttony of parents and delegated to children who now must borrow against their futures to pay for often useless education that neither prepares students for life nor for non-existent jobs. Too often college has become the ultimate party hosted at behemoth cost-bloated universities that provide luxurious perk-filled positions of honor secured by tenure in lieu of talent and dedication. As it happens, intelligentsia is made in the mold of government.

That was then and this is now, a technocrat driven proud people that from the lowest to the highest echelons are so enamored with themselves that being connected seems to drive every breathing moment. Sacrifice for the children morphs into sacrificing children for the expanding never-ending pleasures of the hedonistic society that is bored with anything “so yesterday.”

No longer “save for a rainy day” or for the house, car, education, vacation, whatever – today’s world demands it now; no sacrifice, no saving, no working for it; best to do it and get it, consequences be damned. Modernists no longer save to make the lives of their children better, but now thrive on borrowed money, payment for which is willed to the children, replacing real inheritance with a unpayable $17 trillion national debt – at least to those children that were born and not killed for mere occupancy in the womb, and therefore must dutifully sacrifice their lives and futures to the selfish want-it-all here-and-now society.

July 4, 1776 marks the historic date when early colonists decided they had had enough and rose in unison against perceived British tyranny. Early settlers followed the 1492 sea routes of Columbus to the New World to escape government dictation, particularly of religion. They were followed by more immigrants who risked life and limb, making tremendous sacrifices to insure that their descendants had benefit of these freedoms. They were among the first to massively “vote with their feet,” as the risk of the unknown superseded the comfort of putting up with oppression of mere human rights.

Segue to July 3, 2013, when millions of Egyptians en masse gathered and voted with their feet that occupied the public square, daring incumbent President Mohamed Morsi to stop them, and before that could happen, the rug was pulled out from under Morsi by the Military that would have none of it. Morsi became President of Egypt, following Hosni Mubarak who assumed the Egyptian Presidency in 1981 after the assassination of Anwar Sadat.

Hosni Mubarak was jokingly called “Egypt’s last Pharaoh” but was ousted as a result of Egypt’s 2011 uprising, and has since died while imprisoned. Mohamed Morsi was elected as President in 2012 but a year later is deposed following the bloodless July 3, 2013 coup d'état in which Egyptian military ousted and held in custody Egypt’s first freely elected president.

Whatever becomes of the Egyptian turmoil remains to be seen, but serious questions arise as to what Americans, their military and their own president would do should there be a similar unresolved standoff of millions of protesting Americans in front of the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, and across the country. Are today’s Americans disciplined and dedicated enough to follow the example of Egyptians who put themselves at risk of violence from their own president who had stout support from his Muslim Brotherhood?

There is no doubt as to what President Obama would do: declare a national emergency, “officially” take dictatorial powers, order confiscation of all weapons, arrest all flagrant open dissenters, and shut down banks and transportation including distribution of food and medical supplies. Obama would also shut down satellite transmission and cut off all communication including cell phones and internet. Military would be deployed in addition to Homeland Security, National Guard, and FEMA type forces, but would they follow the example of Egypt to depose the President?

Obama’s unresolved Benghazi scandal can be further drawn into Morsi’s current problem, and complicated into treason or sedition if it should come out that Morsi, with the tacit approval of Obama, was involved in funding or approving the storming of the American Embassy in Libya that resulted in the killing of the American Ambassador.

Complicating the answer is the fact that America is in fact not united, but is – being politically correct – hopelessly divided. Simply put, the conflict would come down to us against them; the politically correct versus the politically incorrect; the have-nots versus the haves; the 95% Obama-voting blacks versus the 60% white bloc voting against Obama; homosexual versus straight; abortionists versus pro-lifers; conservative versus liberal; non-tax payers versus taxpayers, believers versus non-believers; Red States versus Blue States; East versus West; North versus South; union versus non-union; illegal residents versus legal residents; cohabitation adherents versus traditional marriage; liberated women versus married mothers; and in general the 47% versus taxpayers who do not pay their fair share, not to mention government versus the people it supposedly serves.

The startling truth is that in fact we are the “Divided States of America” and not the “United States of America.” America does not have an underlying basic character peculiar to distinct ethnic nations to serve as the foundation of basic unity. Americans are not united on anything, be it politics, religion, war, peace, economy, ecology, race, basic law, environment, region, the size of sugary drinks, or most anything else.

There exists a false and misleading favor of “The Power of One” in which the rights of a single individual or agenda-driven group can override the legitimate rights of the many. Where is the much-ballyhooed Obama notion of fairness? Where is the line protecting the rights of those many versus just one person or one single agenda-driven group?

One Michael A. Newdow objected to “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. One Madelyn Murray O'Hara, founder of “American Atheists,” objected to and drove prayer out of school. One Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood in objection to the sanctity of “undesirable” life in the womb. One President Obama objected to 2 million new jobs by blocking the Keystone XL Pipeline. One President Obama decided not to allow oil exploration and drilling on public lands and offshore. One President Obama decided to go to war at will in Egypt and Libya without Congressional approval. One Kathleen Sebelius decided that all must pay for what is against their beliefs and conscience.

One President Obama could not wait for Congress to act. One President Obama could not wait for SCOTUS to determine constitutionality of laws. One Chief Justice John Roberts and one Justice Anthony Kennedy alternated in giving Liberals the vital 5th swing and constitutionally deciding vote on SCOTUS’ 5-4 decisions. “The Power of One” is de facto dictatorship but the merry-go-round goes round and round while the frustrated many try to grab the non-existent vanishing brass ring.

America is heading toward a breakup of the Union which can be triggered suddenly and without warning. When and how will it happen, and will it be bloodless as in Egypt or a blood bath like America’s Civil War that had an estimated 640,000 casualties, the bloodiest war in American history?

What might be the trigger and ultimate driving force for the Thomas Jefferson prediction and reincarnation of a free American Republic by revolution once more, remains to be seen. By mathematics, “divided” America continually “multiplies” problems that “add” to its own division, while “subtracting” basic constitutional rights, as exemplified by nearly irresolvable dilemmas in Congress that only magnifies problems with undecipherable legislation that adds more problems to those purported to be resolved. What will be America’s Waterloo, or will America one day be like Egypt that hopefully marks its bloodless day of freedom, July 3, 2013?

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