Grassroots Commentary

Nothing but a Bad Joke

Anton D. Rehling · Jul. 11, 2013

This government, I have to laugh when I say that, is nothing but a bad joke. Here’s what’s sadder: we the people are another bad joke. Has everyone but a few lost their sanity? Has everyone lost the intelligence of basic economics? It is clear that few know history, and fewer still remember what happened within the last year! This country seems to be stuck on stupid from the electorate, the elected, and the judiciary. For the life of me I cannot put my finger on what has robbed people of their intelligence, independence or maturity. I want to point to the liberal progressive agenda but that cannot possible be such a strong influence to create such stupidity. I would like to say it must be something in the water but then I would be suffering from the same lame thinking that has a large part of our population in its grip. If all this sad state of affairs were easily cured with a simple 5.56 solution the choices would be simple but I am afraid that would only make things a lot worse than they are.

Maybe the real solution is for those with any intelligence remaining, should immigrate to a part of the country where reason can be the norm and leave those stuck in the Bizarro World in a geographic location that does not include those of us with the means to live without the craziness of the current normal of the above mentioned malady that has at least 50% of our population in it embrace.

Where that location is, I do not have a clue, but I am looking diligently to get the heck out of Dodge where sanity is the norm.

I pray for God’s guidance daily as the choices are narrowing and the tyranny is growing.

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