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Friedman: 'If Churchill Could See Us Now'

Albert Maslar · Jul. 18, 2013

“Winston Churchill’s line that Americans will always do the right thing, after they’ve ‘exhausted all other possibilities,’” is no longer “half right,” says NY Times’ Thomas L. Friedman. But he’s completely right in his conclusion that “If Churchill could see us now, he would be aghast.”

Congress no longer functions as designed by the Founders. Speaker John Boehner forfeited the power of the purse as he gave Obama everything he wanted from spending, to increasing debt limits, to funding ObamaCare, that Boehner then vowed to repeal, which he did 37 times; exercises in futility and mass deception. No way would the Senate consider repeal for debate or vote, which the “?-In-Chief” would be sure to veto, while the Senate would not sit still for an override of the veto.

The Senate is packed with Liberal Republican in Name Only (RINO) traitors headed by still war-hero John Wayne McCain who never saw a potential Middle East uprising or war for which he would not go to war, be it for or against doesn’t matter. McCain is for direct military boots-on-the-ground in response to any uprising or threat, and insists the US should forcefully respond to whatever non-threat to the US develops. Senate RINOs themselves constantly cave to the Obama-Harry Reid bandwagon.

Senate RINOs gave their “advise and consent” to Obama’s nominees to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that is strictly in the pocket of unions as well as confirming cushy ambassadorships as a return to big-money bundlers who each raised $500,000 or more for the Obama reelection campaign.

Friedman goes on, “Churchill never met the Tea Party, and he certainly never met today’s House Republicans, a group so narrow-minded and disinterested in governing – and the necessary compromises that go with it – that they’re ready to kill an immigration bill that is manifestly in the country’s economic, social and strategic interests,” proving Churchill at least half-right … no, not half-right but completely wrong again.

Boehner compromised on the Farm Bill by misrepresenting his changes that exceeded the expectations of Democrats. On second thought, Friedman is right as the House RINOs are brain-dead but wrong as the Boehner House not only refused to compromise, but bowed low to the Chief and gave him everything he wanted on a silver platter.

Now why would anyone in the remotest recesses of their brain think that House RINOs would do the right thing on the Immigration issue, but once again, humbly acquiesce and eat the crow they have grown accustomed to?

Friedman then resorts to ad hominem attacks and arguments as he attributes resistance to older white people who have a knee-jerk resistance to immigration reform borne of fears of job-loss to illegal immigrants and a broader anxiety about the changing color and demographics in America. And rather than trying to defuse those fears by putting the immigration bill into the larger context in which it belongs, a critical mass of House Republicans seems committed to fanning them.

Friedman pretentiously cites partial trade statistics that prove nothing. “What world are we living in today? Countries that don’t start every day by asking that question do not thrive in the long run. We are living in a world with at least five competing market platforms: North America, the European Union, South America, Greater China and East Asia. We have already derived great economic benefit through the North American Free Trade Agreement. And, if we were thinking strategically, one of our top foreign policy priorities would be to further integrate North America.”

Friedman’s import/export statistics, though probably accurate, are selective and slanted toward the “One World” goal he foresees for the US. He rambles and makes his points that seem to say that the US needs illegal immigrants more than they need the US, and that the US infrastructure should be improved to accommodate Mexico’s porous overwhelming of the US that would soon in fact become “New Mexico.” May Day would be replaced by Cinco de Mayo. Press 2 (not 1 as before) for English and find that it is the Fifth of May holiday that commemorates the Mexican 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.

Unfortunately my subscription to the NY Times cannot be cancelled and I cannot get my money back because their excuse is that I have never purchased a subscription … DETAILS.

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