Grassroots Commentary

Perverted Freedom

Anton D. Rehling · Jul. 19, 2013

Majority rule is two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner. Democrat majority rule is that 51% majority mob can impose anything they like on the rest of us. This was not the system that our founders attempted to create; it is the system morally corrupt politicians have over the years transformed it to. Because he was elected Obama felt he could change, transform this country from what used to be a Free Constitutional Republic into a Marxist totalitarian dictatorship with him and his ilk at the helm.

The election system in this country should be to democratically elect a person who will follow the rule of law and protect our rights and freedom granted by the creator of the universe that we protected by the constitution and bill of rights. Those we elect should not have the power to transform our freedom and rights to government allowed behavior they will define or take from one group of people to give to another group of people. In any part of our society, except government, that is called theft and is a punishable crime. For what our government has evolved to because of the slumber of the comfortably free, the freedom bought and paid for with the blood of our ancestors may have been in vain.

This country has suffered through out of control administrations from early on that ignored the Constitutional limits placed upon them and have perverted the freedom this country was founded upon.

Do we free people have to act like government slaves because a majority has felt impelled to transform the population of this country into the station of peons? We work for almost 6 months just to pay our taxes, where is the outrage, why are we not marching in the streets? It looks like just maybe we are waiting for the final straw, what is that going to be?

Let’s see, our efforts are not owned by us, our children, even though they are allowed to live with us are in our homes through the benevolence of the agency known as CPS. Any and all of our assets can be sized by a simple order of bureaucrats, our business are not our own as government decides through their departments what level of income and profit we are allowed to keep. If you are unable to pay government rent on your home, i.e. property taxes, your home will be sized and sold and you are still indentured for your entire life to government.

Our Federal government is so into micromanagement and manipulation of our lives that local matters are and will be subject to their review and control; case in point, Zimmerman and Martin, a clear case of self-defense. Our Federal government, POTUS Obama and DOJ, Holder through their racist view of our country, their manipulations and media support caused a Police chief to be fired, a prosecutor to be fired, a special prosecutor to be appointed and a liberal Judge to sit on a trial that should have not taken place all to further their attempts to divide the population between those who are smart enough to pay attention and those lemming minions who will devour any scenario created by our deceptive leaders. I am sure Obama, Holder et al are disappointed that scale race riots did not take place.

Living under the totalitarianism, which include Boehner, Red Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Biden, et al, the IRS, EPA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, foreign aid and the list is so long I probably don’t know all those despots and departments that are leaches to my prosperity and who own my posterity, is not living at all.

Are we or are we not free? Wasn’t the United States of America created to promote individual freedom and rights where government was to protect our freedom and rights not regulate everything we do?

I for one do not recognize the tyranny of a government that daily looks for more ways to drain money from me to fund their tyrannical laws, regulations and lavish lifestyles.

I am afraid, because I pen my opinion about this governmental tyranny bearing down on us, and the fact I am an ex-military and a well-armed capable armed light citizen infantryman that the brute force of the depots that control our country will not allow me to die quietly as an old man in the country of my birth and in the company of my family and friends. The only question I have is, being forced to live under the yoke of tyranny, when and where will I be confronted by the brute force of the government lemming minions that will send me to the place occupied by my forefathers?

It's Right. It's Free.