The Patriot Post® · An Open Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

By Murray T. Bass ·

My name is Murray T. Bass. I spent a little less than three years serving in the U.S. Army. I was with the Battery B of the 674th PFA Battalion in the occupation of Japan and with the Service Battery of Utah National Guard 204th FA Battalion in 1950 and 1951 in Korea. I am what President Obama would tag as an “Old Terrorist.” He has identified all combat veterans as potential terrorists. Come to think of it, that would include all of you. I am just a dedicated patriot.

The President is responsible for the actions of all of those under his direct command. Just as you are.

I am writing this letter to encourage you to examine the facts of the political situation in America today. Please consider the likelihood that the president will create conditions where it will appear appropriate to declare martial law and suspend our constitution and ultimately extinguish it. The suggestion that martial law might be necessary has already been made. Trial events have been executed in Boston and in the seizure of property and records by armed IRS agents.

You will be placed in a position of having to decide whether to embrace your oath to protect and defend the constitution or to support its suspension and death.

The president’s behavior and policies have been clear indications of his intention. His allegiances are questionable.

He has ignored and violated the constitution repeatedly. Congress has not exercised its constitutional responsibility and has become complicit.

He has committed us to war without required congressional approval where we have no pressing national interest.

He has created regulations with the force of law without congressional action or knowledge.

He has telegraphed our strategic decisions publicly and has put our armed forces at risk, causing unnecessary casualties.

He has revealed secret information which has resulted in the deaths of our soldiers and SEALs.

He has intentionally allowed our mission in Bengazi to be overcome by refusing to allow our troops to protect it.

He has identified all combat veterans as potential terrorists suggesting those patriots who oppose his policies are dangerous in order to justify actions against them in the future.

He has and continues to disarm the people by restricting their access to firearms or to the ammunition they need to protect themselves.

He has established a “Standing Army” of non-military employees by arming them with deadly weapons and supplying them with more than a billion rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammunition.

He has supplied non-military departments with approximately 4,000 armored vehicles for use against American citizens.

He has and continues to inflame the passions of the black population by publicizing a case that police felt had no merit in the interest of fictional “Black Justice.” Justice was delivered by due process. That has created a feeling of a need to protect themselves in the non-black population.

He has deliberately refused to enforce our immigration laws by keeping our borders open and not prosecuting violators This refusal was at the expense of lives and property of American citizens. These illegals are his potential supporters and are elements to consider at the time of martial law.

He has sent members of the IRS to subdue and haze supporters of political opposition such as Tea Party members, and others. He has identified them as potential terrorists.

He has deliberately delayed the development of energy resources so that we will continue to be dependent on foreign suppliers.

He has been building the numbers of citizens dependent on Federal handouts to insure their support at the time of martial law.

He has nationalized or gained control of much of corporate America, making them largely dependent on government subsidies and support.

He has demonstrated the capacity and willingness to invade the privacy of the press, corporations and individuals. Including you and me and all members of congress. Discovering private information that an individual or company would not want made public would explain the continued “cooperation” of unlikely supporters. It would certainly explain why Mitch McConnell has become what many are calling the “political prostitute” from Kentucky and John Boehner the “political prostitute” from Ohio. I can find no other logical reason for them having abandoned their fundamental political values. You have seen it happen to your compatriots. Only you know if you are vulnerable.

This is only a partial list of personal observations. The nationalization of our education system with the Common Core program is another. Attempts to put organized labor in control of the NLRB is still another. The list is endless. You have the resources to investigate the activities of all government departments. If you are concerned, please do.

The likely timing of calling for martial law is mid-2016 in order to suspend the presidential election.

I hope I am wrong; that this, too, will pass. But I can’t afford to ignore the possibility that I am right. Nor, I think, can you. If there is an attempt through the vehicle of martial law to suspend the constitution, you are the one force that can protect our Republic. The purpose of the letter is to encourage you to consider the possibilities and develop a possible course of action. It is better to make those decisions now than to wait until you have a conflict on your hands. Ideally, you are in a position to prevent the worst from happening.

You will have to decide whether to follow your oath or support the death of our Republic.

I am not alone in my concerns. Many of the people I know share my fears about what may happen. But, we have no effective means of stopping the progress of events.

Thank you for your patience and interest

Murray T. Bass