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Non Compos Mentis

Albert Maslar · Jul. 26, 2013

The UN wants the US to call “illegal immigrants” “irregular immigrants.” What the UN wants, the US does as the new amnesty bill outlaws discrimination against illegals. What does Obama call those who discriminate against discriminators? Quite a conundrum, they are discriminating as well.

The longer President Obama talks, the less he has to say. A long gone aunt was wont to say, “He says more than his prayers.” Just like the proverbial parrot, Obama repeats the same lines over and over and over ad infinitum. Please spare us the rhetoric, Mr. President, and DO something like the Keystone XL Pipeline that will create millions of new, high-paying, tax-paying, welfare-reducing jobs, as well as create energy independence. XL has been approved and cleared environmentally, so why the animus toward jobs? Maybe Obama gets more votes from unemployed welfare recipients, legal or illegal.

House Speaker John Boehner has failed the once Conservative Republican Party as he talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. Over the last three years, Boehner controlled the power of the purse, but he caved time after time, again and again, his defense being that he wanted to live to fight another day. Loser Boehner may take the House majority down the drain in 2014. The American people, Conservatives, and the Tea Party have been hoodwinked.

One of the major causes of the recession from the end of George W.‘s second term to Obama was exacerbated by the real estate bubble bursting. That situation was created by Democrats – Senator Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank – who ran the finance committees that refused to stop abuses of mortgage behemoths Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They used NINJA loans to draw people into housing they could not afford. (NINJA: No Income, No Job, No Assets, NO Problem.) Unqualified buyers were lured into home ownership on practically the guarantee that by the time they were late and could be repossessed, they could FLIP the house for a profit and then do it again. Some of the buyers could not even make the first mortgage payment.

About 85% of the electorate were for the Bush’s pre-emptive Iraq War, and Democrats in the House voted for it, as well. Bush used Black Man Sec of State Colin Powell as his point man to influence the country with graphics showing alleged WMDs. Only 15% loudly objected but Bill O'Reilly of the Fox News Factor considered objectors to be traitors. Only much later did O'Reilly admit it was a mistake.

To spread Democracy into a Qur'an driven 57-country Muslim world is impossible, as Islam means “submission” of the whole world to their Allah. Both Bush and Obama called Islam a “peaceful religion” when it is more a way of life than a religion. The US is pumping money into the spreading wars but America cannot buy Islam’s friendship. The Greeks were right: “Nemesis inevitably follows hubris,” as vengeance exacts an enormous price far exceeding the original 9/11 offense.

As to a Democratic Republic in Iraq, Afghanistan, or ANY Muslim country, it’s a massive oxymoron as democracy and Islam can never mix. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq can never end in peace, as the goal of Islam is to destroy the US. Using American energy resources and not giving excessive monies to the Middle East for oil would limit damage that can be done against the US in the form of war, violence, and terror.

Continuing un-winnable Middle East wars is akin to the Hatfield McCoy feud that lasted what, some 100 years, during which time they forgot the original reason for the feud – an allegedly stolen pig. The US forgot that the Afghanistan war was to GET bin Laden; and he has been gotten, so why is America spending heroic blood, and deficit money to continue this fight?

Back at home, Detroit has filed for bankruptcy despite the fact that its income tax is the third highest of any big city in America, exceeded only by Philadelphia and Louisville, not to mention that Detroit automakers got billions in federal bailouts. All of Detroit’s mayors since 1962 were Democrats, so it is an impossible stretch to place the blame on Republicans. Unions are major culprits in the demise as union money powered the political machine that then negotiated outlandish benefit packages that eventually became unsustainable.

Detroit fell because the piggy bank was broken. There are many answers but the piper must be paid. Doesn’t matter which political party is to blame – the story of the build-up and fall is there for all to see. Business and citizens voted with their feet. Now the problem is determining who pays. Those responsible for the demise want someone else to pay the damage and restore fifty years of good times of raiding the cookie jar.

Relatives generally help hard-luck families and friends, so Detroit looks to friendly courts and Uncle Sam to bail it out. The problem is that Uncle Sam is broken as well, but push has not yet come to shove. Most major cities as well as the country are technically bankrupt, so where and how to begin?

A backward look at the Bible tells how Joseph foresaw seven years of famine, so in preparation, he filled silos and barns for seven years. Unprepared Israelites sold themselves into slavery for grain to survive. America will awaken to its plight but its barns are filled with paper – monopoly money that eventually will prove to be worthless. Does the unexplained disappearance of Mayans come to mind?

According to columnist John Stossel, “The Detroit News revealed that in 2011, the city had around twice as many municipal employees per capita as cities with comparable populations. Detroit’s water and sewer department employed a 'horseshoer’ even though it keeps no horses.”

Pensioners have the most to lose as their “guaranteed” pensions and medical care insurances are about to evaporate … or are they? Courts threaten the bankruptcy with the argument that the Detroit Constitution prohibits bankruptcy. Secondly, they argue that bankruptcy is not an option for municipalities that have the power to tax. Should the bankruptcy proceed unimpeded, bondholders stand to receive as little as ten cents on the dollar.

Speculators are buying and selling bonds in hopes of guessing right. In a phrase attributed to physicist Niels Bohr, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.” But a majority of Detroit residents – most able to pay additional taxes – have already voted with their feet, and they are gone, as well as many businesses. So where will needed jobs and taxes come from?

Final hopes reside in DC, that itself is beleaguered, for a bailout but nevertheless, proponents compare the predicament of Detroit with the plight of states and cities suffering damage caused by natural disasters. Closer examination indicates that many municipalities and states are in imminent danger of financial collapse as well as the US federal government that uses the FED to print money, involving accounting tricks, off-the-books obligations, and not recording costs for promises made, raising the possibility of one humongous domino effect that WILL destroy the US as it was thought to be.

Inflation is in the eye of the beholder and the government eye excludes costs of products and services that are rising, substituting who knows what. Figures don’t lie, but liars figure. Go figure. At any rate, when the bullish investors wake up to the reality that they have been playing with Greenspan-Bernanke FED Monopoly Money, and force rising interest rates, the bubbles around Wall Street, banks, significant number of states and cities, as well as the vastly understated national debt, will surely burst.

Business is prospering but with fewer employees working fewer hours, and that is before the pending ObamaCare bubble that is already transforming full-time workers into part-timers. At what point will the diminishing percentage of participants in the dormant workforce no longer be able to sustain corporate profits?

Blacks are actually more racist than whites, as up to 95% of blacks voted race for president, TWICE. This precedent was never approached by the white community that gave the white candidate only 60% of their vote. 95% of blacks feel the Zimmerman acquittal is racist, while the white community appears to be evenly split on the issue. So who is 95% racist? Not whites, but blacks and their lawyer types that are the first to the scene of accidents – self-appointed pastors Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, leading their flocks down the primrose path.

Nothing is what it appears to be as now a woman on the Trayvon-Zimmerman trial has come forward and said on TV for all to see, that she believed Zimmerman was guilty of killing Trayvon, and that Zimmerman got away with murder. She belatedly had the gall to publicly admit she let off someone she believed to be guilty of murder. But she said she was pressured to change her vote to “Not Guilty.”

Incomprehensible. Her decision to come forward after the fact shows herself to be an utter coward, as her vote would have resulted in a hung jury, and force a new trial with a new judge and new jury that may have come up with a different result, especially if the prosecution used the correct charges instead of something approaching first degree murder. This juror is contemptible, as she displayed a mockery of the Rule of Law, and shows that she does not have the courage of her convictions, pun not intended.

More senators like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson, and Mike Lee are standing up to Barack Obama, an indication that fear of Obama power and retribution are diminishing. Voices of the NRA and its gun lobby are more raucous, virtually daring Obama to confiscate their guns, giving new meaning to admonitions by Founders Thomas Jefferson and George Washington: “When government no longer represents the people from which it gets its power and authority, government forfeits its power and is no longer legitimate… And it is the right and duty of every American to overthrow such government, that the time may come when America must once again overthrow an oppressive government.”

Homosexuality and gay marriage have reached Civil Rights status and Bible thumpers are hateful bigots that will be prosecuted for expressing biblical and moral beliefs to the contrary. Polygamy is now on the table following the rush to the Gay altar, while other variants wait anxiously in the wings. Proselytizing is legal for the homosexual community, even taught legally in government-funded schools, along with open tolerance of Muslim prayer times and space – rights denied to Christians. But Christian ministers cannot preach in the name of Jesus, or God, while President Obama can delight in his Muslim Ramadan dinners and prayers in HIS White House. Obama is against God-prohibited behavior, as that is hateful.

San Antonio, Texas proposed changes to its nondiscrimination ordinances that will discriminate against all who take the Bible at its word and follow it, banning participation in city government business or employment for those who exhibit a “bias” – including biblical condemnation of homosexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity, as nondiscrimination ordinances. The proposal does not define “bias” that could mean anyone who declares homosexual behavior as sinful. Office holders showing bias would be considered guilty of “malfeasance” and removed from office.

America has reached the stage where good is evil and evil is good, and those who persist in abiding by the Bible and the Ten Commandments shall be punished by the politically correct earthly god rulers who are proponents of evil. Isaiah 5:20 puts it in context: “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.” How does the US now differ from Sodom and Gomorrah, or is that just too hateful and bigoted?

Non Compos Mentis – “not of sound mind” – is contagious, worse than the many variants of Bird Flu and many viruses that each year need different remedies, benefits and side-effects which are always in some doubt, or in any case, a day late and a dollar short.

It's Right. It's Free.