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America in 2030 - Scenario #2 - Rebellion

Larry Reams · Jul. 31, 2013

It’s January 1, 2030, and a TV anchor renders this report: Breaking News - It appears that the American Rebellion is in its last days. After five years of internal strife and war, General Davis has announced that America’s Armed Forces will cease defending Washington from the Patriot Army. His decision was based on the fact that America has been at war with itself and the federal government for over five years, an estimated 200,000 have been killed, at least that many more wounded, our president is clearly a tyrant and cares little about our Constitutional Republic, and We The People were clearly gaining the upper hand in this war. “Our duty is to the US Constitution, not to the dictator” says Davis. “Ours is now a rogue, illegitimate government. It’s time to end this.” Davis says his forces of almost 800,000 soldiers, airmen, midshipmen and marines will cease supporting President Michelle Obama and support We The People instead. That’s a back-breaker for the President and her People’s Security Forces.

Background: Beginning in 2008 America elected a series of successive presidents who were closet communists. Slowly but surely they imposed communist policies designed to eliminate our capitalist system, diminish the power of our Constitution, weaken our Armed Forces, diminish the power of the other two branches of government, make the citizenry dependent on government, and eventually install a President For Life in the White House. Various flash points have occurred throughout the last 20 years or so including: (1) The US signed a UN Treaty to confiscate the personal firearms of the American citizen and the Department of Justice, with the FBI and TSA, attempted to enforce that treaty. Scores were killed on both sides. An estimated three million patriots and veterans surrounded the White House, shut down the functioning of the government for weeks and the President backed off. (2) A Supreme Court ruling that Mr. Obama was not a Natural Born Citizen and thus not eligible to be President. An Alabama court ruled his birth certificate was a forgery and that Mr. Obama had committed a felony. The President ignored both ruling, The Department of Justice refused to remove him from office or charge him, and the Congress appeased rather than decisively acting. There were riots across the country and Mr. Holder was unfortunately sent to his Maker. (3) In 2017 Hillary Clinton succeeded Barack Obama with massive voter fraud, illegal campaign donations, IRS intimidation of any and all honest media, and several assassination attempts on the life of the Republican challenger. All fingers point to the “Friends of Hillary.” (4) President Clinton succeeded in a drastic reduction of the military during her eight years. By comparison, our military strength was 50% less at the end of her term than at the beginning. Again, patriotic Americans, including vast numbers of veterans, were outraged. Armed vets, numbering in the thousands, were frequently seen in Washington protesting and threatening officials and the President. Mrs. Clinton established the People’s Security Force for protection and has steadily expanded it over time. (5) Several major media outlets were caught red-handed concocting a false narrative protecting the White House accused of a major scandal dealing with black on white crime. Independents had statements, video, and emails proving otherwise but it was ignored. DOJ and the courts refused to intervene. Congress refused to investigate. Basically, the White House and the media told America to “stuff it.” We had clearly become a nation of men (in this case a woman) and had abandoned the nation of laws concept. (6) The rebellion starts in earnest. Up to this point there had been many skirmishes across the country as a result of these flash points. We had become an Executive Branch only tyrannical government, citizens were being treated like subjects, and we had no legal recourse for justice. Then, in 2024 Michelle Obama was elected President to succeed Hillary. At least it was called an “election.” Fraud and corruption were the order of the day. Polls were shut down in conservative districts on trumped up allegations. Polls were open for 18 hours in progressive districts to make things “fair.” 80% of veteran’s votes were conveniently lost and not counted. Thousands were caught voting multiple times yet their votes were not withdrawn and no action taken against the violators. Bias courts ruled in Obama’s favor in 100% of the cases brought to them. Hundreds of districts reported 100% of votes for Obama and 0% for her Republican challenger. She took office after the most controversial election in US history; something akin to the USSR, Iran or Zimbabwe. At her first State of the Union address in January 2025, she stated she would ask Congress to hold a Constitutional Convention for the purposes of rewriting our “outdated constitution.” And, she point blank, by name, asked the three remaining conservative Justices on the Supreme Court to resign. That’s when the shooting started big time and it’s been ongoing for five years. Now it appears Mrs. Obama has lost the upper hand.

The ensuing rebellion has been called a Civil War or the Second American Revolution. It is a rebellion against the tyranny of the Federal Government which grows daily, and the supporters of that government. It’s an “American Spring.” The government army is the People’s Security Forces. It’s akin to the “brown shirts” of Hitler’s day and is composed of the FBI, TSA, the Secret Service and various civilian groups; mostly minorities - blacks, Muslims and mercenaries. The opposition, the Patriot Army consists of patriot groups (tea parties, 9-12, others), gun owners, veterans, deserters from the Armed Forces, and Christians; generally those who want small, nonintrusive government, capitalism, liberty, religious freedom, and strict adherence to our US Constitution. A nation of laws as opposed to a nation of elitist men above the law. We’ll have no Kings or Queens in America.

The rebellion has progressed essentially as regional conflicts. Most of it around the Washington DC area and in state capitals of historically blue states (California, Illinois, Maryland, Mass., New Jersey, etc.). The center of the country has largely escaped the conflict with only a few skirmishes. They are the red states who supported the Patriot Army in voice, people and weapons. Many states have militias that protect their state. The US Military, under the leadership of General Bradley Davis, has intervened only sparingly. At the battle of Boston they provided men and weapons to the People’s Security Forces. Boston was saved. They also intervened in Chicago and Philadelphia. But they have mostly been the protector of Washington. The city is completely encircled by the US military. There have been many skirmishes on the periphery but no direct assaults on the Capitol or the White House. President Obama has been severely restricted in travel as gun fire upon aircraft going and coming from the DC area has been successful by the patriots. With the US military now refusing to protect DC. and the Patriot Army sitting on the doorstep, where will President Michelle Obama go?

Matters to ponder: Will Mrs. Obama be allowed to remain President? If not, what happens to her? Will the leader of the Patriot Army assume The Presidency? Will someone else be appointed to that role? What about free elections? What happens to the non-functioning Congress? Will the Supreme Court be reinstated? Will whomever is in charge restore the US Constitution and Republic or demand changes? Will the states who essentially became independent of the US rejoin the union? Will the skirmishes continue after the fall of this president or will all parties lay down their arms? What type of future does America have after the implosion of our economy because of this rebellion? What about our relations, credibility with our former allies? Questions, questions. The rebellion may soon end but the uncertainty will remain.

Question: Does America want armed conflict within our shores, and among ourselves?

(See also Scenario #1 and #3)

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