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America in 2030 - Scenario #3 - Restoration

Larry Reams · Aug. 2, 2013

It’s January 1, 2030 and a TV anchor renders this report: As we start a new year, I can say with confidence that our future is bright. But just a few years ago it was very bleak. For over 100 years we had been on a slow path to self destruction. Our citizens kept voting for politicians who were hell bent on duplicating the failing European Socialist system. Towards the end of Mr. Obama’s second term, America woke up to the consequences of that and worked diligently to turn things around before we committed national suicide. Let me briefly hit the highlights of the actions and events that saved America - that Restored Our Republic.

In 2013 the Obama administration was plagued with scandals. Some were carry-overs from prior years that came to light in 2013 or reached a height of discontent by the citizenry in 2013. These included the IRS intimidation of conservatives, the NSA spying on citizens without just cause or court approval, DOJ covering up voter fraud that helped Democrats, the targeting of reporters who disagreed with Obama’s policies, and a few more. The Obamacare fiasco became a top issue that year as it became obvious that it was not good policy or law. The bad it did far outweighed the good and the original supporters of the plan turned against it. It was repealed in its entirety in early 2014 with a majority of Democrats voting to repeal.

Fast and Furious came to a head thanks to a whistleblower. It was not proven that Mr. Obama was complicit but Mr. Holder was indicted by his own department, arrested and eventually convicted by a jury of his peers. He is serving time. And, Benghazi came to a head. Republicans in Congress and various veteran groups simply would not let up on it, finally got the incriminating evidence they needed, and heads rolled. The impact of Benghazi prevented Hillary Clinton from seeking the Presidency, caused several in the State Department to lose their jobs and pensions, caused several military leaders to “retire,” among them General Martin Dempsey, and Susan Rice lost her job in the White House. The many investigations and exposures proved that America had been duped by a totally incompetent politician, with party and media complicity. He had zero qualifications to be Commander In Chief. He in fact, was as anti-American as they come. He only had two qualities we know of - his race was a plus for the times, and his ability to lie repeatedly with a straight face bamboozled the uninformed.

In late 2013 an Alabama court found that Mr. Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and demanded that he be charged with a felony. Since Eric Holder was on the ropes at the time, less political figures in DOJ complied and Mr. Obama was so charged. He spent all of 2014 dodging and weaving, trying to cast the blame on others. One of his staff even mentioned George Bush. This gave the US Supreme Court a bit more courage and they finally accepted a case from California challenging Obama’s natural born citizen status. In July of 2014 they ruled that Obama was not constitutionally qualified, not a natural born citizen, and their decision of just what a natural born citizen is will solve problems of the illegitimate candidacy of future presidential wannabes.

Speaking of more courage, Republicans in Congress finally found their spine in 2014. Grassroots groups arose again, challenging all RINOs, and putting up strong conservatives and raising the money to support them. The elections of November 2014 were monumental. The GOP recaptured the Senate with a three vote margin, increased their margin in the House, further increased their margins in all red states, gained significant ground in blue states, and added two more Republican Governors. Importantly, the newly elected true conservatives change House and Senate party leadership. The RINOs were given no leadership roles whatsoever. The “establishment” was no longer in control. We saw a re-awakening of the “moral majority.” However, the real story in that election was with minorities. 45% of black votes went to Republicans and @ 55% of Hispanic voters did the same. Unprecedented. The pundits were baffled, the media went ballistic, and the typical progressive voices in Congress blamed everybody but themselves for their resounding defeat. Those who made their living as race baiters lost favor with their community and were never influential again. America had had enough of progressivism.

Lastly of note, Mr. Obama was impeached by the House of Representatives, but as with Mr. Clinton before him, he was found not guilty by the Senate. Had it occurred after the Senate came under conservative control, the outcome may have been different. That’s two slime ball, corrupt, lying Democrat presidents in a row that have been impeached. Wake up America. Stop electing enemies of the republic. Today the Democratic Party is in shambles. Poll after poll shows 60% of Americans are Republican, 25% Democrat and 15% Independent.

We must include a footnote regarding the mainstream media. For decades this industry, collectively, had become very biased towards the Left. By conservatives it was even considered to be an arm of the progressive government; nothing but a Leftist propaganda machine. In 2017 the “old grey lady,” the NY Times went belly-up. The readership had dwindled to nothing, their advertising dried up, and they could not stay afloat. The assets were purchased for ten- cents-on-the-dollar by an alternative media outlet. Shortly thereafter, one of the big three alphabet TV groups was bought by a billionaire conglomerate. Anchors, producers, editors and reporters were fired and “fair and balanced” personnel were brought in to replace them. That woke up the remaining media outlets who suddenly had a change of heart. The media as a whole became more “fair and balanced.” Now, the obviously biased are called out immediately.

With Governor Scott Walker’s election as President in 2016, America had turned the corner. We had integrity, character, experience, common sense, conservatism, real transparency and honor back in the White House. Walker’s eight years were akin to Ronald Reagan’s turn around in the 1980’s. He set out to purge all federal departments of people of Obama’s ilk; replacing progressives at every turn with conservatives. Following his example, and the campaign promises of the newly elected conservatives in Congress, the government bureaucracy was reduced, government agencies and programs eliminated, including the Department of Education, the huge national debt was paid down with real money, not pretend statements about “debt reduction,” real budget cuts, the tax code overhauled, the IRS reduce to a mere shadow of its former self, the NLRB and the EPA saw its power and abuse greatly reduced. The results of all these actions and others not listed was a rejuvenation of capitalism. Jobs came back, incomes rose, the middle class grew, the poverty levels dropped as did the welfare rolls and food stamp recipients. The DOW is at an all time high, our confidence level is up, and America seems more united than at any time since Reagan. America was back.

After Walker’s eight years America elected another conservative president and increased the majorities in the House and Senate. All the while, both presidents began to task of rebuilding the military. Every Democrat president weakens our military and every Republican president has to rebuild it. We were fortunate that foreign affairs and incidents around the world did not challenge our military while it was in a severely weakened state.

Today the progressive era is over and its proponents are fewer in number. It is a seriously flawed philosophy, leading only to poverty, tyranny and turmoil. Perhaps one of the most significant results of the last couple of presidential administrations, and the awakening of We The People to the abuses of elitist elected officials, is the ratification of the Term Limits Amendment to the US Constitution. Now there are limits to their terms in office which limits abuse by those who feel it’s their right to be there; that they know so much more than we do; they’re the upper crust and we the serfs. No more. They don’t have time to get “comfortable.” Also significant was the repeal of the 17th Amendment. Now Senators are again elected by their respective state legislators, not the people at large, and are more accountable. They can also be recalled by a 2/3rds vote of the state legislature. Members of Congress are now more beholden to the electorate, and far more accountable to us.

Our future is bright, again. God Bless America.


As I see it, we have three likely outcomes to the horrific situation we find ourselves in today. We can either submit to the progressive era’s systematic destruction of our republic and constitution and become just another failed state, or not. We get to choose. If we choose to not accept this fate, we can either rebel against the perpetrators through armed rebellion, or we can muster the courage to get the right people in office, hold them accountable, and not be afraid to speak out against those who would destroy us. We can become informed, involved, and involve others. Collectively, we are making that decision this very minute with our individual actions. I vote we Restore the Republic through the ballot box, the soap box and the jury box. What say you?

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