Grassroots Commentary

Manipulations of the Left

Anton D. Rehling · Aug. 1, 2013

Are we free to think and act on our own? If you ask 100 people I would venture to say 99% of the respondents would answer in the affirmative, “No one controls me, I make my own decisions”; it is true we choose the food we eat, the cloths we wear, the homes we live in and the cars we drive, our friends, partners, education level and careers, our religious beliefs or lack of. With that thought in mind all the decisions we make are influenced by opinions of parents, friends, books we read or don’t, multimedia advertising and other less open attempts to manipulate and steer people’s behavior.

We are daily bombarded with advertisements for every product produced to entice us to choose their product. Honest advertisement causes no real harm.

Here is where the harm resides.

It has been revealed that our government is running programs to nudge us into directions they want us to go, to unknowingly accept more intrusive government, to accept that government knows better than we do because they are so much smarted than we and can run our lives so much better than we using underhanded political behavioral psychology.

Obama and company have taken the art of manipulation to an Orwellian level that many do not recognize but those who have been paying attention have seen the developing tyranny coming for years. Behavior manipulation by government assumes a small group of people know better about our choices than we do is nothing short of totalitarian tyranny. The perceived, “what is good for us” by a small group that will make decisions based upon their personal and political view of the world is an unacceptable, subversive to Liberty, practice.

Obama and his minions have been shown that they target opposing views and groups aggressively through very powerful government departments like the IRS, EPA, DEA, ATF, FBI, NSA and the alphabet list goes on to eliminate or hamper any affective opposition. Obama’s press secretary Jay Carny Lies through omission, misrepresentation, through acting like they never knew about violations of the Law by government agencies, and they avoid answering questions by the declaration that there is an ongoing investigation and cannot comment and then they never bring up the subject again to let it die a quiet death, all under the orders of the Criminal in chief Obama. When things like Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS , AP reporter spying was discovered the manipulation went into overdrive to divert attention away from the, in a free society, crimes of government.

Let’s first start with the members of our elected government that were elected to Defend and protect the Freedom and Rights we have as free individuals. We did not elect those representatives to micromanage us and to manipulate us using underhanded political behavioral psychology, that is coercive, underhanded manipulation. Those tactics are the norm in countries ruled by dictators not in a country that is run by a limited government created by, “We the People”.

Despotic manipulators exploit vulnerabilities that exist in the intended victims mind by using tactics such as false praise, superficial charm and sympathy, guilt trips, playing the victim, emotional black mail, lying and lying by omission, rationalization, diverting attention, attempts at shaming people into compliance because they don’t care enough about those less fortunate and out right brute force of government. The threatened use of governmental brute force to enforce behavior that cannot stand in a free society is a clear sign that freedom no longer exists and the safety of each individual is through the benevolence of despotic bureaucrats.

Obama and his Liberal Progressive Marxist minions have been using these tactics for years to defeat our so called conservative representatives and the agenda of a free people. Our Republican elected have shown they are easily manipulated to endorse the socialist agenda under the threat that polls show the people want the transformation (a lie) and if you do not play ball you will be voted out of office, another lie and misrepresentation of reality.

The socialist infiltrators into our education, political and news organizations have become so emboldened by their success that they feel empowered to expand their subversive programs with a feeling of being untouchable and unchallengeable, after all they have the ability to divert people’s attention and to steer them in any direction they desire.

We have arrived at a point of vast governmental tyranny that in past years only existed in sci-fi novels; what is happening now, in our once free society, is more like a scary movie where anything goes and our safety as a free citizenry is at daily risk.

It's Right. It's Free.